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  1. The only thing jarring in this is that they’ve still got those weird black voids of nothingness in all the trailers and similar buildings that the enemies walk out of. Surely they could have done a better job with those? The graphics look great, but then you have these black rectangles on everything that you can’t walk into.
  2. Love how you get to use your skills way more often in this! I’ve gone Flak, and not only does his Rakk skill recharge pretty fast, but it also has two charges! Plus, his pet is totally separate to skills, which is great. Looking at the skill trees, I’m guessing it’s a choice between having up to three weaker skills, or one more powerful one then? Looks like the first skill in every tree unlocks a new active skill power with Flak at least.
  3. What I’m really not keen on with this version is that they’ve made the character classes far less asynchronous between teams. The night cap seems to be the plant version of the imp, with a like for like AoE attack. The zombie doctor’s healing ability is now much more like the sunflower’s. They’ve also made a lot of the powers far less unique and fun- like the all star’s shield is now a standard energy dome instead of just the dummy you could hide behind. The zombie engineer now puts down an actual automated turret instead of manning it himself. It just seems like instead of sticking to their own identity, they’ve made the game more generic by taking things from other online shooters. Also, no-one is playing as a healer at the moment. That might be because on the plant side at least, the only reason you wouldn’t be a night cap is because you get bored with it, but there doesn’t seem to be anything like the points incentive for healing or support as their does for straight up kills. That’s a great shame since I used to love switching things up a bit and supporting my team with heals and revives. Now however, if I want any chance of earning cash for unlocks, I’m wasting my time. Again, I think most of this fits in with my previous point of them changing things for the sake of it, and that a lot of changes are for the worse.
  4. Yeah I mean, presumably this was beta tested before this soft release phase, right? Right?? What makes it worse is that night cap seems totally invulnerable whilst doing its AoE attack. As the quarterback zombie you can’t even charge out of it- you just bounce right back off night cap and end up exactly where you were, right in the middle of the AoE attack.
  5. All is forgiven, I have a legendary hat for my night cap- it’s a little squid in a bowl of pasta, and every time I get a vanquish, it scrubs itself.
  6. I can confirm the night cap class in this is totally overpowered- 42 kills in my first game using it. It’ll get nerfed for sure, but for now all you really need to do is learn how to press two buttons. I have no idea how it got past alpha/beta stage like this.
  7. I mentioned that in my first post talking about the game way back at the end of August It was a great series, loved it.
  8. To be fair, it does look like the later skills will provide different effects to the core three powers each character has, but yeah it’s difficult to see how this is going to provide as much flexibility as the sub class system. Just done another pve mission, even worse than the first- another boss battle in between waves of tower defence. Maybe these are supposed to be tackled in groups? So dull and boring, and frustrating- why didn’t they lock these to a class so at least they could try to balance them for the powers you had available? Also tried a bounty hunter mission with a boss you can only damage when he’s in a small circle. He can batter you close range and is very mobile, so this made the fight incredibly unfun. To be fair, I found the little bits of pve in pvz 2 totally rubbish too, so I don’t know if I’d call this worse, but it’s a totally pointless inclusion. Moosegrinder, maybe we should try teaming up for some and seeing if it’s any more fun?
