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  1. It absolutely is a great game. I played for HOURS with my flat mate when that came out. I remember us making our own map on my bedroom floor - good times....
  2. If anything ever needed a pic...
  3. On Sky for d/load at the mo. It’s tremendously watchable. Some great interviews, and history. Essential watching if you’re a funkster or not.
  4. I know with pics it might as well not exist, but somewhere, SOMEWHERE, in my loft is a Viewtiful Joe wooly hat that came with my U.S. copy when I got it.
  5. No I’m not. There are lots of reasons to like it - as I’ve said. Some great writing and some great acting. The bit with the award was delivered to absolute perfection for instance. But, I do feel that as everyone is talking about it, it’s suddenly become the thing to be seen to be saying is incredible - better than anything before it, and I don’t think that’s the case. My slightly tongue in check Guardian reader point is simply because I feel that way, and it just so happens - quite possibly by sheer fluke - that the several people I’ve asked about it who love it are Guardian readers, do get what I mean and we have had a laugh about that.
  6. That’s a really weird post.
  7. Nah, I don’t think so.
  8. They are all very good points. Maybe Sex In the City is a better parallel.
  9. It has really good writing in places for sure, and it certainly enjoyable, but can’t help thinking everyone is spanking one out over it due in part to the desperation for something like this vs the other tat that’s on. As I’ve said before - it feels like a comedy for Guardian readers and now I think it’s trendy to like it, so people are coming out all over the place like it’s some ground breaking Seinfeld type thing. Get yourself on the Veep train for some proper snortingly funny writing.
  10. Dr Nookie

    The Techno Thread

    Yeah that's good stuff..
  11. Yep - can't wait for this. One of my fav shows for a long time.
  12. Gene Wilder - what an absolute ledge. Does this qualify for timing? It’s P W’s face - how it goes from interested to, well, have a look
  13. Ha - Photoshop certainly did make me laugh...
  14. Just rinsed series 1 and onto 2 now. It’s certainly funny in places, but it feels, (and I cant think of another way of saying this) like a comedy for Guardian readers. That’s not a critism of them or the program, but that’s my observation. In fact I just asked a colleague if she watches it. She does and loves it, and reads the Guardian, so there you go.
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