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  1. Ok, I will. I'm with Asmond on this one, the issue Preach is describing is only an "issue" to a small percentage of mythic raiders. It's gear you can work towards in a dertermanistic manner and there's no real issue that you have to play different aspects of the game. The way you get essences is a great example of this (even if they're not that exciting as actual abilities). For the first time in a few years, the game actually has BiS gear***, that's not hidden behind a dozen different dice rolls. This is great for the majority of players. ***The bethnic bonuses only work in The new zones and raid. So it's not like you've got a BiS list for M+ or PvP, is it?
  2. 8.2 is actually pretty fun, and the content is solid. Ahem.
  3. God, that was tense. Great level, has a good flow and rhythm to it, and just the right length for a hard speedrun level. I made it through... Just.
  4. This thread has convinced me, I'm trading in FFXII this weekend to grab this.
  5. At least the ps4 pad keeps me updated on my queue with its noises.
  6. How do we go about setting up a cross server linkshell then? As I can't bear the Novice Network much longer, and I'm not up for hitting Moogle server queues right now.
  7. Yeah, the town with the inquisitor plotline sells level 40 weapons for a few k. It's on the same vendor who's marked as a repair vendor on your map.
  8. Main quest picks up at 50 once you're on your way to the heavensward questline and content. But glad you're enjoying it
  9. Ok, the noise on twitter makes it sound like they're American. Then there's no harm actually done here, no laws broken, as you say, no ones business.
  10. I'm hoping this thread doesn't start to emulate NeoGAF and ResetEra in *that* way..
  11. You're looking at it through British goggles. Change 16 to 14, and you have the general jist of the issue.
  12. Smash community in "total pile of shit" shocker. But to stop this being a negative post, a quick shout out for a female fgc player who is respected for her talent in the pro scene and a great example moving forward, Cuddlecore. Take a look at EQNX | Cuddle_Core @cuddle_core): https://twitter.com/cuddle_core?s=09 Look at the mostly positive responses and replies to her posts.span widget
  13. I've only just realised I've got L3 and R3 unbound. Will need to do something similar, as sometimes it's a bit odd being a tank and not knowing the route around new dungeons.
  14. Awesome, might have to consider leveling it at some point. As I just can't heal without a keyboard and mouse, so for sofa play I could go with the summoner.
  15. Do Sum and schol still share the same levels once you've unlocked the job crystals?
  16. Oh man, I thought I deleted all pics of me wiping on Ifrit. Shameful.
  17. Pixelbark


    I doubt that very much. Eventually, so will you. It's erm, it's been a ride, and that's all I'm going to say about it.
  18. Jesus, my paladin hits like a truck now, the Zelda spin is also quite nice.
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