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  1. Retroguy

    NIOH 2

    I tend to get a bit overexcited after a successful burst counter, and instead of pressing triangle to grapple, I end up whaling on them a bit which means that they recover without me doing the extra damage
  2. Anyone got their Xbox key from CDKeys yet? Still waiting on mine...
  3. Retroguy

    NIOH 2

    Yeah sorry, I didn’t mean those modifiers, I meant like all the other parameters each soul core has a bit like an item, things like extra damage to poison enemies, more ki, life etc.
  4. Retroguy

    NIOH 2

    Not sure if anyone knows the answers to these questions: The stat boosts on soul cores, presumably they don’t just apply to when you use that yokai skill, but rather all the time if the core is attuned? On the shiftling skill tree, when you get skills like reducing the yokai shift gauge when dodging or when taking hits, does that only apply to the relevant type, eg feral for the reducing in dodging?
  5. Retroguy

    NIOH 2

    Yeah I definitely did that, and plan to come back and kill him way later. I do feel a little sorry for people coming to this with no experience of these kind of games though- they could (not unreasonably) assume that you should be expected to kill everything you come across, and then just get stuck and frustrated. I’m not sure how many people would buy this who didn’t buy the first, but it’s certainly very unfriendly for beginners, and even for lapsed players. It throws so much at you from the beginning, not only the principles of regaining ki and shifting stances, but immediately ladles yokai core attacks, burst counters and the change in the way that your spirit attacks work on top!
  6. Retroguy

    NIOH 2

    How critical are the burst counters to killing bosses? I’ve struggled with a few of the monsters coming out of the yokai realm clouds using it, where one miss timed burst basically equals death. That’s one thing when they only require three good burst counters to kill, but the idea of a boss with multiple phases and requiring a lot more hits...the idea of losing all that progress with one mis timed burst sounds pretty harsh.
  7. Exactly the same thing just happened to me- not a good start. After the delay I was expecting it to be in slightly better shape. EDIT: worked the second time after taking ages to load. Hope you don’t like options, because clicking on that on the starting menu does absolutely nothing! lol
  8. Is there anyone still playing it on Xbox? I was playing regularly til around Dec/Jan, but then just had to give up- playing turf takeover, it took a while to find a game, and when it finished, almost everyone would leave and there weren’t enough new players to populate the next game so you’d start with like 3v3, which would dwindle down even less. Shame though, as it wasn’t bad, just lacking in any meaningful progression systems. I don’t think the soft launch and almost total lack of marketing/PR helped it when it eventually had its ‘proper’ release date.
  9. This is a pretty good game, but it really does make it hard to enjoy it sometimes... Just done a snow level where I’m clipping through the ground and getting stuck I’m nothing an awful lot- enemy attacks weren’t registering half the time either since they weren’t quite on the same level ground as me? And in one area no matter which direction I pushed on the stick, I ran off a cliff? Sometimes when you change ammo, it actually doesn’t change ammo despite it showing that it has on the selection wheel? Plus the performance on an One X is really bad, lots of slow down on certain levels. And don’t get me started on the platforming sections...had to do a timed section which was beyond excruciating. I’m still enjoying it, but I’m really surprised how rough it is. Don’t know why they didn’t give it more time to fix it up since it’s been a few months between the pc and console release anyway?
  10. Were all the different lightsaber parts in this meant to give you like different stat bonuses or similar, which then got cut late on in development? Otherwise, I don’t really see the point? You only really see them when you change them, otherwise it’s way too small to notice. And it’s not like it’s a multiplayer game so you can show off to other players? Sure, it’s kinda cool to construct your own lightsaber, but if you can’t actually see it in the minute to minute gameplay, and it has no effect...what was the thinking here??
  11. Retroguy

    Xbox Game Pass

    This might seem like a stupid question- if you’re on a monthly subscription for Gamepass ultimate and then use one of those amazon 3 month codes, it won’t stop the subscription or anything will it? I’m assuming it’ll just delay the time when the next subscription amount is taken?
  12. I was really hoping for discounts on Lapis X Labyrinth or Daemon X Machina in the sale- can’t really justify them at those pretty high prices at the moment. Just have to hope there’s another sale soon :/
  13. I’ll play a song, and then the centre of my view (eg looking at the menu screen) has crept round say about 15 degrees to the left when I go back to the menu. It’s subtle enough to that I don’t notice it happening, but when I take the helmet off, I’m no long looking square at the tv. And the more songs I play, the more the drift continues. Pressing the button on the side of the moves just recentres them where they are pointing, it doesn’t reset the menu screen to the centre of it is now where I’m facing. What’s strange is that it only seems to happen in Beat Saber (that I’ve noticed anyway) and it’s only started happening recently, and nothing has changed environmentally in the room.
  14. It doesn’t reset the view for people who’s views have drifted though...maybe it’s different for people whose views have moved through other kinds of means, but if your view has kinda creeped round during the game, all it does is fix the moves angle. That’s why people are asking online if it could work like all the other PSVR games- Beat Saber doesn’t work like other games in that regard.
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