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  1. SidShaw

    Wireframe - a new gaming magazine (yes, on real paper)

    Cheers for the heads up, looks great. Good luck with it.
  2. SidShaw

    Gaming soundtracks on Vinyl

    Wow, that Okami set looks beautiful.
  3. SidShaw

    PlayStation VR

    Finally picked one of these today and first impressions are very positive. Loving the whole Resident Evil experience ... think I've only got to the first save point in about an hour's worth of play cos I can't stop looking at the scenery and leaning in and out of rooms! Very, very impressed.
  4. I always felt a little disappointed with the original; so much potential just poorly executed in too many places for me. I know they've patched it now and it feels a lot better but it should have never dropped when it did as it clearly wasn't ready. That's kind of tainted the whole thing for me. Having said that, I did play this in full VR with a quality wheel/pedals combo recently and I gotta say, it's one hell of an experience. And I'm sure indicative of what the Devs originally intended. Here hoping they get it right next time...
  5. SidShaw

    Selling large collections - best way?

    I can empathise with your situation fella, having had to do something similar a few years ago. Had to clear a massive collection so I could make my longish distance move a little easier. In the end I gave about 75% of it away ... on here. My inbox was overflowing with people after stuff! Now I'm slowly building the collection back. I'm seriously interested in the UK 'Cast lot you've got. I'll drop you a PM shortly...

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