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  1. Shanghai series probably.
  2. I think Onward is an under appreciated Pixar/Disney film which I think may have been hampered by the onset of the pandemic on its release. I found it very heart warming and the two brothers in it were very convincing. The bit where Was actually quite moving. It isn’t as good as Coco on the heart string pulls though - my daughter gets worried when I watch that as it sends me to pieces.
  3. Just finished this too. Utterly compelling, believable, relatable and hard to watch but somehow in a compulsive must watch way.
  4. Just watched a few YT videos. Had some decent music and was bastard hard.
  5. Swift work. Was there a sequel to Apidya? I seem to remember it being the second one.
  6. Excellent thread. I have two that sometimes plague me. Think both were on my old Amiga 500. the first is a side scroller shmup. Had some anime style art direction and I think you were some guy/girl who is turned into a wasp who then has to go a shoot everything to rescue someone/something? The other was either Amiga 500 or possible C64. Side scrolling beat em up where you play a samurai rabbit. Any ideas?
  7. I suppose the need to remaster is dependent on individual preference and is probably an echo of some of the discussion going on the in the Metroid Dread thread. The visuals for this didn’t irk me the same way as Metroid did (Although, rewatching gameplay footage of Metroid I am definitely warming it’s style). During the AW reveal I didn’t personally feel it looked awful. Quite liked it really.
  8. I basically have to do a full power cycle to get a single download to work.
  9. Still buying it obviously though as the game itself looks fun.
  10. Have to say. I’m not a huge fan of the look of the game tbh. The movement and gameplay looked very satisfying and responsive though. The art style seemed to miss something for my tastes. It does seem almost a little too clean and sterile as an art direction so far. I never really like the clean 3D but 2D aesthetic in games though. I’m fussy about 2D also as SoR4 didn’t float my boat in terms of the art style used.
  11. This download issue is pissing me off. Google DNS change has been ineffective for me. Has there been any comment about it from Nintendo?
  12. Just watched some of that gameplay footage. Think I might even preorder this. I’ll need to wean myself off Slay the Spire though.
  13. It would have been nice if they made it so you can switch between the remaster style and classic style perhaps.
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