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  1. Bugger! I seem to have imprisoned myself here. Doing this Tah Muhl Shrine ... Only two years late to the party playing this but loving all the little touches so much and how everything interacts. Picked up a snowball the other day and quickly it melted, I figured out after a moment it was my Flameblade strapped to my back what had done it so I uneqipped that only to start shivering and losing energy. The sword had been keeping me toasty without me realising
  2. Meatball

    Trials Rising

    I think it’s the ranked multiplayer event rewards and also stuff you can buy with them acorns you get from finding them hidden squirrels and from playing the multiplayer seasons. https://forums.ubisoft.com/showthread.php/2124344-Season-3-–-Welcome-to-the-Future
  3. Meatball

    Trials Rising

    Crash & Sunburn DLC expansion now out... I'd been feeling like wanting to have a bit of Trials action again after some time off, so some fresh new tracks and stuff is welcome.
  4. I’m in work until gone 10 this eve, so won’t be able to join in sorry. Rest day next Mon so should hopefully be good for then. Not managed to put too much time into it yet, so could do with the extra week practice time to try and get more better on this wheel and pedals to hopefully get me a bit more competitive. I’m managing to put in the occasional ok lap I think, but struggling a little with getting consistency and retaining/regaining control when things get a bit loose.
  5. Alrighty then, Wheel Stand Pro and T300 RS GT Edt are arrived. Ready for some GT Sport practice try to get myself acclimatised with it. Is there any suggested recommended game / wheel settings I should be tweaking? I see some couple of options for torque and sensitivity
  6. I appreciate the vote of confidence I got a lot of new tracks to try and learn here though, plus now I got wheel and pedals to try adapt to also, so I may not be flying just yet. But hopefully soon!
  7. Wait! There’s times trialling going on in here too? Is everyone welcome? Please can I join in, where do I go, what do I need?
  8. Cheers guys, I'll have a think on it. I'm not sure on the quality of clamping methods @SharkyOB, I'd be getting a stand and hard mounting to that with the screws/bolts so I guess they'd both be just as secure there. My thinking of going more tempted initially by the G29 is for thinking it'd probably be much of an improvement over using a pad anyway and do me good enough and save me some cash. But now I'm more leaning towards sod it, splash out a bit more on the T300 RS . The extra cost maybe not so bad if I think of it spread over the length of time I'll hopefully be using it for if it is ok still on the next gen of console. Alcantara might be a stretch too far for me though @McSpeed. Do you wear gloves while on that?
  9. Okey-dokey folks! I been seeing you lot in the GT Sport topic having fun on it and am thinking I might want in on some of this action. I've been playing a little GT on the controller doing okay'ish, but thinking perhaps I'm needing a wheel to get the most enjoyment out of it. Plus some Dirt Rally etc with it no doubt. So I ask of your experienced wisdom to help guide and advise me please for what I should be considering? I'm only a relatively inexperienced rookie racer and I got a big list of Lego sets I need to buy, so don't want to be dropping mega money on some super high end setup, but equally I don't want something crappy. From some looking around myself it seems Logitech G29 and Thrustmaster T300 RS seem to be solid mid-range options. Looks like maybe the T300 is the bit better wheel, but pedals not so much unless I get the GT edition with some T3PA pedals, which is up around £300+. Are the standard pedals OK, or junk? I know I've seen it cheaper before on black friday etc, but £200 at box.co.uk for a G29 with the extra shifter and bundled with F1 2019 what I could sell/trade for make it a little cheaper. This looks decent enough and the price definitely a bit more friendly. Especially if I get addicted and decide I need a proper upgrade in the future. I will also need something to mount it on so I'm leaning toward the G29 again there so I don't make myself completely skint. Then moving on to mounting it...space is a consideration so no bid massive full bucket seat frame things. Is a Wheel Stand Pro still the default best choice? The GT Omega looks quite decent and solid and not too huge.
  10. Balls to those miserable bastards who thought this wasn't going to be awesome https://xboxclips.com/meatball46/62a6f335-b6b0-432e-85af-9c833d9e72ca
  11. If the promotion goes back the other way and they release some FH4 themed Speed Champions Lego set I might just get a little excited
  12. Should've unlocked at 6pm. Though perhaps not instantly for everyone at the same time they said on the stream. There was already a 5.4gb Speed Champions file in there when I checked yesterday, but when I just tried to launch the game it is now downloading another 8.2gb update
  13. Meatball

    Trials Rising

    Black Gold That is one rather tough track to get a platinum on... https://xboxclips.com/meatball46/390bf69f-f2a2-412a-ade9-67018bce001b Still been playing this pretty regular here. It's bugged for me and stopped giving me crates for levelling up a while back, but otherwise is actually playing fine and good with no slowdown etc on my X. Now I've just unlocked the Ninja tracks, but no way I'm trying them tonight! Think I should go through and try to find some squirrels next maybe.
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