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  1. Pokemon Go

    Got two 300 odd shinies & then a pretty much maxed one with decent / wow so evolved that all the way, that was in about an hour. Then I switched to my son’s account for the remaining 75 minutes & didn’t see a single shiny. Is that just awful luck or is there some sort of minimum criteria for seeing shiny Pokemon?
  2. Pokemon Go

    Complete the first set of field rewards, so seven. Then you get that brown parcel, which gave me the Moltres. Hopefully that means a legendary each week!!!!
  3. Pokemon Go

    Woohoo, got a Moltres, yay! Finally they’ve made a way for normal people to get Legendaries, so happy.
  4. Pokemon Go

    New quests were exciting but the third stage of the special mission requires me to complete two raids, which should take me a couple of weeks so that’s not terrible but leaves me with a nagging suspicion that eventually one of them will be to do a Legendary Raid, which is where I’ll have to stop. I was really pleased to get some more single player content but the prospect of it being tied to raids is really disappointing.
  5. Minecraft - Better Together update now available

    So, my son ( who is six ) is interested in Minecraft because they get to play it sometimes on the iPad at school. Now I was in the Alpha on the PC, played the shit of the Beta / initial release, most of that on the old server we had running on here but I haven't looked at it in years. Imagine my surprise when I downloaded the PS4 demo version to find a whole tutorial / pre-built world, not to mention all the crazy stuff there is nowadays! I was aware of enchanting but never bothered with it, but now there's banners, wings, anvils, etc, it's all far too overwhelming. Anyway, onto my question; I have a PS4 & a Switch, which version ( primarily for a six year old child who's never played any 'proper', i.e. twin stick controls, game before ) is the best one? He doesn't care about any advanced stuff, he won't be playing online with anyone else, just best possible version of the basic game would be lovely. Coming from the PC, I was a little disappointed with how zoomed in everything is on the PS4, can you increase ( is it FOV? ) the zoom in any way? Thanks.
  6. The Division 2

    Should done the video game equivalent of Ed Sheeran’s album titles & gone with either The Addition, The Subtraction or my favourite, The Multiplication.
  7. I thought it was enjoyable enough, if enjoyable is actually the right word. Having only half glanced at the trailer on a couple of occasions, I was surprised at just how brutal it was. There were definitely parts that were really tough to watch & I winced a fair few times. The plot was fine, it twisted & turned in all the right ways & the ending was pretty good. I certainly don’t regret going to see it but I also don’t think I’ll be talking about it in six months time, god bless the Cineworld Unlimited Card!
  8. Pokemon Go

    I’ve always got one on the go in the free incubator, and yes, there’s every chance I’ve got 9 beautiful SudoWoodos waiting for me but there’s also a chance I’d miss out of 50 odd Slakoth candy, etc. Had snowy Pokemon weather for quite a lot of today, still no snowy castform, boo.
  9. Pokemon Go

    When, oh when, oh when are we getting the 2 x candy for egg hatches again, grrr. I’ve got 9 10km eggs at the moment, it’s been ages.
  10. Pokemon Go

    Evolved my first Dragonite before the event ended, now my most powerful Pokémon at just over 3100. Plus ( ignoring Taurus & the Legendaries ) that’s my Gen 1 Pokédex filled finally!
  11. Pokemon Go

    Two more needed for the silver dragon badge, so that’s something at least. And obviously loads of candy, so I can evolve a high CP one which is ‘OK’ now & then have enough if an amaze / wow one turns up in the future. EDIT A shiny one appeared, only 191CP but that’s my first shiny of any kind so still very nice.
  12. Pokemon Go

    Caught 32, no shiny, no amaze / wow, boo.
  13. Open House was shocking, as in a complete waste of 90 minutes or whatever it was. The Vault wasn’t much better, but at least it had a beginning, middle & end which were connected by a plot ( even if it was a poor one ). I enjoyed The Babysitter, nothing amazing again but the leads did a good job & the plot held up pretty well. I tend to mind a lot less if it’s a shit film on Netflix, as it hasn’t technically cost me any money but I’ve also watched a load of other films on there recently than if I’d paid money for, I think I’d have been a lot less impressed with.
  14. Pokemon Go

    So in addition to Legendaries, they are now restricting other Pokémon to raids only, that’s bullshit.
  15. Pokemon Go

    They’ve only appeared since the event started, so chances are they’ll go on Wednesday.

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