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  1. Really late to the party with this but... THIS SHOW IS MIND BLOWINGLY GOOD! From start to finish it's just one huge rollercoaster of fun, wrapped up in a pitch perfect 80s nostalgia fest. So so impressive. Tbh, bummed I missed out on it back in 2016 but binging the whole 3 seasons was an utter utter joy. Roll on Season 4!
  2. It kinda is a big stretch. Requiring many different design choices.
  3. The whole button thing really came down to standardisation. Consoles came bundled with controllers, which had a set number of buttons determined by the manufacturer. Therefore devs coded to that standard. Computers of the era didn't come with a standardised controller other than mice on 16bits. Hence devs took the only route open to them, all joysticks had at least one button, so code to that. As soon as you deviate from a standard, you open yourself up to losing a segment of the user base.
  4. The question I was replying to was asking if these ports existed, wasn’t it? Not if it will be released soon. I’m just pointing out that mpt exists and is ready to go. This is likely related to when Nintendo feel the title will do well enough, especially regarding 4’s lengthy dev time.
  5. Metroid Prime trilogy is pretty much a definite at this point in time. I seem to remember multiple reliable sources reporting they'd seen it. It's basically been done for over a year. Nintendo are just sitting on it, trying to figure out the best time to release it, vis-à-vis Metroid 4.
  6. You will love it then. Best Contra since SNES Contra, imo. Once again it takes a small passionate dev to nail a title, bigger publishers' have routinely failed to create for years.
  7. Generally I’d agree, however in this instance I would say that the title has done reasonably well. Certainly, plenty of other indie titles would love the reach and relative success the title seems to have achieved. I received my physical title too and am in total agreement, it’s absolutely top drawer 2D action. Almost up there with Ninja Saviour, imo. One minor gripe for physical owners, man they really skimped on the manual! Such a shame. A few extra pages wouldn’t have gone amiss!
  8. Holy shit, that's fucking awful! One of the best things about AC is being able to play it with my girlfriend. She's not a gamer but likes AC, not enough to buy a flipping console though! I'd of thought the community would be up in arms about this, but it's the first I've heard about it.
  9. Hang on, you can't have two different villager characters on the same machine?
  10. I'll post another Grace video as (imo) she does such a great job of breaking down this genre and her passion and knowledge is obvious.
  11. Three episodes into this and.. blimey it's confusing! I'm enjoying it, but between the muffled speech, different factions and the breakneck speed of events and lore exposition, it made my head hurt. I've had to read episode recaps to actually understand what the hell is going on and I really shouldn't have to be doing that. Maybe it's just me! I'll definitely stick with it though as I like the world and characters.
  12. Surely the problem prospective writers are always going to have is the essential issue of Obi-Wan being a Jedi? In a galaxy ruled by a government that thought they'd exterminated them all. Therefore any display of Jedi like powers would be a very bad thing. Hence Obi-Wan being known as 'that old hermit'... which made perfect sense within the construct of the original film.
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