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  1. Enjoyed last nights race. Was really happy with my qualifying, it all came together at the end, with me beating the previous laps time by about half a second on each of the last 3 laps. The race didn't go quite as well, but still had my best result so far. For some reason I seem to really eat up my tyres after about 10-15 minutes into the race. Had it happen at a couple of races now, but after pitting for a fresh set was happy with my pace.
  2. I'm sorry to say I also will be unable to make it tonight.
  3. Had a good first race, despite qualifying on drys (I'm still new ok! ) Gambled on keeping the wets for the whole race, but was just caught up by those who had pitted on the last few laps. 2nd race got a good start but then missed a braking point up at the end of sector 1 (hope I didn't mess anyone else up). Then about half way through the race I started to spin out at every corner for reasons I don't understand, so I retired. Was still good fun though.
  4. Had a quick blast before bed. i5 9600k, RTX 2070 Super. 1440p DLSS Balanced. Everything on high, all RT effects on, RT Lighting on medium. Getting between 40-50 fps which I think I will be happy with with G-Sync on. Even happier with the fact that I got a foil Steam trading card while playing, which I instantly sold for £6.48!
  5. Over 700,000 in game on Steam already.
  6. Thanks all, that was a lot of fun. Might have to spend a bit of time practising and see if I can be a little more competitive next time.
  7. Ok, thanks for the info, will look into it in a bit!
  8. Ooh, why didn’t I check this thread earlier? If I buy the game today, could I potentially join you lot tonight?
  9. EA Play is coming to Ultimate and also Game Pass for PC, just not for Game Pass for Console by itself. https://www.ea.com/ea-play/news/ea-play-coming-to-xbox-game-pass
  10. Exactly that. I have a lot of free time on my hands
  11. Got a pre-order in for the Series S on the Microsoft Store. Redeemed £200 of Gift Cards from Microsoft Rewards, so new console on launch day for £50!
  12. Oh, and according to the Oculus Quest subreddit, the latest beta Oculus software on PC now allows Link to be used with USB 2.
  13. Yep, this is a native Oculus Quest version. No idea what compromises thay had to make to get it running. The PC version is not on the Oculus store because it is currently an Epic Store exclusive.
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