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  1. iknowgungfu

    Gaming things you regret buying....

    This was my first thought too! It was amazing at the time. The aircraft carrier-esque fan noise the 360 blared out really added to the atmosphere of any HD film!!
  2. iknowgungfu

    Nintendo eShop

    Is there anything decent out there along the lines of Tenchu?
  3. iknowgungfu

    THQ Nordic acquire TimeSplitters/Second Sight rights

    I imagine, Like many on here I don’t need to pretend as I am married.
  4. iknowgungfu

    THQ Nordic acquire TimeSplitters/Second Sight rights

    Inverting is the only way surely?!?! I’ve had this debate with friends for all of time. It makes more sense to my brain - if I want to look up my the front of my head has to tilt up and the back has to tilt down which is what happens to a thumb stick when inverted. Likewise to look down the front of my head moves down and the back tilts up which is mirrored in the thumb stick. However, an inverted mouse is harder to logically explain, but I was playing and inverting on a mouse way before we had console FPS games. Maybe I am just weird.
  5. iknowgungfu

    Fighting Games that are not Street Fighter

    Just played a match on the switch open beta of DBZ. Never played this game before. WTF just happened to me? Looks amazing but completely impenetrable! Does anyone know if there is an option to just have a match against a bot or somewhere it explains newbies just what the fuck is going on?!?! ive been suitably scared back off into Octopath......
  6. iknowgungfu

    Nintendo Switch

    Who knew that being able to play an entire Cup whilst having a crap would be a defining marker of console quality/success for so many people?
  7. iknowgungfu

    Nintendo eShop

    I never played the original but always loved the look of it. Must download! Do the series refer back to each other or are they standalone?
  8. Ok. So there are 8 ‘Main’ storylines al of which each character can be recruited but not have any meaningful story impact upon your original choice. I didnt knownif W if you could chop and change each one as your main and continue their own stories for a while.
  9. With this do you pick a main character and then go about recruiting others to your party? Or, are there jumping off points where you can pick another character to start?
  10. iknowgungfu

    Fighting Games that are not Street Fighter

    I can’t imagine how fighting games have found their homes on PCs these days. Madness! From SF2/MK on the 16bit era to VF/Tekken on the ‘first’ Next Gen era fighters have been flagship games on the console. Now the likes of CoD and BF are probably in their place which is quite funny considering they originated from the world of PC gaming. It is a shame that PC components are so pricey these days as it would probably be my main stay gaming platform (apart from switch ).
  11. iknowgungfu

    Nintendo eShop

    Love that advert. Made me chuckle and for some reason reminded me of Saved by the Bell.
  12. Does this ease you into the game at all? Just starting out and it seems to assume I know what I am doing. Feel very much like my childhood Snes days but back then I would have pored through every word of the 60 page manual each game used to come with.
  13. iknowgungfu

    Paladins: Champions of the Realm (F2P on Switch now)

    I have to say this has been instantly more enjoyable than Fortnite for me but then I do love OW so may not be a surprise.

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