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  1. Dr Nookie

    Robocop (1987)

    Think you can outsmart a drumstick?
  2. Dr Nookie


    Ive just started watching this - bit late to the party. It’s really very funny indeed. Perhaps a little too many gags in the dialogue for my taste but it’s does make me laugh... ’it’s like teaching gravity to a chicken’ really tickled me just now. Julia LD is really very good indeed.
  3. Just to say that the link to the Wii U thread doesn't seem to work anymore. FAb work for putting this together Dumpster, you've earned a lifetimes worth of upvotes...
  4. Dr Nookie

    Albert Finney RIP

    I’m a bit sad this hasn’t run to a few pages - he’s an institution. Terrific in Annie which my kids have rinsed the last month.
  5. Dr Nookie

    The Alien films

    Pawmetheus surely.
  6. That’s quite the bundle you’ve got there. I’m not really sure what it worth but I expect it’s more than what I was budgeting for for my fun little project. I think you’re better off putting it up in trading tbh - I’m on a minimal budget for this little escapade(like 30 quid...).
  7. I might be interested but don’t know the first thing about region control on the wii. If It’ll do what I want we might be able to sort something out. Is it Uk power supply?
  8. Many thanks for that reply - really appreciate it.
  9. I’m thinking I might get myself little under the tv box for emulation - aside for the lovely look - why would I get a SNES mini over a 20 quid wii I can mod (assuming I can follow a guide) to do the same and more? Which is the best route? Cheers, D.
  10. Dr Nookie

    Nintendo Switch

    I am now actively looking for Switch deals as defo getting one (for the familiy....). Strewth they aren't exactly cheap are they.... Once you add anything of nte you're well over 300 quid - oof.
  11. Dr Nookie

    The bad gaming parent thread

    I think some of your post got deleted - I’ve fixed it for you ;-)
  12. Obvs Mario 64 but I really remember RE4 on the cube looking almost impossibly good. I remember showing a mate a clip with the cable car section and he wouldn’t believe it actually looked like that. It actually did and it bloody awesome. I’d fire that up again tonight no problem. What a game.
  13. Dr Nookie

    The bad gaming parent thread

    Sadly the gun thing has caused a rift that I don’t think can be filled. No guns for a while now. I do really famcy getting edf though.
  14. Dr Nookie

    The bad gaming parent thread

    I’m starting this as: a - apparently we need more threads and b - I’ve just set a bomb off at home by introducing my 7 year old to Halo(3). I rarely get to play anything these days- what with work and as I’m not really into multiplayer minecraft I dug out Halo 3 (we’ve only got a 360) for an little taster. Obvs the boy loves it and I thought it was fine re levels of violence but wife caught him firing off a full magazine in one of the marines faces and problems ensued So I’ve now got to find an age appropriate alternative - possibly a switch and splatoon - I dunno yet. I probably was wrong to be honest but it’s so much fun playing with him. We’re pretty careful in all other areas with age limits on the Fire Hd’s and what the can watch etc. Anyhoo, anyone else made a similar mistake?
  15. Somewhere in my loft is a Viewtiful Joe wooly hat. I'll find that bad boy soon enough...

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