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  1. Now c’mon, when has Sony ever ripped Nintendo off??
  2. I can't be the only one who'd rather have Dune 2, can I? I presume the license is the prohibitive factor, but that with updated assets, zoomable and height maps would be spectacular. Still the best pure RTS imo.
  3. gizmo1990

    Detective Pikachu movie

    They were really smart going the cat/puss in boots angle with Pikachu, that allied to current fur tech is just a massive win. It's impossible to look at that trailer and not go "Awwwwwww" at least once.
  4. gizmo1990

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - December 7th

    Yep, same. I gone a completely different route though, I've only got the Prima book pre-ordered. My reasoning is that I don't get into these fighting games because they are so dense and I get frustrated not knowing wtf I'm doing. I've always found a good physical manual has helped me get into big, feature packed games. There's just something about becoming abosorbed in a physical book which I can refer to. I just don't ge tthe same attention hold with online manuals. Anyway..! If the Prima book sparks my interest (and memory!) then I might consider getting the actual game.
  5. Screw everyone else, I think it looks great.
  6. gizmo1990

    Detective Pikachu movie

    Apparently this has been getting extremely good feedback. I feared the worst when I saw the still of Pikachu, but holy shit, in motion they nailed it. And Ryan Reynolds is perfect for voice acting this stuff. Fantastic!
  7. gizmo1990

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Would love to know the pre-order cancellation figures, say for Amazon. With the meh/bad word of mouth this is getting, it must surely be high. Part of me would really love the n64 release this year rumour to be true. If only for the utter trouncing it would give Sony. Which would be amusing since the roles were reversed back in the day!
  8. gizmo1990

    Prima games shutting down

    All good suggestions, as long as the physical print side still exists. Bring out a physical copy on a games release, offer an updated digital guide. Then after a year, release an ammended version, with a discount for owners of the original. Tbh I wouldn't be surprised to see some enterprising former Prima workers attempt some kind of KS. Contrary to popular opinion, imo there's a decent amount of money to be made in the physical book market, especially for games. Sure the market isn't mega huge, but it's dedicated, engaged and with money to spend. You only need to look to the retro game books which seem to draw decent numbers on ks.
  9. gizmo1990

    Prima games shutting down

    Man, I actually have the SSB guide down on my Amazon wish list. I might have to bump it to a pre-order now. I reckon it's the only way I'd consider getting SSB Ultimate eventually. Sucks to see another print publication go.
  10. gizmo1990

    Amiibo by Nintendo

    Hope so, I was worried it might be some sort of Game exclusive bs. Like they do in the states. I'll wait for Amazon or Nintendo themselves, quite a bit cheaper too.
  11. gizmo1990

    Amiibo by Nintendo

    Has there been any reason given for the lack of a preorder for Ken and the other recently annoucned SSB characters? Mainly Ken though.. he only seems available from *shudder* Game.
  12. gizmo1990

    Dave Perry is back...

    Good grief. The bikini babes stuff is straight out embarrassing. Moronic. Having said that, he's still reasonably engaging on camera and it was just an introductory video. If he just keeps it to the games themselves and nostalgia then it 'might' be interesting to see how it unfolds. Tbh, at least it seems a more faithful take on that type of retro content. The recent Digitiser stuff looked woeful in comparison, imo.
  13. gizmo1990

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - December 7th

    Gotta love the attention to detail in those cinematics. The Sonic one.. awesome.
  14. gizmo1990

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - December 7th

    Just in case anyone else is interested.. the Wolf Amiibo is available for pre-order again. Both on Nintendo's site and Amazon's.

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