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  1. Would these changes be why I’m only able to get the RTE channels on the TV I use mainly for gaming? Circumstances have changed, new puppy, so I wanted to watch some TV in that room but I can’t get any other channels when I retune it.
  2. What was the thing that looks similar to this but plays original cartridges from a gameboy/advance and possibly other handhelds. It looked quite nice.
  3. Chooch

    Nintendo Switch

    Not like you to overreact.
  4. Crafting combined with branching upgrade trees always has me worried I took the wrong path.
  5. Chooch

    Xbox Series X

    Really thought we were getting the halo demo.
  6. Chooch

    Xbox Series X

    This doesn’t look impressive.
  7. Chooch

    Xbox Series X

    The pre-rendered face to in game face was jarring.
  8. Chooch

    Xbox Series X

    They’ve managed to be late with a prerecorded video?
  9. Chooch

    Xbox Series X

    YouTube is fucking shit.
  10. Chooch

    Xbox Series X

    Are we all logging onto Mixer then, for the freebies?
  11. ‘He was a bad guy but his art was pretty good...’ thinking smiley.
  12. I’m finding the rock texture at the end of world 1 distractingly realistic.
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