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  1. There's plenty of alternatives out there for you. I'd like them to double down on the technical stuff, there's definitely a space in the market for it. I think this is a solid first issue.
  2. Pixelbark

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - December 7th

    It's just preference, pure and simple. Pro-controler is going to be my choice. Or you could go the cheaper route and just get a USB "gamecube" controller from Hori.
  3. You know, I've gone completely full circle on this argument, mainly thanks to the following vid: Because I know most of you won't be bothered to watch, I'll TL;DR it -No random maps -Touch controls are pretty good -The game is actually fairly good but a bit easy (which was stated by Blizz for demo purposes) These opinions are coming from the guy who asked about the PC version, is a long term Diablo streamer, and was himself upset about the announcement. He still seems pretty downbeat on it all, but that comment still remains... "It's a good game" So, if a Diablo streamer says it's a good game... what's the issue? What's actually the issue here? I know it's not Diablo 4, but it's not meant to be. We're all being way too hyperbolic right now, myself included! It's looking like it's not shit, I'm grabbing a new phone next year for a holiday to Florida, so I'll be able to give it a go. As long as the transactions in the game aren't shit, it'll be alright! I can see this game having two different payment schemes for the east and west. If they're smart (and they normally are), they'll copy the DotA/Fortnight scheme, but in the east, let them buy power as is normally the case in games like these on phones.
  4. You see, I was going to say "Why pick Diablo, why not make a new IP?" But the answer is too obvious. Simple asset flip to keep costs down.
  5. Pixelbark

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Totally agree, whenever I see anything like this, the deeply Irish part of my soul surfaces as if possessed by the collective souls of my aunties that have passed away as I state "Aaa, isn't dat lovely?". Then I close the window, and never look at it again.
  6. Well, that's because "one of the real and main reasons" for creating this game was to target a younger audience that mainly play games on their phones. You, nor the Blizzcon audience, are the target audience for this game. As such, voting with your wallet wouldn't do anything, because they were never interested in your wallet in the first place. Actually surprised you didn't post that interview, NEG. It's got a lot of stuff that'd get you frothing in it.
  7. Pixelbark

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - December 7th

    I think the last thing Nintendo would want right now is to remind anyone of Street Fighter X Tekken
  8. You say that as if it's a bad thing. I personally think a Warcraft based "rip-off" of Clash Royal is begging to be done. Remember, no one booed when Hearthstone was first announced.
  9. I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to get at here. I was replying to a post about blizzard as a whole in recent years, not about this game in particular. For someone who was just a few posts ago complaining about us and them tribalism. You seem to be doing your best to put me into a "them" box.
  10. There's been a definite change in the past year or so, moreso than before. -When Hearthstone changed to 3 full expansions a year and doubling the amount of legendaries in a set, it just became too much of an cost investment to stay competitive for my liking and had to give it up. I know it's kinda in the nature of the genre, but Hearthstone feels a bit too greedy for its own good these days. -BfA came out in a right state, with classes/specs completely unfinished. Dungeons that are riddled with bugs. And a core mechanic that was confused in defining what it was with a tacked on forced rarity system that put in diminishing returns for your time invested into it. It was a shocking lack of polish that Blizz were once renowned for. The root of this issues can really be traced back to the pre-purchase marketing campaign, which by EU law states that they need to give a release date way in advance of knowing if they would be ready for it. A lot of the latest patch that's out in a month, is fixing systems that would have never have gone live in the past. The old Blizzard "Soon(tm)" no longer exists, which is kinda sad really, and hard not to tie in to pressures from the Activision side.
  11. Pixelbark

    The Random WoW Thread

  12. Pixelbark

    The Random WoW Thread

    Who's paying for that?
  13. Pixelbark

    The Random WoW Thread

    Going to agree with Radish here. The benefits of not having sharding only really apply to the game later on. It makes zero impact to the initial say 1-30 experience. Once the servers calm down, and people start hitting STV, that's when you can start turning it off so that shitty higher level rogues can sit in the jungle and grief everyone for hours on end. From the panels at Blizzcon, it's VERY clear that the devs get what the majority of people want from classic. I'm also sympathetic to the changes that have been made, battle.net integration makes sense as the way people communicate has changed drastically in 15 years. If people are just going to run discord on the side, then you may as well let their own client work alongside it. Allowing people to trade gear if it got sent to the wrong person by mistake takes so much strain off the customer services team for what is a menial task, I'm more than willing to look the other way. Saying that, having played the demo, I have a couple of thoughts. There are certain things Classic does better than BfA, and a way it kinda reminds me of Monster Hunter Generations. When you hit a village, you really have to prep for leaving the village again. Get some pots sorted, get food again, clear out your bags, and set off again. It's a nice experience and I love when a game can get the aspect of "preparing to do content" to be as involved as doing the content itself... HOWEVER, man, the gameplay is so shite compared to what we have now. It's so god damn slow, and this is exactly what I was fearing about returning to classic. Things like the 5 second rule, could you imagine not healing for 5 seconds in today's game? I completely forgot that Heroic strike wasn't an actual active ability, and that it just modified your next auto-attack. I'll probably play on and off during quite spots in retail, but I'm never switching over as a replacement. It's nice that it's just going to be there on my launcher, and that'll run quite well on my laptop. But that's about it. I'm glad you classic guys are getting what you wanted (mainly looking at you Neg), but I personally think you're crazy for wanting to go back to this. There are elements I think would fit in quite well if they were implemented into the retail version (longer dungeons that are challenging without being focused on doing them in a timely manner). Like having current M+0 being heroic, and M+10 being the base mythic (affixes and all) without a timer. M+10 is the sweet spot for difficulty at the moment, so being able to do that without a timer constantly ticking down would be a godsend. Professions being a lot more involved into the game, everything the Azerite system currently does could have been put onto professions instead, so it's a shame to see them take a back seat again (unless you're an alchemist). But hey, classic guys, enjoy yourselves!
  14. This could have just been underwealming rather than disappointing if they had announced it for PC/Consoles at the same time. But to say "what? You don't have a mobile?" is a bit of a shitty response in return. It's just overall a bit tone deaf when it comes to the core blizzard audience, and feels like it would have been better launched at a hewuai press event in China. This is very much like the time the xbox lead said "we've got a console for you, it's called the xbox 360"
  15. Pixelbark

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - December 7th

    Neg only makes sense in retrospect.

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