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  1. This is quite magnificent, isn't it? Glad I didn't read up on it too much about the gameplay or plot before going in - thanks for the advice. There's nothing hugely surprising but it's brilliantly presented and extremely atmospheric and a little mystery certainly adds to it. It's a pretty complicated game but very well designed, as people have said. I'm maybe 5 hours in or so and Phrike has taken a dirt nap so I guess it's going fairly well? I didn't last hugely long in the second area, which was a bit annoying because I was fairly tooled up. It was some silly hour in the morning b
  2. Well, yes, going this far to stop people 'cheating' does seem fairly unnecessary; I wasn't suggesting otherwise.
  3. More seriously, it's slightly incredible that it's taken this long to fix that one because it happens literally every time for me. Maybe I'm just a psychopath and everyone else asks politely instead?
  4. It's not even that - they're actively making the game worse: That's my favourite feature!
  5. I don't think that this is really possible if you're using regular PS save games - the user is always going to be able to back them up to the cloud. They would either need to implement their own separate thing entirely or do some kind of check on top and refuse to load a save game if it's already been used once. I think this would then introduce an online requirement for the game, which probably wasn't desirable and I'm guessing they couldn't now introduce retrospectively either. I can't imagine that they didn't spend a good bit of time thinking about this or that they
  6. Don't worry, From have conditioned me pretty well on the 'prepare to die' front.
  7. My copy of this should be turning up in the next day or two. Does anyone know of a good guide that tells you the stuff it's worth being aware of without spoiling anything? From skimming the thread a bit, it sounds like it's perhaps best to understand how a few of the systems work rather than going in completely blind. I don't want to take away any surprise but I'm happy to 'optimise' my time spent with it a little.
  8. All the BBC build up was about how different this Spain are, Enrique having reinvented them as an exciting, more direct team. Followed by 45 minutes of them aping Barcelona like they have for about 15 years. I like the way that every time the camera cuts to Enrique he seems to be sitting on his own in a field somewhere.
  9. I found Penny Dreadful a bit dull after a while, and we eventually gave up on it, but it's at least worth a go. It's trashy nonsense, a bit like American Horror Story, but it was entertaining enough for the first season.
  10. hmm


    I found the inevitable crumbling from Tsitsipas more depressing personally! As far as I'm aware, steroids do nothing for mental fortitude...
  11. hmm


    Sampras retired immediately after he won the US Open so I think it's reasonable to conclude he wasn't exactly past it. I would assume that tennis largely consumes your life when you're actively touring at the highest level and so I'd imagine that the temptation to 'retire' in your early thirties is pretty high, especially when really all it means is moving on to playing the veteran tour instead and generally taking it much easier while still doing the thing you love and/or earning absolutely shit-tons of money for far less effort. When footballers retire, that's it, they're done when it comes
  12. hmm


    Not quite sure where all of that is coming from. Tennis players are tested as much as in any other sport these days, as far as I'm aware. (I think it was possibly a bit lacking in the past but not now.) I presume that "7 hour matches 2 days straight" is exaggerating to make a point or something because it's very far from reality. I also don't know why aspersions are being cast specifically about the players at the very top when, on a pure fitness basis, I would guess that at least the top 50, if not quite a lot more, are entirely capable of playing, say, a 4 hour 5 setter at a pret
  13. There are two explanations I read for this: either it's a temporary block authorisation that will disappear again or you chose not to let them save the card details and in that case they will charge you immediately (since obviously they can't charge you in 6 months' time if they can't save the details!) I've also preordered with them, probably the first time I've done so in at least 5 years.
  14. Convenience? Is there more messing around if you go via the PS4 version?
  15. Though I am looking forward to my character earnestly discussing the furthering of trans rights and the evils of slavery as I RPG a peaceful herd of grazing deer.
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