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  1. Orion

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    You would probably feel sorry for most teams that happened to but it was the Patriots so fuck em. That was hilarious.
  2. Orion

    Microsoft Rewards

    No harm in sending an email asking for an update. I sent my screen capture proof a few days back and heard nothing. So I sent an email last night asking what was happening and they replied and gave me the points this afternoon.
  3. Orion

    NFL and NCAA Football 2018

    Because the tape leaked. Chiefs are saying he lied about how bad the situation was to them and they had'nt seen the tape. Whole thing sounds fishy though. Hunt is saying the woman was starting fights at their party so they threw her out then she called him the N word. Doesn't really excuse him going roid rage crazy and attacking her though. Sad thing is someone will still sign the wanker as he is too good a player.
  4. Baro on console has the electricity mods. You want all 4 of these if you don't have them. Absolutely must have mods.
  5. Yes it was fantastic. A really lovely tribute. I was a Spectrum kid and Green Beret and Cobra were huge for me.
  6. Orion

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    They have been coaching the most recent season of TUF. Which no one in the world has been watching. Remember when that show used to be a great tool to build to fights like Rashad vs Rampage. Now even hardcore MMA fans can't be arsed with it.
  7. The Atomos is mr5 and is incredible. Looks daft but melts everything. Sonicor is solid especially for mr2. The Nukor mr 4 and is good fun against low level stuff. Marelak and Hystrix at 7 are ok. Secondary is abit of a bastard as alot of the best ones are 9 or 10 MR like the Mara Detron,Twin Grakatas, Staticor etc. The Atomos is beast though and will last you well into high level end game stuff.
  8. I really like the Atterax. Its only MR2 and has great crit and status chances. Once you hit MR7 you can get the Lesion. Which is kind of like the Arca Plasmor of melee weapons for me. Its so good you find yourself using it all the time.
  9. He is a beast. His questline isn't too bad either you just need access to Baro to get it. You will want the mods Negation Swarm from Hexis syndicate and Hunter Adrenaline. With just those two and some basic mods you have a pretty much unkillable Egyptian God who can kick sand in the face of everything you see. If you use Hirudo melee weapons which give you health on every critical hit, you can just stun lock everyone with your 1 then stroll about doing crit hits giving you health constantly . I have him at 5000 health but you can get him upto 8000. He is one of the end game favourites frames, he can waltz through level 100 enemies without firing a gun.
  10. Its a good thing you were Rhino as he is a very good choice for no shield nightmare missions early on tbh. You will always see people on those missions in the wrong frames. It can get annoying. Inaros who is practically unkillable anyway is a monster on the no shields missions.
  11. Orion

    Microsoft Rewards

    Did that work ?
  12. I'm guessing he was farming Cryotic. If its just you and another person then run to the finish after you have done the quota to complete the mission and trigger the timer. If there is a team farming Cryotic you can get stuck until they are done. Thats happened to me before and is annoying.
  13. New players Id recommend watching iflynn Beginners Guide series of videos. Plus having the Warframe wiki always open on a tablet or phone nearby.
  14. I wouldn't spend plat on any Sentinels. Carrier maybe but you get him pretty early. I wouldn't waste any on skins either but I'm really not arsed about Fashionframe. I'd buy frames like Mesa or Ivara with 50% discounts. Good frames but they are a ballache grind to get normally.
  15. I think I'm at 15 days gametime played and my Archwing is still useless and not levelled at all. I just had a friend drag me through those levels. Getting back into this after Forza and Red Dead. Theres always a crazy amount of stuff to do.

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