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  1. So anyone playing this weekends beta and care to share some thoughts
  2. 1997 Judge Reinhold vehicle (pun intended) Runaway Car has a glorious sequence toward the end where a baby is first tried to be passed between speeding vehicles, and later When that fails airlifted out of the sun roof. Easily the worst movie I’ve ever watched, but had me howling at the faux tension of the baby lift and the ensuing near miss with a bridge @ about 2m 45 in the summary video below
  3. Am with you on Ben Wheatley (I wish I could recapture the numbness I felt as the credits rolled on Kill List, my intro to his art). Also adore Wes Anderson whimsy
  4. Agreed (EDIT with Mogster's post) I sit and watch it with my 8, 6 and 4 year olds and they adore it. It’s more for them these days than it is for me. As much as I see the faults I just go with it and enjoy it because I can see how much my kids are living every story. I have really strong memories of hiding behind the sofa and peeking out to see Tom Baker era Who, despite the changes in recent modern Who i can see that now with my own kids. I feel a head nuzzle into my armpit, a grip tighten on my forearm or catch glimpse of eyes through fingers as the kids do what they need to do to get through a scary moment to reach enlightenment where the penny drops for them. My eldest (daughter) is particularly enamoured by Whittaker, so much so that she requested a dress up and her sonic, which if I’m honest was a huge surprise having show no interest in Who previously. A strong role model if ever there was one IF you don’t pick it apart too much (as adults tend to do). That said, Smith’s era captured my 6 year olds imagination more so than any other new Who Doctor that we’ve watched together. Which, for me, has the strongest arcs and stories.
  5. 1917 enjoyed it, gaze hardly shifted from the screen, impressive feat of film making but no desire to see it again 3/5
  6. Last year Davros told my kids they should stay in school and learn else they’ll never be a match for his intellect. It was a really nice touch, had me and my buddy chuckling like idiots...then we noticed his dalek guard had surrounded us and raised their plungers in our direction.
  7. “If you build it they will come” Normallyhas me bawling like a baby you the time ‘they come’, but then so does Marley and Me. Go figure
  8. Where's the love for Wes Anderson? When I'm feeling down I put on The Royal Tenenbaums and it picks me right up, without fail.
  9. Saw this yesterday. Fun, maybe not as much fun as the first (new) Jumanji. Awkwafina knocks it out of the park in the latter half of the movie. Most definitely MVP.
  10. Playing this on steam and have lots of Unknown Sting Id placeholders all over the shop. Does anyone know a fix? Game is up to date.
  11. Graham


    Also available on 30th, new Bon Iver album. I’ll be starting the day with Tool, following it with Bon Iver and then probably rotating through then both.
  12. Wow where is this? May not be perfect but what a setting
  13. Sorry, no can do. Not here and not till I’ve seen it tomorrow morning.
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