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  1. I’m so happy to see this thread. LBA2 is probably my favourite game ever, and I replayed it recently thanks to GOG...found it held up very well. Such charm, character, imagination, originality, childlike innocence and wonder and great attention to detail in the worlds and NPCs. I’m very cautiously optimistic about this.
  2. I just wrote something here, thanking everyone for their interesting and helpful posts - responding to a few ideas and stories in the thread - and tried to edit it but accidentally ended up deleting the whole post! That is frustrating. Perhaps it was for the best; at least, my reminiscing about the pre-social-media iteration of the internet probably wasn't particularly insightful compared to others' analysis of such changes. Since writing the OP my life descended into a number of worsening health / hearing issues, which made the whole topic more difficult and complex, and is a reason I didn't reply earlier...but I often came back to what others wrote in the thread. Thank you so much to all who shared.
  3. I haven't read the thread thoroughly, but I don't recall a single person unsure about this game saying that anyone who likes it likes it / will like it because of nostalgia? Why do people keep saying that? If anything "detractors" have been careful and non-accusatory in their wording. This forum gets a bit weird with Nintendo stuff. I think we're mostly all fans, otherwise we wouldn't be discussing the games here.
  4. I'm also curious to see how people get along with it, and am happy for those who can afford to plunge in again or are playing for the first time. I came close to buckling, but realise what you said would be true of me: the reviews are reminding me how dull I found the game, and it looks like not enough is different to change that. I can't deny how a game looks matters to me, and some of this is looking real ugly. Maybe if they did a serious graphical re-working / painterly sheen and it was drop-dead gorgeous in a stylised, Wind Waker type way I'd jump in (I enjoyed that cartoon world so much the game could have done anything), or if the pack also included that game or Twilight Princess, but at this price for what I found to be the least enjoyable 3D Zelda...nah. It'll probably be like other games I convinced myself I had been too harsh on and then ended up even worse than in memory when re-trying. (It did have wonderful music and its moments, though, and I'm sure some will find enjoyment out of the story and some of the dungeons...)
  5. At least this means they'll still be some substantial new first party games coming to the original Switch? Got on board with the Switch late, and was even beginning to think the likes of BotW2 would do the cross-platform thing and more or less signalled the end of the console. Like how Twilight Princess crossed the Gamecube and Wii and BotW the Wii U and Switch. Can't afford a new console and hoped to play at least one or two more games in their best form of Super Mario Odyssey-esque levels of greatness... But yeah, 60 fps and more horsepower for said upcoming games would be nice.
  6. I just dived into this for the first time in a while. And then, just like that, over 5 hours disappeared in a row. Playing on a standard PS4 here, but it helps that it's prettier and less buggy than the last patch I remember. Very smooth performance and beautiful worlds and skies. I can't help but love this game. The "what's round the corner?" feeling just never leaves, for some reason - and discovering buildings and creatures and other happenings reminds me of my favourite sci-fi novels and dreams as a kid about the ideal hypothetical space game. All my friends who have seen me play it hate it, make jokes about me playing it and point out flaws, but for whatever reason the experience is magical and engrossing every time. Even the mechanics appeal and, whilst I would usually find grinding in games awful, here in this universe I'm happy to mine and grind ad infinitum. In its tone and atmosphere and strange gaming antics to keep you going, it feels like a title made just for me. And it's very nice to see on this forum I'm not alone. It all holds together as such a beautiful cohesive weird whole and is more than the sum of its parts.
  7. Good topic idea. Since being struck with tinnitus / some hearing issues February 2020, gaming has taken priority over other media. With music and films I find I'm too conscious of not getting the "full" experience like I used to and often remain aware of the tinnitus, whereas gaming has enough interactivity and multiple aspects that the T / affected hearing is less of a problem. As I've got older I've also valued gaming more, which I didn't expect but is a welcome development.
  8. On reflection you're right. I think even then it probably looked more like an unfortunate halfway-house between Twilight Princess and something more definitely stylised and cartooney. It generally didn't work. But maybe the smeared, dreamy visual aspect / sheen calmed down that problem somewhat? I remember some bits looked better, and then others (like the more puzzle-laden, busy overworld sections, or alternatively more barren parts with not much texturing) came off really badly. I think later Nintendo nailed this look in what seems like a more deliberate way: BotW did the painterly-meets-some-realism look well!
