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  1. Well, some were, Slaking with Hyper beam used to be an absolute beast and would sweep teams up for fun, but then they changed Hyper beam from physical to special at one point. As such, no where near as good.
  2. There's only been 3 types added since Red and Blue. But that chart is... mostly accurate. Except, well, most pokemon aren't just one type any more. They're flying/fire, bug/poison, Water/ground. Which means you have to mash both their weaknesses together. So Scisor, who is bug/steel, would take 4x Fire damage.
  3. Sorry to add to some of the negativity, but this is important:
  4. You might want to check that you can actually get in before leaving. I've heard some horror tales.
  5. Jesus Christ, my thighs hurt this morning.
  6. Grabbed it today as well, wish me luck! I had no idea there were leaderboards, so I'm well up for adding myself to that.
  7. Couldn't deliver on Dexit, even though it was the will of the people. 3/5
  8. Daily star gave it 3/5, everyone pack up and go home. Time to cancel the pre-orders.
  9. So is Xenoblade now. It's become THE nintendo traditional JRPG. They are both flagship series.
  10. Literally look at any of the streams that have been out there, any single one of them. Or the replies on twitter. Stop falling for this shit.
  11. Yeah, they just put gambling for children in their games instead.
  12. The year is 2019, the pokemon ability in action here is "Trick room". You're now falling for complete lies from people with dishonest intent. This is the norm for initial releases of a generation. "Battle tower" is normally (there's probably an exception, but I skipped a lot of pokemon between Black/White and now) a feature added in the "Crystal/Platinum/Black2/...Mace?" edition.
  13. You take that back, Grooky has a great final evo.
  14. Does anyone actually believe the whole Dex fiasco to be true? As in seriously? When it was first announced I kinda got it, they were cutting out some of the chaff so they could bring it back later in later generations as some sort of homecoming. But after seeing the list of who made it through, I don't buy it for a second any more. No Bulbasaur? No Squirtle? That alone is completely unthinkable from a prospect of marketing. But let's not stop there, how about the synopsis for the new TV series to accompany the games: Some new episode titles for the upcoming anime series have been released. These episodes are due to air on December 1st, December 8th and 15th respectively. The first episode features Ash & Go investigate a sudden influx of Ivysaur near Vermilion City and decide to follow them to see where they go. The second episode features Ash & Go head to Galar to investigate the Dynamax phenomenon (From Serebii) Ivysaur, right there, in the first episodes. In fact, someone cross referenced the "Dex" with a popularity poll of pokemon. Out of the top 100, around 20% made "the cut". This all screams post game DLC season pass to me. I just can't buy the culling of the dex in the slightest.
  15. 1: Red 2: Silver (I thought Lugia was the dogs balls) 3: Ruby (No specific reason) 4: Pearl (THIS was the Pokemon that hit right in the middle of University, I took it super seriously/competitively and put literally thousands of hours into it as every Sunday evening I used to hang around in my mates flat and 6 of us would just do battles/trades all night) 5: Neither 6: Neither 7: Neither Turns out, all those thousands of hours really burned me out on Pokemon, and the thought of going back into it filled me with despair. I didn't want to play it "casually", if I was going to play, it would have to be "properly" 8:Sword I'm back in, they've got online sorted. They released a trailer that was laser focused to people like me (You can change natures, pass on eggs moves without breeding, ignore EV training completely, focus in on the right IVs you're after). I'm so in, I can't wait for next Friday. They have removed so damn much of the arbitrary grinding for competitive battling, it's amazing.
  16. There's a new refer a friend program you might be eligible for
  17. Hot on the tails of that post, we have a Pokédex: https://pastebin.com/RL5C4qA3 Some interesting mons that didn't make the cut.
  18. Leaks are coming thick and fast as review copies are currently out in the wild. Here's a small image of what we have seen so far (behind spoiler tags, because for some people that seems to be important. I don't get it myself, it's like not knowing the roster of a new Street Fighter before jumping in) There's more with every hour, the best place to see them is #PokemonLeaks on twitter
  19. Pixelbark

    Diablo IV

    Looks great, I may just have to pick it up and sink a few hundred hours into it.
  20. That looks great, I'll hold off for the sequel though, in hopes that someone can actually do a sequel to Starfox 64... BECAUSE NINTENDO BLOODY CAN'T.
  21. Yeah, I initially thought the very same thing, but then had a different thought, how about exclusively using Don Bluth as an inspiration?
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