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  1. NEG

    Goodbye Games TM (and Gamesmaster)

    This. It went downhill at some point (when Future bought it?) but when it was good, it made EDGE look like a boring old fart. Gamesmaster I never got into, all the SEGA mags as the kid outdid any of the edgey Gamesmaster's covers might have also been trying.
  2. NEG

    Groove Coaster

    Oh, I guess it must suck then. Thanks muk.
  3. NEG

    Groove Coaster

    Is the Steam version any good then? Why am I asking it's now in my basket already? Looks a bit like Theatrythm judging by the trailers, which I still play regularly.
  4. NEG


    Also a Witchwood bundle is out with the best (Paladin) hero imaginable! Annoying your opponents to death should soon be a thing.
  5. NEG

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Top 20 games of all time.
  6. I'm too fat to run back and forth like this! (thanks for confirming though!) Edit: Er...though the next post down says...argh!
  7. Well in that case! :: runs stage left to order ::
  8. NEG

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    This. On my list of Top Ten Games Ever Made.
  9. For notesake I think I'll be waiting till they're available to order and arrive in a week rather then in 7 months time. I'm sure the products fine, and I'm also betting they won't be readily available off the site for a year and a half like the snes model was, but 7 months is too long a time period to put investment towards. Especially with Christmas and all sorts around the corner, and life being random in general over the past year. Now, if someone were to gift me a order however (even as a review unit, would be happy to, both as words and YT), that would be another matter.
  10. No mention of FM Sound support.
  12. NEG

    Doctor Who

    Still having more fun than Moffat's 'what the fuck is even going on' last few seasons.
  13. NEG

    Nintendo 3DS

  14. NEG

    Nintendo 3DS

    It's more to do with being able to sell for babies without the risk/lawsuits of killing their eyes with the 3D effect. 3DS's came with a warning label of not below 3 or 5, can't remember. Well, and making the units for a almost decade old handheld cost even slightly less to manufactor for maximum profit.

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