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  1. Ha. If you mean William Baldwin then yes, I agree.
  2. It all proved a bit too much for me by the end and like the heathen I am I found myself skimming through scenes in the last two episodes. It's a total waste of time suggesting that he needs an editor, or should be less self indulgent, he's creating the grotesque and every bit of it has to be beautiful in some places so it can be spoiled and ugly elsewhere. It was full of nasty shocks and some great performances but there are times when it's too languid, too soporific. His fans would say that's required as padding and shock for the violence. Hats off to William Baldwin for replacing the giant greasy spider in my nightmares. What a skeezy fucking turn he put in.
  3. I keep thinking the stream is buffering but then I remember it's NWR. I fucking loved Drive but struggled with his other movies (he was right, Only God Forgives). This is good stuff though.
  4. Why did he have to take his head off again?
  5. It had both something to say and was total fan service. It's prose is both elegant and brutal. It had moments of real excitement. Poinient reunions. Loved it.
  6. You guys were in good voice all day. 4 to 1 representation in Madrid today.
  7. Now I know what it looks like when two men try to beat each other to death with flaccid cocks.
  8. And it's all done
  9. Game over. At least Madrid isn't getting torn up by those savages tonight (it's been brutal to see them live).
  10. Spurs fans in better voice this half
  11. It's insane being here. The Liverpool fans are bummed out. It doesn't feel like a victory (of course it is).
  12. It's like watching two tramps try to stab each other to death with blunt shivs. The horror of it live.
  13. This is the worst game of football imaginable.
  14. That cursed hat and the rubber bone! LOL.
  15. This is going to so good it will embolden an entire new generation of inbred, haggle toothed preppers/10.
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