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  1. Bingo. It's nice to collect for a system out of love but at the end of the day, it's the 20-30 odd games you played as a kid that'll have the stories, the fondness and going back to most often. If I ever start making the Mega Drive collection smaller (which honestly, even at a 100+ titles now, still all fit on a single bookshelf easily, no space issue), those childhood titles will still likely remain.
  2. None of which you legally 'own' compared to software of old. Not calling you wrong mind, just had to point it out. We're trading ownership rights for convinince. In not just gaming but all entertainment mediums, and I sometimes can't help feel that's going to bite society in the arse, if it hasn't been already with de-listed games, live services and unfinished release day games patched later with a road map to tell us exactly when we'll be able to enjoy the content we paid for. Having a swell night gaming has indeed never been easier, but there's more to a shelf of games in the home than just it's worth. Much the same as with books, music and movies. Some things are worth being able to hold in your hands decades later.
  3. Can I have your (sega/nintendo) stuff?
  4. No, it's that 80's kick boxer guy I can't remember the name of. You know the one.
  5. Whenever Mr X takes over the city.
  6. Any mainline Pokemon game in the last 10 years. The hand holding has basically become ridiculous.
  7. No CD compatibility with the 32X on is a big disappointment.
  8. NEG

    Nintendo Switch

    It's Out Run but rewards you with more music at every checkpoint! And keeps telling me to Time Warp (32X version)
  9. The only Nintendo Switch first party games worth full 50-60 smackers have been Zelda BOTW, Mario Od and now Mario Maker. And only because Maker is essentially INFINITE NEVER ENDING VALUE.
  10. Pure masterful genius. I hope he does it live.
  11. It's fine, as I already have a Mega CD, but a bit blah nonetheless (I'd certainly prefer not having to put in CD's). Though to be fair I still trust Krikzz more with flash carts, TerraOnion isn't perfect if reviews of their other products are anything to go by.
  12. If Nintendo added folders I'd be happy juggling cards. Until that day it makes browsing what's on any particular card a hassle.
  13. Earliest I remember the term was GC era, but it might have started during N64.
  14. This. 9 to better a nearly 30 year old kart racer's single player mode.
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