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  1. Um, the shadow casts “AX”, you know..for Animal Crossing. Too much time playing The Witness on my part maybe.
  2. I might be the last to notice this but just spotted the shadow of the destination signpost!
  3. I’m going to try to join the party too @StoooTube, if that’s ok. (Jonny, currently 20 in the queue). If I get in I’ll leave a little something by the shop for you. Presumably turnip price will change at midday. Just queued for ages at another island and was just about to get in when it was closed.
  4. Thanks to Larsen for efforts yesterday. Just a cautionary tale here for anyone else like me who might think it’s clever to time travel (I’d messed around with switch time settings to see if/when I’d ever get any rocks back in my island having smashed them after eating oranges). Got to Larsen’s Nook’s Cranny ready to make my first million bells but was only offered 1700. Definitely a feeling of having been caught out and punished by the Nintendo police as I realised my turnips were spoiled.
  5. I’ve joined the rat race with a PM. Pocket full of turnips and ready to fly.
  6. My boy started playing this today and the game advised to use RB and LB etc, in the opening tutorial bit. Presumably it was changed in the update we initially installed.
  7. That’s amazing amc. Sounds like you were right in it around the time it peaked. I actually watched that Altern-8 video yesterday! A lot of people have probably seen this video from Fantasia NYE1993 as seems to do the rounds on social media quite regularly. It definitely captures a moment though. The girl who features prominently in it appeared in the comments of it on Facebook once. Seems she eventually came down and is a Home Counties mother in her forties now.
  8. Do we have a thread for this? I’ll put this video from Shelley’s in 1992 here anyway. 3.50 onwards in particular. I found this on the recent BBC doc Everybody In The Place and it sent me off on a massive nostalgia trip. You could never recreate this. So ephemeral. The moment is precious. Maybe I’m talking to myself.
  9. Just realised that 50 years ago today 3 humans were three quarters of the way to the moon, so surely the Apollo update must be released by now. *checks Apple Music* yup, there it is. First impressions are good - more of the same really. The original release has been a constant companion to me so it will be interesting to see how the rest slots in.
  10. Tell your flat mate that Amazon now have it in stock again for delivery tomorrow (unless you’ve already sorted it).
  11. Anyone got a Walkman I can borrow?
  12. The same programme had me ordering an Aphex logo car sticker (said I'd never get a car sticker). Guess you're more committed than me.
  13. Someone in Gatwick air traffic control tower was having fun today. (Not sure if this’ll mean anything to anyone).
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