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  1. Pre-ordered in store at Game earlier, entering my details on the website but they can't find my pre-order? This is a shambles.
  2. Do I need to be pre-ordering this tomorrow morning if I want one for Christmas? What’s the likelihood of them running out?
  3. Hoping someone can help with this- My daughter wants a new Xbox for Christmas. I know nothing about video games these days. Zilch. I’ve been looking at Xbox.com and am intrigued by a £21 per month deal for an Xbox S and subscription to the Game Pass. It’s not clear to me what games she’d get with that though. She really only wants to play Fortnite and FIFA. Are they included with this Game Pass thing? How are the parental controls on Xbox? She’s only 10 so I’d want to set some limits on what she can play and how long she can play for. Will she be
  4. Does anyone listen to the official Utd Podcast? I saw a brief clip on Facebook of the latest episode with Roy Carroll as a guest talking alcoholism. Listening to the full episode now, it's a really good listen. Would recommend.
  5. it was amazing how many different ways the various talking heads all said the same thing in slightly different ways, over and over again. The main guy Tristan was just repeating himself for what felt like hours. I didn’t enjoy it.
  6. Thought it was dire, gave up after 2 episodes.
  7. Several big laughs this episode. As for how they find all the repetitious elements, they must have a searchable script database at the Beeb, surely?
  8. So are they deliberately keeping KO a secret? Weird.
  9. What time is the friendly kick off today? LiveScore says 2pm, the Man Utd app says It’s on MUTV at 10pm, but that can’t be live, surely?
  10. Everyone’s favourite Brazilian right back who was wrongly shoved out the door by van Gaal is on the move with a stupendous social media unveiling.
  11. No, re-read what I said.
  12. It's obviously a kit they don't ever intend to actually wear more than maybe once. It's designed for the ladz to wear to the pub. There's a promo shot of McTominay wearing it over a hoody and it looks decent.
  13. Reading (or Luton) again in the League Cup. Derby in the fourth round no doubt.
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