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  1. Nintendo Switch

    Fate: "I am tempted"
  2. Hyped games that just sputtered out

  3. I've got an ebook, too! (it is poetry, though)

    Look at us, rllmuk's scribes, all in one thread (except that sell-out guy who's "for real" published) How Bohemian! Dan - That's brilliant. I will now buy your book. DON'T buy another copy of mine with the intention we just do that in turn until we're both famous. I've hashed out that idea and came to the conclusion, of my own accord, that it's not gonna work! Ramone - Mate, I'm not trying to upset anyones sensibilities. The harsh language is vital to the tone. Please try to understand and give it another go? Remember to give it a five star raping as well!
  4. How To Succeed with an eBook

    Right, so we just need to get Amazon in on it then...
  5. How To Succeed with an eBook

    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Songs-Whales-Nuclear-Winter-ebook/dp/B00DVNVG2Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1373741430&sr=8-1&keywords=songs+for+white+whales+and+nuclear+winter You buy mine. I'll buy (one of) yours. According to my calculations if we do this millions upon millions of times, we will both have exactly the same amount of money as when we started BUT we will be, like, the top two selling books on Kindle. Which is probably pretty good publicity. Hang on a minute, would this actually fucking work?
  6. So, I've made an ebook. It's not really funny like that Jamie fella that everyone loves, even though jumping into his stuff is like trying to jump straight into the old Israel/Palestine thing and knowing who's side it's "OK" to be on. It's poetry. Really bitter and arch poetry. I think it has a joke in there somewhere. I forget. Buy it and see? It has got fucking pagebreaks and a proper cover and has been proofread though. The lovely cover is done by Rllmuk's very own Tofu an' all! It is honestly 100% better than 90% of amateur poetry, nearly all of which would appear to be complete shit. People like it. Americans, women and religious maniacs, largely. Check it out, tweet it and share it and like it and 5 star it and stuff. That'd be really, really nice. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Songs-Whales-Nuclear-Winter-ebook/dp/B00DVNVG2Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1373741430&sr=8-1&keywords=songs+for+white+whales+and+nuclear+winter
  7. How's the novel going?

    I'm sure it's not that bad, mate
  8. Illustration Club

    Hello art people who's thread I rarely read cause it makes me feel sad about how bad I am at art! I'm looking to publish an E-Book of some of my wafflings on Kindle and I need a front cover. But I'm bad at art. And lazy. I wondered if one of you massively talented people might be interested in helping? For 25 pounds! I already have an idea of what I'm looking for, just not the skills to make it happen. I am, of course, also open to any much better ideas you may have. There are one or two small specifics pertaining to it being on Kindle but nothing too awkward and I don't think it'll be particularly difficult to realize. PMs incoming please!
  9. Poetry, anyone?

    I poetry a lot. http://godsonlytoys.wordpress.com/ The funny thing is, despite really loving writing it, I don't really read any and rarely enjoy it when I do. It's odd. I adore fiction but find it so painful to write it but poetry comes really easily. When I hit 30 odd I'm thinking of banging them all together and seeing about self publishing.
  10. Is "Game" finished?

    It certainly seems like the threads are starting to come loose doesn't it? I used to work there and feel really bad for the people who are still about. Seeing articles like the BBC one must be pretty awful when you work in retail and start seeing the writing on the wall for your employer. I just hope the administration that seems looming can keep as many of them in work as possible. I read an article a month or go about peoples anxieties and it claimed that losing ones job had shot up in the last few years. I believe it. The thought terrifies me. I think some of the people in this thread with their pathetic fantasies of strutting into Game to spend their five pound of reward points and "telling them just why I'm doing it!" need to get a grip.
  11. Nintendo 3DS - first thread

    Can anyone confirm whether the Ice White is likewise graced with a better build?
  12. PS1 and 60 HZ

    You got any idea which particular versions of Xploder support this Dandy?
  13. PS1 and 60 HZ

    Think I know the answer to the this one already but am I right in saying that a PAL PS1 can't be modded to force 60HZ with PAL games ala SNES, Saturn, Mega Drive etc? Finally getting round to looking at modding it can not liking what I'm reading
  14. Help identify a PC fighting game

    That's the fella! Thanks all. God knows why I remembered the praying mantis!?

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