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  1. Gooner straight in as top seed
  2. PSN: Alfromsleep (rivals division 5)
  3. Space for another or would I be messing up the numbers?
  4. Got a bit excited when a pre order pack had a TOTW. My joy wilted when I saw it was a 78 rated French LM worth the quick sell value
  5. They scrapped monthly rewards and replaced them with weekly player pick red cards.
  6. My first 11 (with two players that I don’t use replacing untradables) is currently worth 243k on futbin. In previous years I’d have sold up but as it’s such fun to use I’m holding onto it for a few weekend leagues at least. Forced a half time rivals rage quit earlier with a Talisca hat trick, a rarity in my Fifa 19 experience. Need to maintain rank 1 to get those rewards along with the WL ones for a fun packed Thursday
  7. Nice one @Jerec must have been a tense final game, I’ve been in that situation in many a weekend league
  8. Needed to win my last two games to get gold 2. Game 28 and I was on the verge of a major comeback from three goals down only to have a late equaliser chopped off for a dubious offside decision. Cant get to 17 so calling it a day on 15 wins but pretty happy with that considering I was 5 losses worse off than wins at one stage on Friday. IF Talisca has been a great addition to the team, a brilliant playmaker.
  9. Picked up IF Talisca for 59k on bid just now, thinking about converting him to CF to play up top alongside Gabriel Jesus. IF Hulk looks amazing, shame he’s so pricey just now.
  10. Paulinho is an amazing all rounder @Jerec but the Chinese league might mess up things a bit.
  11. I’m on 10 wins from 21 just now, won 4 from 6 last night using the 5221 with a tactical change to the trusty 41212(2) if required. One more win for silver 1 and four for gold 3. Gabriel Paulista actually makes a decent CDM in the in game switch.
  12. Thinking about trying a new formation, anyone used 5 at the back in this version? Wish I’d bought totw Talisca a couple of weeks ago when he was 30k, now he’s double that and in short supply
  13. Played 15 FUT Champs games today. 6 wins but should have had a couple more due to poor game management which led to me losing two penalty shoot outs after dominating the matches.
  14. Put on a twitch stream of the guy that finished 5th in the world on PS4 last weekend, packed Laudrup, the lucky bastard
  15. If you have Burgstaller in your club he’s going for decent coins at the moment due to being in a futbin SBC solution

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