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  1. Oblak, no use to me so will probably put him in for rating in an icon.
  2. Free morning tomorrow so I’ll be hitting the Flashback objective when the kids are off to school!
  3. I'm on 12/14 with the Flashback goals objective still to do. I've got 6 of those (3 are loans) so should be fairly simple.
  4. I have a Salah...loan with one match
  5. I did the 70 rated at the same time as Dembele so if you have any good Ligue 1 players it’s worth going in that direction if you haven’t done that weekly yet.
  6. All weekly objectives are done, so I’ve got an overhauled team now. In game it’s a 4222 with Socrates at right striker.
  7. Got Ferland Mandy from the guaranteed Ligue 1 tots, anyone else done it?
  8. TOTW assists in 3 rivals wins. I put three of them up front to do it.
  9. Did the Ligue 1 route. It was a bit painful playing against god teams with a terrible team on professional but got there in 5! Would have been 4 games but I fucked up passing around at the back to hold onto a 2-1 lead and got punished by a 93 rated team with a late equaliser then winner that fifa decided was happening no matter what. Im now fully up to date with the swaps, need to keep going for another icon. I bought 84 inform Talisca back for the rivals games, glad to get that one done quickly.
  10. Got to 14 wins with three games to spare. Can’t be arsed trying to win them all to go up a rank seeing as the player picks are the same anyway.
  11. I’ve got 7 swap players so far, will get stuck into the weekly objectives in the next few days. Playing against the AI is so dull but it’s only 4 battles I suppose.
  12. Decided to give the WL a bash, had a terrible start, losing 4 of the first 5 but am now on 11 wins with 10 games to go tomorrow so hopefully will get to gold 3 without too much difficulty.
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