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  1. Honestly? No. I didn't know people keep their grudges forever. Kind of sad.
  2. No shit Sherlock, which is why I don't post them on Rllmuk. Even if I do disagree. This one is just insulting. Do you even see the type of conversation that is produced simply because I disagree and discuss and defend my point compared to 'You are just wrong, so there!' type responses? I'm not the one putting my fingers in my ear here. I acknowledged others thoughts when they provide it and I counter them whilst still respecting their view. But they're hellbent on being dicks instead of agreeing to disagree. Fuck you if you think I ignored what other people have said. Stop acting oblivious like always. Ask the other posters, not me. They call it textbook avoidance if I try to point that out myself.
  3. There would be less passes here/places like here on the internet, but I'd certainly hope I'm wrong.
  4. A bit of an over reaction for a wrong tweet, don't you think?
  5. NEG

    Nintendo Switch

    It had exclusive levels that are regarded as some of the best in the series. Originally on the N64.
  6. NEG

    Nintendo Switch

    Yup, have 2 but been meaning to grab a couple more (possibly white ones) they're that good!
  7. Because she's a girl, innit. I get that 15 is pretty young, and American(?) culture is different from over here so maybe the n word gets used by youth far more than I've ever heard here, but it's something you learn so young over here that 15 is still 'too old' for her to be using it, especially after being on the internet. But of course you could say that we can't know her background, type of area she lives in, way she was raised and everything else to be causing her to use that language. But the truth is if it was a 15 year old guy there'd be a lot less forgiveness even though the same exact circumstances/ponders apply.
  8. Watch Fallows, he's been streaming decent stuff.
  9. I'd say I'm safe, in comparison to the behavior displayed in the last couple of pages here. That is hilarious, and no, I do not think it racist.
  10. I live in the meme world. As far as I have seen U Knuckles has not been used to be racist. I'm not sure how misinformation would apply in this particular case. Monty and Fast Show are not trump cards at all. Fast Show was shown as a representation of memes at it's best. I thought something familiar might help some understand memes better. It didn't. We hadn't moved onto being annoyed by Ugandan Knuckles yet. I'll post what I find funny, sad, and thought provoking like I always have. It's not for you to decide what is racist, but the mods. Thanks
  11. Inaccessibility of online features is one thing, that's expected. But all my digital downloads will carry on working in the future as they don't require some website existing or not. Good to see the tweet. I'll wait for the patch to see if they'll actually do it and not lying. The crap from Fallout 76 sadly make them feel not trustable when it comes to 'player feedback and concerns'. And let's not forget their paid off E3 conference audience, whoo'ing at everything under the sun.
  12. Fair enough mate, unlike Stoppy I'm not going to tell you that what you are doing is 'Textbook' or that it's 'Not going to happen' like macosx. We've got enough stress enough our lives. Have a great day.
  13. 4 to 5 cans of Dr Pepper depending on where I shop. Joyous Until Beth Net shuts down. Then it'll be unplayable.
  14. Thanks for the link I do not agree that something like U Knuckles is being used to discriminate. I agree that it can be seen that way due to the way he's drawn primarily (he'd be fine if he didn't have Ugandan in the name but the movie's name it's taking the piss out of instead), but not in practice. And if taking the piss out of the British for their love of tea and marmalade (via, I dunno, Paddington Bear) is discrimination in comparison, then we're being too stuck up our own arses if people really think jokes about other countries and cultures will end and that it's inherently bad from a base level. Now, that doesn't mean something like Monty Python is inherently acceptable just because it's funny. But there really is a difference in the way a thing is chosen to be used.
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