  9. No-one else playing this? I loved the first two, even if the second was a lot more chaotic than the first. Just a few first impressions- card packs are gone, which for some people might mean a move for the better, but I’m not totally convinced. There are a couple of implications of this change. Firstly, you don’t have character variations any more, these are out, replaced by a Call of Duty style skill loadout. You unlock more options as you level up each class individually, but this is going to take a long while, and there doesn’t seem to be as much scope for variations within classes, as only the later skills have the biggest effect on how you might play. For me, this is a change for the worse, since I loved the fact that in two, you could play as a zombie medic with a long range weapon instead of a shotgun style close range gun. Also, I kinda liked the idea of keeping on playing to unlock all these new variants piece by piece. Now there just doesn’t seem to be as much drive to carry on playing, if you know you’re going to have to wait hours til your next few skills. In theory, you might think this removal of all the subclasses provides a slightly less chaotic game and maybe a move towards the first release, but this isn’t the case. With the addition of three new classes per side, there are so many area of effect attacks going on, that it’s certainly no purer an experience than the 2nd. In fact for me, I’m finding it worse. At least in the second, you knew why things happen. Here, I’m quite often knocked into the air or just die with absolutely no idea why, and therefore can take nothing away from my death to improve my playstyle and avoid it next time. The second effect of no more card packs is a change in how all the myriad of cosmetic items are distributed. So now, there’s a coming soon cosmetic store, and a gatcha machine which distributes one item at a time. With no control over what it is, which side, how rare etc. PvZ 2 had, for me, a really great system of buying card packs with in-game currency where cheaper items had a much lower chance of rare things, or you could save up a little more and spend currency on a more expensive pack which had guaranteed levels of rarity. And they had themed packs too so you could aim for what you wanted, within a spectrum. This is all totally gone now, and instead of a pack of items, you just get one which could be totally anything for any side or class. Yes you don’t have the plant pot seeds or zombie bot items which you planted in the game (these are handled without the need for collectibles now) but still, I’d say this is worse. These single items aren’t cheap (presumably to push you to use the cosmetic item store), and again the constant drip feed of rewards from the second game is gone. However, depending on how the cosmetic store actually works, this could change- if it allows you to buy things with in-game currency, it won’t be quite so bad, but EA seem tight lipped on this at the moment. They’ve also mucked around with the skills a bit- for example, the zombie doctor now has a sticky heal mine which is much harder to use, and far less fun than the big heal ball that came with the satisfaction of popping around all your allies for massive gains (or aiming badly and missing everyone). His other healing device has changed too, and is incredibly hard to tell the range on. I briefly tried a few of the PvE missions- one ended in one of the most boring boss battles I’ve ever played. Maybe I chose the wrong class for it (went with a peashooter), and maybe you can play them with a party somehow, but I can’t see anyone wanting to spend much time with those. I don’t know how much of a marketing focus that side of the game will get, but so far I definitely wouldn’t recommend anyone getting the game for it. So personally, overall I’d say they’ve made a load of changes for the sake of it, without thinking about whether they make the game better or worse. It’s a hard line to walk- you need to make a sequel different enough, and they’ve definitely tried to do that. For me at this point though, it’s not as good as either of the prequels, which is a shame.
  10. Must be a bug, there’s no way they wouldn’t allow you to upgrade all weapons. It’s an annoying one though- pierce is my most used weapon. Yeah I’ve found tons of those boxes (and some hidden areas), but none have given me the component I’m after (think it’s called corrupted sample).
  11. I’ve been stuck on trying to upgrade to level 2 spin for ages- I need three of one item I’ve had zero of for absolutely ages. I even tried killing different types of enemy in different areas- no dice. It’s a bit frustrating when you can’t upgrade the guns you like using when the method of getting a component drop is so unclear. I haven’t even had the blueprint for upgrading pierce to level 2 appear on the upgrade screen. Anyone else having issues getting the map to appear? About 50% of the time for me, all I can see are the icons, without the actually outline of the map and areas, even giving it time to see if it ‘loads’ in. It’s a bit of a pain.
  12. I’m going to stop using Simply for preorders, mainly because of the previously noted price hike behaviour, and also because they don’t ship early enough for me any more. They told me recently that no UK company was able to ship a certain game out earlier than the day before release (which was bollocks, ShopTo and others were doing it), and because first class post is quite often two days now, I didn’t get the game on release. Hoping I’ll be lucky and get this tomorrow, but there’s no guarantee.
  13. I struggled on that too but eventually did it without upgrading further. A few tips:
  14. One of the reoccurring side mission bosses in this is one of the most frustrating battles I’ve played in the last 10 years.
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