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  1. Worth it. A game I really enjoyed and finished at just the right time before it became to repetitive.
  2. Does anyone know the piece of music that is playing. I rather liked it even if the advert is questionable.
  3. Loads... Borderlands - just found it a bit repetitive but I like bed the premise of it. Witcher 3 - I just could not get into it for no rational reason. Horizon Zero Dawn - this may have been a bit over hyped. I found that for all the promoter of is openness to combat etc. I was using the same thing over and over again. It seemed to be a bit of a collectothon. Fallout 3 - should have been right up my alley but I found I just could not be arsed with all the little quests but also found myself frustrated when leaving them.
  4. I dont know. Nightmare Grimm had its moments.
  5. River City Girls - liked the style of it but I found it a little repetitive unfortunately. Can see why others have enjoyed it immensely though but I am obviously not a massive fan of scrolling beat em ups despite growing up on games like Double Dragon, Golden Axe, Final Fight (2 in particular) and possibly my favourite in the genre - Turtles in Time.
  6. I have had the same thought but a few wiki Google's later and it was up to speed. I think Joe Abercrombie is my favourite author tbh. I find his books so much more compelling than done other titans of fantasy. I'd read his novels over J.R.R.Martin tbh and I absolutely loved those.
  7. It's been years since I read these books and I was wracking my brains trying to remember if what they showed tonight was in the first book or later on in the story. I'm going to have to read them again I think add I am loving this at the moment. Just need to finish Joe Abercrombie's latest off first.
  8. I suppose this is similar to how Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost operate. I wasn't a huge fan of At World's End but they definitely have that kind of chemistry you describe for Ramis and co.
  9. I feel your pain.... Some people call them Murderers thumbs. And a few famous folk have them too e.g Megan Fox
  10. Hmmm.... Then I feel sorry for boring the switch playerbase with my ramblings to my wife about why we do not need a tall stool to go near our kitchen worktops or when I will get round to putting up some new blinds.
  11. Silly question with switch version.... Does voice chat only activate with headset attached?
  12. I would imagine Overwatch will get some sort of Christmas treatment.
  13. Having said that I think it's makes for a more enjoyable game overall. Much more consistency with support at the very least. But I wish it took into account the fact I select all three classes but only really get to play support or Tank without having to restart it selecting assault only and waiting for ages.
  14. Which bit? Games are fun or the sex part? One may require a lengthy wait due to the aforementioned occasionally.....
  15. I watched Game Changers and it definitely have me pause to think. I personally didn't find it too preachy in comparison to other things I have seen elsewhere. The link above was a good read giving some balanced criticism on is use of research - particularly on the subject of bias/funding. This is often an area which pro-vegan media neglects to address for themselves but quickly point out for pro-meat. Since watching that and Cowspiracy I have been eating less meat so it has definitely left am impression on me. They one thing I would say is that it might be unfair to heap the kind of criticism on it for not giving the full picture as this is pretty much a factor in almost any documentary. One thing I would say though - If I had the discipline to be fully plant based in fairly certain my diet as a whole would be better - simply because is not be reading some of the crap that I eat now.
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