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  1. Man, I think Unholy is great fun in 5 mans. Just feel like an exploding beast when you have a whole pack together. I find it's single-target rotation to be pretty lacking though. Frost is the same spec is has been since MoP.
  2. Afraid it just sounds like you need to get people to pull their trousers up and stop making daft plays- if you can get into P3 with 90% of your players alive it should be a free kill. Have you got any logs? Might be worth going through the deaths. If you need a hand, and we're not raiding, me and the missus would be happy to give you guys a hand (healing priest + retadin) if you need it. We're banging our head against mythic hivemind at the moment with a similar problem- people just can't seem to get out of the way of the rolling bugs. I will say that mythic Nylaotha seems to have a good selection of bosses- outdoor content to one side, I'd still argue the raiding this tier is pretty good. Mythic wrathion is just punishing enough for a first boss, and Skitra's mechanics are panic-inducing but fantastic (espically when your raid leader is yelling a wall is about to come in that you can't see!). I do stand by my point though that mythic has gotten stupidly punishing these days- and the jump from herioc to mythic seems to be huge. I wish they'd stop tailoring mythic around the top 300 odd players.
  3. Man, that's all stuff they shouldn't be messing up by this point. I've no idea at all why they're hitting the crusher first when it's the casting tents that need to vanish first. Hopefully you don't have to suffer too much longer with that fight.
  4. How odd. Given that you've got phase 1&2 down, you've done "the hard part" of the fight. Best tips I could give is to have everyone group up in front of the boss before you all drop the puddle, then have everyone move left/right together when the timer hits "1". Outside of that, phase 3 is pretty simple. Clump up and avoid beams and go full force on healing. But yeah, it's a shit boss. (Keep an eye on people with higher DPS numbers than you'd normally expect, they might be padding their numbers on the "underground" section rather than saving CDs to pump into N'Zothy in general) Actually, THAT'S my biggest gripe with this raid in general, especially in Mythic. There's too many sections that allows for artifical pumping of numbers, and it's really hard to diagnose when it's happening without actually going into each persons' timeline on warcraft logs. my other gripe is the same gripe I've had since mid legion... Mythic is still too hard these days.
  5. Hah, what a load of shite they've got for us this mont.... Wait, is that...
  6. Don't worry, I had the same e-mail and it arrived just fine sans pins.
  7. Was considering picking this up on the switch... Jesus, not at that price I'm not. That season pass was free on the PS4. WAY too pricey for my tastes. I'm keepin' mah money.
  8. Preach did a decent video on it. I'm really enjoying 8.3 so far.
  9. It's also VERY frustrating that a random dude can come up with a patch that makes the experience far worse for console players.
  10. I guess this means no second series of all systems Goku.
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