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  1. Just spotted there is a couple of Summer Solstice items availabe in Seasonal tab until the 21st.
  2. I've got up to step 4 completed ok and it's downgraded to 3.60, but step 5 "Install Henkaku" is giving me troubles maybe. I went in the browser to the henkaku site and selected the install options where it appeared to do its stuff. But I'm supposed to now have a molecularShell bubble on my home screen...I don't It seems to have installed the Henkaku though, as when I go into the settings it's showing now as Henkaku settings? Step 6 for installing Enso starts off with "launch molecularShell or VitaShell". I don't have molecular, but do still have VitaShell fr
  3. After her no show the other night Celeste is here for this eve's light showers of stars. Give us a nudge if you want to pop over
  4. I'll open up about 7:50/55. Shooty stars are due at 20:05, 20:06, 20:16 and 20:29 so try to arrive before then for wishing, or just don't arrive on those minutes and interrupt me wishing I could've missed her, but I just had a jog around and couldn't see Celeste nowhere 7461-7432-8618 is my Switch code @Stevo
  5. It’s yours! My art wing is full cheers, am just missing a couple of bugs now to get the whole thing fully stocked. Can open up some time this eve if you’re about to visit, just let us know what time. I am due some shooty stars this eve too with 4 sets arriving just after 8pm til half past. Not seen Celeste for a little bit so possibly she’ll be around. My boy Bruce completely secure with his masculinity
  6. Redd here with.... Motherly statue - fake Quaint painting - real Graceful painting - real Serene painting - real
  7. So I was thinking of picking up one of those little retro handheld machines for some portable fun, but now also saw this about how it's possible and apparently not too hard to hack a Vita for similar results. I've dug out my Vita and checked it's FW version and it's on 3.67. I saw some links to a vitahacks site some posts back, is it best to leave it on that FW and follow those guides? Only I saw this vid and he's saying to update to 3.73 first and then do the other bits... I've just got a 16gb card in it currently, but I'd be looking to get the microSD adaptor
  8. I've had this bunch of little Wind Waker figures and their bits knocking around for almost 20 years now it would appear Just googled them to get an ID... As of 2012, a complete set of these Gashapon Figures usually sells between $100 and $150.
  9. Just in case people didn't notice some of these are available in multiple colours, so might be worth checking each days if you are wanting the other varieties. Also is a couple more things for another event in there now too. DIY's Shell rug Infused-water dispenser Shell lamp Tulip surprise box Cool hyacinth crown Golden toilet Steel flooring Orange rug Wooden low table Wooden stool Rocking horse Golden flooring Cute rose crown Log decorative crown
  10. Got the Celeste here for my light showers of shooting stars If anyone wants to visit let me know.
  11. The ones who just as you're coming along decide to sit down on a narrow path also, blocking your way through If anybody has the swimming cap in green please send me one, thanks!
  12. Turnips at 393 this afternoon here if by any small chance someone invested this week
  13. Bit late, but I've only just loaded the game up first time today. Redd here with real Moody painting, plus fake Serene painting and fake Ancient or Warrior statues.
  14. I've got Saharah today for what feels like the third time in about a week I want some new Nook Point items to order! It's a reasonably decent idea to have a selection of special items only available to get via the phone app, keeps you loading up the app each day to claim the points. But what's the motivation of claiming the points now if they're just going to leave it eternally as those same six things? Why not just put them in the game as promo things like the Mario themed stuff Curlos did return the next day after being MIA. Looked rough. Said he'd been away to
  15. I think Curlos might have fell into a river and drowned. I haven't seen or been able to find him in 24hrs now and I've looked all round the land, in the shops and museum, in the other animals houses. No trace of him anywhere
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