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  1. Animal Crossing is the type of game that sells well throughout the entirety of a Nintendo consoles life, which I thought is something they learned particularly from the 3DS version (which released in 2012, one year after 3DS release and is being advertised to this day). I'd argue Smash doesn't sell well beyond the first few years. With Pokemon, it depends on how 'proper' the next releases will be, to cause Hey Pikachu/Eevee to be irrelevant. Edit: Nintendo could of course be happy enough that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2 will no doubt be the system bundle sellers even 6 years from now. Games which fits the same role as Animal Crossing did on 3DS.
  2. Except they showed titles to be releasing in 2019 as well. Like I said, personal expectations of E3 is many things. So it's not necessarily about what they didn't show that I may have been looking forward to, my personal wants are generally very hard to please. I just consider Nintendo insane to not make full use of the biggest gaming event of the year. Even if they themselves no longer consider it to be. I'd say it hurts them, not just you or I as fans. Outside of Yoshi(which is delayed), we have no idea what's coming internally from Nintendo for the Switch right now. They've been hiring for the next Zelda, but being cynical, it could be a mobile game that's released next for all we know. So I don't even count Zelda until footage is released. To me personally, the biggest surprise was no animal crossing reveal. Leaving that game to year 3 to 4 of the systems life is another thing that will hurt them.
  3. Microsoft. You hype up E3 to see games and news from each platform maker in general. Only Microsoft had a perfect balance of first party, third, and general enthusiasm for the hobby we love. Imagine, in the heyday of magazines, that you pick up the latest issue only to hear absolutely nothing was announced when it comes to the developer that made the system. (Smash nor Mario Party* is not in-house) That they had nothing of note to say, other than it makes them smile when they see people use their latest console. You then discover the next 50 pages is filled with nothing but photos of Princess Daisy vs Ridley. Either Nintendo don't know what to develop next, or are planning more Labo based efforts. Be afraid. *Nor is Pokemon or Fire Emblem, for that matter.
  4. NEG


    This game is reminding me of Worms more than anything. Fun, but not quite 'I can understand why this is so popular' fun. There might be a level of depth like Worms I'm not seeing though, certainly. Also don't understand what I'm gaining after matches, just exp? What does the levelling achieve, and so on.
  5. NEG

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    That's good to hear, and hopefully means the star fox toys will be sold separately, too. (and not just the starter pack with game bundle)
  6. NEG

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    Won't you feel anything from the empty cart slot that'll then exist? That's my problem, if I get rid of physical Zelda. It'll no doubt bug me staying unused, unless I get a physical only game like Labo, or maybe that spaceship toy game will be released physical only too.
  7. NEG


    Thanks. More a case that I couldn't remember if I've made an Epic account in the past, as Humble on the rare occasion has given Epic too over the years. By the look of things I haven't. The warning was certainly annoying for a quick go on whatever the big deal with this game is.
  8. NEG

    Nintendo Switch

    They are the same investors who complained why Nintendo wasn't moving to mobile entirely a couple of years ago. The downfalls of being a public company.
  9. NEG


    Is there any point to making an Epic account on the log in screen? If I don't make one, does that mean all my progress stays on Switch alone forever?
  10. NEG

    Team Sonic Racing

    Major props for bringing Crush 40 back, thank you. @S0L
  11. NEG

    Neo Geo Mini

    With over 70 Neo Geo titles available on Switch (and no signs of stopping) this Mini just feels enthusiasts only. Still tempting at the right price, nice display piece no doubt, but it doesn't sound like it will be (the right price). There's just so many other options provided by SNK themselves in recent years, especially for newer fans like myself playing many of these for the first time, with online rankings to boot.
  12. NEG

    E3 2018: Xbox E3 Briefing

    It's like Rare never happened.
  13. NEG

    'Atari' are up to something

    Yes, you do indeed. I'm pointing out as to why I think that is, Sean. Just buy a 32X instead.
  14. NEG

    'Atari' are up to something

    The Onyx bundle singular + peripherals costs less because of the consoles Early Bird pricing while the peripherals do not have Early Bird pricing. If the bundle singular wasn't Early Bird pricing, my best guess is you would not save anything by buying the peripherals separately.
  15. NEG

    'Atari' are up to something

    Due to the early bird pricing, yes.

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