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  1. I just redeemed them all in the PS version- just go into the settings menu, then the account section. Many thanks @mrpranny!
  2. You don’t even need to have done the drinking game- mine’s doing that and I hadn’t even played it. Guess they won’t bother fixing it since the Yule event will be finishing soon, but it would have been nice if they’d have checked for such a prevalent bug before bunging out the seasonal update.
  3. To be fair, the combat system in it is really good (I feel sorry for those who put the time in to make it so good, only to have it lumbered in such a cursed project), and the campaign isn’t bad. If you know what you’re getting into, it could be worth £20.
  4. You get a few new cutscenes, but otherwise it’s just more of the same old repeated objectives you’ve been doing over and over again in open world maps. There’s one new boss fight against a slightly different synthoid, which is themed around a new area like the vaults, but that’s it. And you can’t replay that boss fight because they haven’t added that bit yet, so the daily missions are still the same as always lol
  5. Haha yeah, they’re still ‘working’ on that apparently, and have been since it was highlighted on release I’m assuming there’s only a skeleton crew on the game now, but even so, it’s pretty woeful lol
  6. If you’re just buying it for the campaign, it’s maybe worth about £20 if you like the Marvel universe. But only once, as there’s still no way to replay it lol Anything else it still a total shambles- there are still tons of bugs, even ones like getting duplicate characters in your team, objectives failing to trigger and daily missions not working. At some stage, most of these were fixed, but then reintroduced in later patches. There are also massive flaws and limitations with how the game was built, which I expect never to be rectified. I think it’s fair to say that whoever’s left
  7. This looks amazing, and I’m definitely enjoying it despite the fact it can be a bit oppressive at times. But I like the change from the more colourful recent entries to the dreary English countryside, and it does that very well. The controls are total rubbish though. Now I know why they didn’t do a legacy control scheme- it’s actually impossible to change the button for heavy attack. If you do so, not all the other controls work (ie throwing stuff). So you’re basically stuck with the default controls with no other option if you want to move the attack buttons from the trigger/bumpe
  8. Just started this after Christmas- why are the controls so terrible?? There’s no option for a legacy control scheme like the previous games, which means you have to spend ages trying to configure each one manually. And even if you do, bits of it still don’t work- I have absolutely no way of throwing items when I’m aiming since I have heavy attack set to Y on an Xbox controller. The prompt comes up telling me to press y to throw, but nothing happens. I had to reconfigure it back to RT for heavy attack which worked fine, and then switch it back. Why are there still these major bugs w
  9. I’m still getting exactly the same error- did they manage to break it again already?? I was hoping it would be fixed by Christmas so I could play it over the break
  10. Yeah, despite trying to persevere with it to see if I was 'missing' something, I'm really haven't been enjoying it much either. The idea of being able to recruit people is, as you say, just a re-skin of a skill tree, and one where you can only have a couple of skills active at once at that. And the tech skills that you can buy are almost universally boring as hell, so there's very little sense of progression. The worst part of this concept though is how paper-thin it is. You recruit all these people, but they're just empty shells waiting for you to occupy them. If you'r
  11. No worries! £24 is still a good price for the season pass too
  12. I can see the original season pass for £24 on Xbox store- is that a different one to the one you’re looking at? £20 would be a good price for the season if it’s available somewhere for that!
  13. No worries! Happy Christmas to all Good news about the Xbox versions too- when I checked them, they hadn’t gone down yet.
  14. The PS versions of this have just dropped in price on Amazon- £34 for the PS5 limited version or £30 for the PS4 regular edition. So glad I decided to think about buying it overnight rather than buying it for £40 yesterday evening!
  15. Anddddd...finished!! Great game, with lots that could be tightened up for a sequel. Probably the pacing mostly- it runs out of steam with new ideas early on after drip feeding stuff in the first third or so of the game. Same with side missions- they just stop appearing after about halfway through the game, which is a little strange. The difficult needs to be smoothed out too- most of the game is a breeze apart from one or two bumps and the final chapter. But the story was more than enough to have kept me playing. The battle system could do with a little work to
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