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  1. Finished updating my team. Will have to make do with 8 chem Fabinho for the time being. Have a decent bunch of lads to call off the bench when my starters start to run out of stamina. Especially Dybala who always seemed dead within an hour as a CAM but hope keeping him forward as a striker in this formation helps.
  2. I’ve made a couple of setups, which keep my all Brazilian defence. Going to see how this goes. I’m hoping that this team gets Lukaku working better, he’s good but the fairly crap agility and balance stats mean he feels much slower than his pace stats indicate.
  3. Sounds like a good plan, I’m wanting to keep Alves and Silva for the green link so will get planning. No point sitting on so many coins and not doing anything with them.
  4. Thoughts on this? Happy enough with the defence but wanting to change my midfield and forwards, keeping my good untradables as subs.
  5. Had to cram in as many weekend league games as possible yesterday and ended up playing really badly. Got to 11 wins so just leaving it there, not bothered with playing any more of it. Think the time has come for a wholesale change to my team. I’ve got just over 1m coins and 1m worth of players in my main team. Have some good untradables in Flashback Sturridge and Alves plus potm Lucas and CL Gabriel Jesus. Any thoughts on what I should do?
  6. Nice one, three great players there and worth decent amounts of coins.
  7. Probably, but I’m happy to take the coins now. Will ignore any thoughts of it if he goes up
  8. There were only two other Gnabry on the market for 70k when I listed him, took advantage of that.
  9. Dropped my daughter off at the bus stop, came back and my son had opened my WL rewards... Varane and IF Gnabry (who is rare on the market and just sold for the max 70k)
  10. It will come alive if any of us get decent pulls from rewards tomorrow morning.
  11. I could play him at RM with 5 chem, definitely a decent option there!
  12. Alves crossing ability is sooo good, I’m tempted to stop keeping my fullbacks back so him and Telles can use their attacking abilities to the full.
  13. Since I’m not planning on changing my team much and having plenty coins, that’s the SBC done. Had untradable Koke and Thiago so they saved me having to buy some of the higher rated players but it still cost a lot. Packed Navas, sold for 27k, not much return on my spend but Alves looks great.

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