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  1. Tesco do 20 frozen sausages for a quid. Fuck knows whats in them but bung some of them in the oven for half an hour with some potato waffles and you have one tasty meal.
  2. Orion

    Xbox Game Pass

    My nephew recently got his first skateboard at age 7 and wanted a Skateboard game to play. His mother has no idea about games so refuses to let him play any games cert 12 and over. The Skate are all like 16 plus. Tony Hawk remaster is 12 plus. I thought this Skatebird thing might at least be suitable even if its kind of rubbish but no because somehow the makers have managed to get a 12 certificate for edgy language on a game with cute, little birds on skateboards Thankfully I've got him hooked on Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts but fucking hell.
  3. The Finale to 5 was fantastic as was the whole game. I did see something online about the final mission being very long even by Yakuza standards. So choose to finish it on a quiet afternoon off work. If I'd have been trying to just get it finished in a late night session before bed it could have been tough but I thought it tied everything up well. Mini break to play some of my Game Pass backlog then onto 6!
  4. Nick Diaz one of the most popular UFC fighters of all time has expressed on a number of occasions how much he hates fighting. I think he would be far happier if he was a professional triathlete but MMA earns him alot of money and pays the bills.
  5. Orion

    The Boxing Thread

    Trump had no idea who anyone was other than Holyfield but at least he wasn't laughing at fighters getting hurt like Snoop Dogg. He was better than Jorge Masvidal as well, who was fucking useless. What a horrible and depressing card outside Vences/Carroll this was. Which was not that good either. Haye vs his rich friend was just total bollocks and the most blatant cash grab you will ever see.. Tito was way out of his depth and got face planted. Then almost 60 year old Holyfield falling over his own feet and being knocked down from glancing blows was just sad. The Paul brothers shit is one thing but this Trillin bollocks is even worse.
  6. Orion

    The Boxing Thread

    This utter madness is on tonight. Evander Holyfield vs. Vitor Belfort - 8 rounds (exhibition) Anderson Silva vs. Tito Ortiz - 8 rounds David Haye vs. Joe Fournier - 8 rounds Andy Vences vs. Jono Carroll - 10 rounds Donald Trump will be on commentary. The music section will be headlined by Snoop Dogg and Marvin Gaye. All this is brought to us by "Nasty" Nigel from Pop Idol. I'm not making this up.
  7. I agree with this in theory but the reality is most just cannot afford to do this. Even before Covid. I remember Joanne Calderwood when she was training at Tristar in Canada saying unless she won a performance bonus every fight she couldn't afford to keep training there. UK MMA gyms would be better off hiring Olympic level, Eastern European, amateur wrestlers to help train in our gyms. Theres a goldmine of these guys out there.
  8. Aspinall looks one hell of a prospect and I like him not wanting to be rushed up the rankings. Really good Heavyweight prospects don't come around very often especially British ones. Till had a nightmare. I think 170 is his best weight but don't think he can make the cut anymore. Fair play to Brunson he has derailed some good fighters lately and deserves a title shot. Izzy absolutely wrecked him when they first fought and he still seems pissed about it. So interested in how rematch goes, if he uses his wrestling could make it a rough night.
  9. Like him or hate him Paddy Pimblett is going to win alot of fans and fight bonuses if all his UFC fights are like that. He is probably going to lose loads of fights though. Entertaining debut all the same.
  10. Its on UK time as well dispite it being in Vegas. So prelims on now!
  11. I'm probably moving to Blackpool for work soon. I have these incredible memories of the place. When I was growing up and lived in Lancashire. We would occasionally go on these amazing family day trips there in the 90's. The Arcades were always full wall to wall of the latest machines. It was a paradise if you loved games. I watched a video online of a few of the big arcades on YouTube the other day. Sadly now they look just like the chain US ones. Barely any actual games, just a million shit grabbers, coin rollers and fruit machines. Hopefully the fish and chips are still good.
  12. I'm getting with Rewards that none of my achievements are being recognised. I just got 3 on Golf With Friends for weekly set and 1 on Omna for the top 10 thing and none of them are showing in Rewards app. I guess taking pictures of the Achievement blade best bet if I have to dispute this with them ?
  13. Orion

    NFL 2021!

    Yes that's what has always put me off. Sky has first choice each week and know what they are doing to usually pick the best games in the time slots.
  14. After moaning about and giving up on 3 and 4. 5 has been fantastic so far. I've done the first Kiryu and Saejima sections and am now on the utterly bonkers Haruka section. This is a total return to the form of 0 and KW2. I'm glad I stuck with it.
  15. I love Scott Adkins and side scrolling beat em ups but had to throw the towel in 20 minutes into this. I wanted to like it, maybe I'm not in right mood for it. Those American accents though, jesus christ.
  16. Haven has an easy one. Just play the story for 10 minutes and will pop. Quicker if you just hammer through the chit chat.
  17. He is still a gobshite but Jake Paul trolling Dana over fighter pay has me rolling. You just know with how thin skinned Dana White is, this kind of stuff getting international press must drive him crazy lol. Its all basically true which makes him fucking with Dana even funnier.
  18. I can just about survive this. The fucking ragga chat bit on the Take a Chance on Me cover though. Jesus christ.
  19. This is still a great B movie. That ending though...fucking hell. It doesn't ruin the thing for me but I'm sure it might for others.
  20. Talking of awesome chemicals and crisps. What British crisps still use MSG ? McCoys Flame Grilled Steak flavour Roysters T Bone Steak flavour Monster Munch various Please add to list. They will all be good.
  21. Orion

    Xbox Game Pass

    Stardew Valley takes the Harvest Moon gametype and basically perfects it. Its one of the greatest games I've ever played.
  22. After all the jank of 3 and 4. 5 having the 0 engine certainly appeals. Garwoofoo saying its one of the series highlights does too. I have no problems playing a similar game in the same world. If the quality was similar. For a newcomer if you try and play them in the order laid out on Game Pass there is some real shocks. I understand this is a far different experience than what long time fans had. Waiting and wondering if some of these games would even be translated and released here. So this is coming from the somewhat spoiled situation of a Game Pass user and having them all right there to play. The thread title here is start with 0 though. Which I did and thought it was one the greatest games I had ever played. K1 was a step down but I dragged my way through as I heard K2 was as good as 0. Which it was. Thats where not just me but others here have ran into problems with 3 and 4. I know they have there fans here, but its also fair for newcomers to the series to express their opinion and experiences playing these for the first time in 2021. As playing them in order seems to make the most sense and is what people here suggested to do.
  23. Sorry not wanting to nitpick but Cody Garbandt has now moved down to Flyweight. Don't really blame him as he is 1-4 in his last 5. All against great fighters but its quite the fall from being 11-0 and UFC champion. Worth a try for him to rebuild.
  24. After loving 0 and Kiwami 2. I've had to bin off both 3 and 4 now after sinking time in both. 3 felt like going back to a PS2 game and 4's story was draining the life out of me. 0 and K2 fix so much jank and then all those QOL improvements are suddenly gone. So its a real blow trying to play these in this modern Xbox order. Its like playing the same game over and over and its getting worse and worse each one you play. I hope 5 is a return to form. As I'm so tempted to just jump to 6 atm.
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