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  1. sandman

    Bumblebee - Transformers Spin-off

    I saw this yesterday with Mrs Sandman and we both loved it. It was a bit handy that Charlie had a garage with a 25 foot high roof though! Some amazing CGI and some incredibly well shot action scenes
  2. sandman

    The Twelve by Justin Cronin

    Was anyone else aware that there was a TV series. It starts on Fox tonight!!!
  3. sandman

    Bad movies you can't help but to love

    Godzilla is an amazing film. Sure it's corny as fuck, but I love so much of it (although the female reporter can't act to save her life) in fact, I love pretty much all of Emmerichs output with only Anonymous being a bit of a bore. As for Green Hornet, I think it's brilliant, particularly the first half. I own the steelbook blu Ray. But the real masterpiece of bad movies that are actually brilliant is Hudson Hawk. My top five cinema going experiences go something like this (in no order) Avengers Bram Stokers Dracula Return of the Jedi Jurrssic Park Hudson Hawk My brother and I were captivated by it. We spent the next week trying to guess the length of songs and quoting the film. There really is nothing else quite like it in film. Whatever happened to Michael Lehmann?
  4. The end of season 6 is possibly my favourite bit of television ever
  5. sandman

    Amazon Prime Video

    I wasn't sure what the modern equivalent was
  6. sandman

    Amazon Prime Video

    I never got the love for Baywatch when it was originally aired. Just pure utter dross. a real lager louts show
  7. Loving this TBH I'm not finding it any darker than the Marvel shows on Netflix
  8. sandman

    Metro Exodus

    I'm replaying the first two in preparation and by God does the first one have some bloody awful stealth sections in it. Apart from that, 2033 is brilliant and Redux looks amazing on the bone
  9. sandman

    Great scenes in disappointing movies

    Indeed, one of my faves of all time
  10. sandman

    Gaming Predictions 2019

    There will be no PS5 announcement this year Bungie will go bust and it will come to light that they have massive debts Metroid Prime 4 will come out at Xmas and be a bit under whelming The new COD will not have a campaign Anthem will just be a re-skinned Destiny Switch sales will start to slow and it will never get past 30 million
  11. Funnily enough I was just thinking about this today with the Punisher show. To my surprise I am enjoying it, but it's so padded out I don't think I can face the rest of it. and don't get me started on longer episodes of TV shows. I think the reason I don't really love modern Who is because the episodes are just too long and again feel padded out compared to classic Who
  12. sandman

    Vampyr - It's a vAAmpire game

    I really want to give this another go - but keep stalling when I first get to the hospital - I just seem to get stuck and wander about for ages with no clear direction of where to go or what to do. Has anyone else had this problem and, if so, how did you get past it?
  13. sandman

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    Can someone please explain to me why Sony would think that it was even close to a remotely good idea to announce the PS5 any time soon All I see online is speculation that it will be announced imminently. Sony would have to be more stupid than Theresa May to do anything to kill off the insane rate at what the PS4 is selling
  14. sandman

    Darksiders 3 - Fury's Road

    I got this for Xmas and got round to starting it the other day. I was really enjoying it, but then I got to this bit where I had no idea where to go. Tried it again yesterday - no, still no idea. Will have to resort to youtube - but its plain annoying that this sort of thing still exists in modern games. Also, it runs like shit on a standard One. Down to 5-9 fps at times in the aforementioned bit where I am stuck.
  15. sandman

    Mary Poppins Returns

    Saw this today, we all loved it. Blunt was amazing as was Wishaw. i have never been a massive fan of the original. I might prefer this I think

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