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  1. Managed it. I think I have been under estimating Yoshi.....
  2. It's not really a boss rush. A level rush would be the better explanation where you face Bwaluigi and co for a second time. There are three rounds of battles, each progressively harder and it has beaten me three times now. I think I probably need to consider what order I pick the characters for each round as the first one in particular is quite easy.
  3. Bloody hell. On World 4-8 and they suddenly drop a kind of level/boss rush?!? FFS. I get through the first round easy. Second one wears me down and the third round completely fooks me. Think I will have to try and change the layout of characters in the first two rounds. I love Luigi but not sure his HP will withstand the last round if I save him for then. Any tips before I rashly throw my switch against the wall to see if that works?
  4. Has Donnie Yen too..so yes please.
  5. Of all the live action "remakes" so far I think this one may be most suited to the live action treatment. Would love to see a new Princess and the Frog though... Disney does wuxia? Looks fairly decent.
  6. Also....annoying fiddly control sections instead of 'press X' when opening a door or pulling a lever. Think one of the Gears of War games required you rotate a stick to turn a wheel repeatedly to move a raft or something along. It requires no skill and as far as I can see adds no enjoyment.
  7. I used to have a grudge around estores and the like which used to make you pay into a wallet in set denominations rather than just paying the cost of the game. I also have a grudge when manufacturers decide to enforce bizarre proprietary connections (presumably to direct sales for accessories). Although I think Apple are the worst for this.
  8. It's annoying me that they didn't have the forethought to angle the photo so the plug socket wasn't a distraction in the background.
  9. Bloody hell. I'm going to have to buy this game aren't I??
  10. If I end up being too lazy or incompetent to make some levels would I have wasted my money? I love 2d Mario games but have never been that enamoured with the 3d iterations so have high hopes for this.
  11. They do look nice and the book tempts me. I just suspect I would have buyer's remorse if I spent on the limited edition. The book would be nice but aside from this I would just get extra "stuff" cluttering the room which my wife would eventually move to the attic (until she thinks I won't notice her try and take it to the tip )
  12. Crikey. I invert (PC FPS was my first experience if it with doom/quake etc). I also double space after full stops. Am I old then? Is it too much of a hassle for young uns to press space bar twice?
  13. For me (and I am sure this may be widely disagreed with by others) I feel the entire games are essentially like this.
  14. Might be ad locker...
  15. Is it just me or is the web site for the eshop a bit of a turd. Whenever I try log in on my phone it won't bring up the sign in page and when I search it brings up the results without images or text (like it is waiting to load in). Does this happen for anyone else. I'm using Android mobile with Chrome and Brave.
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