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  1. My eldest (he's 10 soon) is asking more and more questions about her. One was "how does she look like that?" to which I could only give him a hug in response. It's like that time he tried to walk past the TV when Katie Perry was on and he slowed down then slowly craned his neck to prevent his body moving forward in the most exaggerated double take I've ever seen in my life.
  2. I'm taking the kids out of school on Friday to see it. I'm calling it Operation Blue Harvest and I'm blatently telling school they are going to dentist. It's the last day of term and I'm a one man Dad Rebel Alliance.
  3. After trudging through this in three sittings I've confirmed that this iscene may actually be a comedic high watermark. I don't think I've disconnected so violently from a recent "classic" this hard since Blade Runner 2049.
  4. I'm watching season one. It's slowly sinking in. I think it's in the too many characters stage, too much moving phase. I described it (like a moron) to a friend as Battleatar with more politics and Bladerunner shit in.
  5. Miniguns in the headlights. Bad guys with facial disfigurements. Kung-fu lady. Sea planes. That logo is really growing on me.
  6. De Niro dishes out the least convincing kicking of a shop keeper I've ever seen in my life. It was like on of those Barclays walking football promotions for the over 50s.
  7. Bucky

    The Spurs Thread

    Woof. I think that's sad for everyone concerned.
  8. I think the thing more obvious than the plot is that the reviews are going to sink the joint out right?
  9. I watched Heat on the plane. It's great still. Maybe watching Heat is second only to thinking about watching Heat. 4/5.
  10. I kept on thinking that HAS to be Paul Bettany but every time I thought that the performance just pushed that idea away. Wow. He was brilliant in it. Solid all round.
  11. Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Who wins? Nobody cares! I started fast forwarding sections convinced it had to end sooner than it did. Total bilge. 2/5.
  12. Booksmart. More like BookAMAZING. Funny, sweet, with loads of heart. 5/5.
  13. I still think Magneto/Charles dynamic was good. And they painted a greyer version of Professor X than previous versions have. That was interesting. Magneto was suitably deadly in it. I liked that. Mostly pish though.
  14. I'm enjoying it for all it's Zeldary-ness; the music, characters, look and feel. But after BotW (which is my favourite game of all time), I can't see how I could ever go back to so dense, small and linear a structure for a new Zelda (which is funny because this is what I wanted from this). Even looking at the beautiful, but tiny map, makes me feel hemmed in.
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