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  1. I'm sorry if I'm being over critical but I just think your video would have been way better just you speaking naturally even with small mistakes. Maybe an edit if your phones rings or something but that robotic, constant editing does my head in.
  2. What you just wrote was 10 times clearer than what you said in your video. Saying a sentence, edit, saying a sentence, edit... leaves some really unclear moments on your video. I really hate that style. Guys I listen too on Youtube like Luke Thomas and Helwani don't do that. I'm sure you don't always if you do a podcast.
  3. Deontay Wilders game plan is to carefully look for an openings, conserve his energy and try to catch you with a bomb anywhere in a 12 round fight. Francis Negannou's is'nt. His is, load up every punch with all your energy and smash the guy in the first or second round. That's plan A, we have yet to see a plan B. I think your not very clear or just really wrong on some key points if you want to do this. I mean why even bring up that you think DC has dodgy cardio and then not even mention that Ngannou gassed 10x worse than DC ever has in his two losses ? Do you think Ngannou can out work him in a distance fight ? Do you think he has better cardio than DC ?
  4. I watched the video. He basically says he is'nt as DC "maybe" beats him and Stipe would most likely win a rematch. I really did'nt understand the Deontay Wilder comparison. You talk about how Wilder carries his power late into fights. When has Ngannou ever done that ? He has looked gassed both fights that went past the 2nd round and lost both. TBH he looked the opposite, a devastating puncher early and not even half the same by the 3rd Theres other stuff that I thought was iffy, like saying DC now has dodgy cardio based on the Stipe rematch. Personally I feel DC would 9 times out of 10 survive the initial barrage then spend the rest of the fight grinding a gassed Ngannou into the mat, probably subbing him as well.
  5. Conor just walked right through him, which was always the worry for Cowboy fans. It was a clever finish, shoulder strikes in the clinch into a head kick. Don't want to slag of Cerrone but that was rather disappointing to say the least. I think Masvidal and the top dogs at 170 will be putting up much more of a fight.
  6. They will have given Cowboy PPV points. Trust me he will make a killing here win or lose. Setting up his family forever type money.
  7. Orion

    NFL 2019!

    With Antonio Brown it could be anything. That video he posted shouting abuse at the mother of his children infront of them, getting fired by his agent, wanting to fight Logan Paul... Shannon Sharpe was saying the other day its not even about Brown getting back in the NFL anymore its about him getting help, as he is heading towards prison or dead at the moment. The people he has around him seem to be cheering it on too.
  8. Looking at Cerrone's record its way rougher than I thought 4 wins, 6 losses in his last 10 fights and lost his last 2. He can be a slow starter as well, which has led to guys just walking through him on occasion. Conor can start lightning fast and hits really hard early. I think the cokehead wins this 1st round KO sadly. Should be a good fight whilst it lasts. There is noway I'm staying up or PPV'ing it on BT though.
  9. My all time favourite. Pj Ladd doing a bunch of stuff I can only dream off and making it look effortless. Perfect skating and music choice. In recent years I love Jonny Giger on YouTube. He is a likeable Swiss pro who made a series replicating Rodney Mullens most famous tricks and showing how bloody hard they are to land.
  10. Orion

    NFL 2019!

    This is a cracking game. Probably terrifying if your a fan of one of these two teams though. Crazy swings in momentum.
  11. Orion

    NFL 2019!

    This is nuts by the Titans. Fair play to them they have been badass.
  12. Aye this is top notch trash tv from watching the US one.
  13. Orion

    NFL 2019!

    It was two of them lol. You got to admit that looked total badass by Deshawn Watson though.
  14. Its not amazing but its very sweet. You can do far worse on Christmas films than this. Ted Turner pushing it as "The greatest Christmas film ever" for years probably convinced alot of people over there.
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