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  1. Its once per day I think, but for me (in the UK) the day/24hr period is around 6pm to 6pm.
  2. Yes - that was the original design phase a couple of days ago! When I tried to actually order it as a surprise tonight I got the issues.
  3. I just redeemed £70 worth of points and tried to order a custom controller for my six year old. But… they don’t ship to Northern Ireland Could anyone help me get it delivered to England and post it on? Obviously I’ll cover costs. edit: the monstrosity!
  4. Oooh design lab is back with the new controllers. https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2021/06/17/xbox-design-lab-is-back/
  5. Holy cow, we are up to 4 'A's now?!
  6. But a lot of the time the EA and Ubi sequels are bang average because they blast them out like clockwork.
  7. Any word on new peripherals i.e. an elite controller 3? I've nearly enough MS points to buy one but I assumed we'd see the 3 at some point.
  8. I wish they’d replaced 2022 with 2021. Amirite??
  9. I've builders doing work in my house and they have switched the power on and off a couple of times this morning. I just switched on my Series X to get my daily rewards points (play a game and log into the mobile app) but the Xbox isnt logging me in, its just booting to the initial sign up screen as if its brand new. I haven't attempted anything more yet as I had to do the school run etc but the electric going off and on wouldn't factory reset it, would it?
  10. I think you can get achievements from some MS mobile games - do they count towards the 3?
  11. There is a beta programme you can get invited to - but I thought pretty much everyone had been invited by now! try this link: https://www.xbox.com/play
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