  9. I'm also tempted to get it. At the same time, I often convinced myself games that didn't click a while ago were much better than I remember - that I was probably too harsh at the time, or in a bad mood when attempting to first play it. I build up excitement about taking a second shot at said title. And then I play it and realise nothing has changed and the same issues bother me now that bothered me then. This has happened with a lot of PS4 games as of late. For some reason, though, it feels like this time will be different. Maybe Skyward Sword was a very rough diamond after all? Maybe it's linearity and strange design decisions will seem a blessing rather than a curse this time? Unfortunately the new HD version seems ugly to me, though. My memories are of it being more handsome than this - not Wind Waker levels of beauty, but sometimes pretty in its own bizarre way. For me this new version looks like the ugliest Zelda I've seen, but it's still passable and maybe it's something you get over quickly.
  10. Have been waiting for a new entry in the series for the Switch. Hopefully will be more ludicrous fun. We need more OTT silliness in life. What I really want too though is a proper sequel to the full sidescrolling GB games. Wario Land II is honestly one of the best platformers ever made. Amazing design - and it still holds up today. I found my old GBC recently and gave it a spin and had forgotten how well it plays and the amount of detail they squeezed into an 8-bit game.
  11. I'm excited. Not to take away from what we already have to look forward to, but I like to imagine that one day they'll be a Zelda combining BotW with the skies of Skyward Sword (like this seems to be doing - though early days) and the oceans of Wind Waker. A whole beautiful landmass, beautiful realms in the sky, and a whole oceanic adventure too. Oh, and a network of underground dungeons too. Big, classic dungeons.
  12. Toonstruck is the best point and click of all of them - one of my favourite games ever. So happy it came to GOG! But booo that the sequel never saw the light of day... https://www.gog.com/game/toonstruck
  13. I guess - with a somewhat less revered title like this one - it can be an opportunity to improve the game? It wouldn't be fiddling with an older, "cannon" classic. I already rambled about this in my last post, but I really think this could have been an opportunity to make something special out of something flawed. Even the few quest changes to Wind Waker massively improved the game for me, apart from the carefully and mostly brilliantly upgraded visuals. A properly tweaked, souped up, prettier Skyward Sword could be an unusual and pretty brilliant Zelda game. I do see what you mean in one sense, though. If Nintendo did want to put this out pretty much as it was, then this should be priced around £20 in my view - or included as part of a bundle. The price is pretty outrageous. I don't think it right to excuse this kind of pricing, even if someone hasn't played the game before.
  14. I didn’t quite get along with SS, but I’m so disappointed in this (as it is looking now), because I always thought the game could have been a gem if aspects of it were reworked in certain ways and its painterly look pushed further. I had hoped a remaster was in the works for the Switch, because there was something special trying to push through in the original, particularly the dungeon design, music and story - but this looks like a real missed opportunity. If I’m honest, at this point I can’t overlook the graphics, let alone any gameplay issues that haven’t been seen to. As many of us who have been gaming for a while probably do, I can often easily “see past” poor visuals - and also appreciate even ‘ugliness as a style’ (some animes utilise crude or unattractive visuals in cool ways.) But this just looks so bland and horrendous now. If it had been properly re-textured in a really stylised way I reckon even the claustrophobic feel and some of the environments’ issues would have been rendered in a new more positive light, but as it stands the new look “brings out” the worst aspect of the original’s already uninspiring visuals and looses the (intended or unintended) attractive dreaminess. Sharper visuals and 60 fps is generally a good thing though, so at least there’s that.
  15. I haven’t even got this yet, but from what I’ve seen I can tell I’ll really want a “fully fledged” Bowser’s Fury once I’m done with it. Even though I was late to the Switch party, I’ve gone through quite a few games on it, and Odyssey still outshines them all...probably because I’ve either played most of my favourites on Wii U (including BoTW) or because they’re not quite as ambitious or packed with a continuous stream of surprising gaming ideas / content as a full brand new Mario game. Still, it’s good to get something fresh with 3D World. I just wonder if, given its concept, it would have been even better as a “proper” new Mario adventure combining the best of all these games? Is that coming? But I should actually wait till the thing’s arrived before commenting based out of cravings. :-D
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