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  1. You know which Zelda would have benefitted from this visual update the most? Zelda 1
  2. If indeed little has changed from the original, this'll be almost as big a rip off as Mario U Deluxe.
  3. Nope. Makes use of old assets right down to the level designs (with some adjustments, of course). If it was entirely new zones it would be another matter. Blame Iiizuka.
  4. I'm saying this having played only 15mins of the Switch version, but this is possibly the best version of Diablo 3/surpasses PC outside of community features. If only because I won't lose my Hardcore character from a random disconnect ever again. (but it feels great being portable, too)
  5. NEG

    Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

    Make that three, but more for the new content.
  6. Remaster: Sonic 2 iOS/Android Remake: Sonic Mania Proper Remake: Sonic 2 HD Reimagining/Proper Remake: Sonic Generations
  7. 3 times no.1 now. Shame theres not more at the moment but still fantastic fun. Reminds me I'm actually semi-decent, rather then feeling crap whenever I play Jonster and get my skull bashed through walls. (puyo tetris)
  8. Great for modding at this point and little else.
  9. That's what a proper remake is called, like Samus Returns and RE2.
  10. 3D Remaster, as far as we know so far.
  11. Destroying 98 other people while taking a shit. Priceless.
  12. Well you'd think they have people advising them, it's flattering you think Shiggsy would call me though. But he didn't. But...SA was already in 3D when SADX already got released. Unless you mean Link's Awakening DX on the 3DS, which, no, wasn't in 3D. That's fair, more news to come. But with absolutely nothing new in the trailer there's no reason to be hopeful so far. Samus Returns and RE2 you could tell what they were pretty much straight away. This wasn't a teaser but a 90second trailer. For a remastered remake.
  13. NEG

    Super Mario Maker 2 - June 2019

    My only complaint here outside of a lack of stylus controls is they invented a scheme out of thin air (2D Cat Mario), and still no sign of Land/Land 2 being represented. Edit: Broker is completely right, btw.
  14. Remastered Remake: Exactly like the original game with new assets/code/engine. This is not a proper remake. RE2/Samus Returns were Proper Remakes with new content, ideas and most importantly expanded on what made the original great without being constrained by the original.

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