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  1. Pixelbark

    Open source Gadot engine: will it have an impact?

    Godot is actually an engine, where as Love is a framework of libraries where you still have to do most of the programming yourself. The benefits of using Love are, well... Someone help me out here.
  2. Pixelbark

    Open source Gadot engine: will it have an impact?

    It's 34MB, it's worth playing with. I've been using it for a while as I've been doing some deving on a low spec laptop. The documentation is piss poor, there's not a massive amount of help out there, but for indie development it's pretty damn good and improving all the time. The scripting language is esentially python, but it also has support for C and C# It just doesn't currently have the bells and whistles to compete with UE or Unity, and has yet to have a product come out as a proof of concept. But I'd gladly recomend it to anyone starting out as an alternative to frameworks like Love2D
  3. Can we dismiss your false prophet yet?
  4. There's plenty of thinking going on, but based upon the compromises that have to be made, it's not a future I'm interested in at all.
  5. I take it this is referencing a tweet by John Carmack? As I keep seeing this quote thrown around in the past 24 hours, when the tweet itself was a reference to the stupid amount of post processing that takes place with modern TVs/monitors. There's already too much input lag with modern consoles, and I've been doing everything I can to scrape off ms wherever I can as it drives me insane. The thought of adding another (hypothetical number here) 15ms of input delay just seems like insanity to me. That gif that's been quoted above, I can physically see the delay. And that's in "perfect" conditions as a proof of concept. That's the best it could be with a data centre essentially next door. No thank you.
  6. That's all well and good if your data centre is quite literally next door. But there's going to be noticable lag regardless.
  7. Pixelbark

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    What if they got the creator of a Cartoon Network series you didn't know of, or care about, to give their insights? Would you be willing to sign up to the Patreon then? Backers at $20 a month or more get a version of the podcast without 30 minutes of adverts.
  8. Pixelbark

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    That's fine, they'll just revisit old topics again. How about FFVII for 8 episodes? Especially given that they've got *checks notes* absolutely nothing new to say about the game. Good grief, at some point do they somehow bring it to align with current US politics or another Twitter war with Colin Moriarty?
  9. Pixelbark

    Nintendo Switch

    I need to start playing Splatoon 2 again. It's the only shooter I actually really like these days... I'm shocking at Clam Blitz though, never got it.
  10. Pixelbark

    O, skier! (Mystery game out this Friday)

    Seiko, twice right a day.
  11. Give it a year, they'll have the Battle Royal mode as a free to play on those consoles. This would maker perfect sense on the switch. But awh well, wouldn't be the first time ActiBlizz were blind to oppurtunites.
  12. Pixelbark


    I do miss FFXI. Recently tried to play a Private Server, and I had forgot just how bad the control scheme was. Was a lot of fun back then though, used to play a refresh bot myself for the fancy hats.
  13. Pixelbark

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Yeah, they've spread themselves way too thin between this, Simpsons and cartoon podcasts, and the other 4+ podcasts they have on the go. Having hit series 9 of the Simpsons, they're trying so desperately to say "look, it's a still great." Without being able to see the constant cheapening of the characters in the aid of throwaway jokes that's happening.

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