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  1. I finally finished my GB Zero recently (only took 3 years!) and been playing it loads. It’s really all about the form factor, it’s just so so ‘right’. Fantastic stuff.
  2. I thought Rolf was white..? How'd they get him orange?
  3. Thanks for all the replies regarding visiting and gifting! I’ll add people up next time I’m on.
  4. Bit of a noob question here but how is everyone sending stuff without actually visiting people islands? I've not touched on this aspect of the game but after visiting 5 billion* Nook ticket islands and not finding one with a different fruit, we could do with getting them some other way! *or thereabouts.
  5. Cheers, thanks for that. I also realised that I hadn't hit the resident cap either! So a quick visit to that crook Nook and Baabara is staying put. Will be good to know for the other characters we want to bring back. Still can't believe Nintendo stopped making Amiibo cards. What a licence to print money they are. At this moment in time I'd even go as far to suggest that AC might well be Nintendo's crown jewel, above even Mario..
  6. What’s the deal with getting an amiibo character to move in even though you’ve hit the island cap? We’re on day 3 now of asking an invited character and they’ve said that resident services say the island is full? I was expecting to be given the choice to kick someone out?? Is that not how it works? Can anyone help out? We need Baabara dammit!
  7. Very fond memories of playing (over and over and over again) the Amiga Format cover disk demo of Gemini Wing. This looks lovely and moves fantastically well for a c64 game. Great stuff.
  8. I'd agree that this is up there with 'greatest consoles ever' too. Easy top 5 something for me. What a shame they seem to have abandoned the 3D screens now. They perfected it imo with the newer machines, absolutely lovely. And Streetpass was/still is such a charming and inventive gameplay mechanic.
  9. I’m a bit unsure about the logo up there. Can’t quite put into words why, other than it feels a bit derivative stylistically. The character sheet tho I think looks very nice indeed. The proportions are spot on, the mask in particular, imo.
  10. That is an amazing memory recall! Thanks for that. My battered Jap copy always worked/works in my sf but I do seem to remember issues with import carts and adaptors.
  11. Grace has got some great access to the stars of the show in number of interviews. I'll link her one with Eric Kripke bu there's loads of others.
  12. Couldnt Nintendo righty point to Mario Maker providing just such a 2d Mario thrills? Make no mistake, I’d love a new pixel 2d mario graphical extravaganza but I can see how Nintendo would rationalise it away.
  13. What’s the point of dreams? Are they just to enable people to check other players’ islands out without the worry of them messing with anything?
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