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  1. grungekid

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Is anyone else concerned that an all digital future would mean the impossibility of preserving these experiences for future generations? I know, same old argument against digital but I for one find this disheartening. Some people aren't interested in replaying older games but I definitely dip back in to older experiences if the mood strikes.
  2. grungekid

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    Oh really?? That sucks...
  3. grungekid

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    If you go back to where you die you fight a shadow version of yourself which when killed returns the essence you lost when you died. Of course, if you die before managing to kill this shadow you you lose the essence a la dark souls.
  4. grungekid

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    150 at the moment I think
  5. grungekid

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    I really really love this game. I think the art style, gameplay and challenge are great. It's hard to find such a combination in this day and age. But for fuck sake! I wish they put benches closer to the boss rooms! My sub conscious is trying to make me quit playing because of the laborious travels between benches and boss rooms on the tougher boss battles..
  6. So am I correct in thinking this new update doesn't support HDR on the Xbox one S? Doesn't appear to be available on mine.... Baffling!
  7. Argh me hearties. I'm not sure if there be a crew available who would take on me peg leg but I crave me some shipmates to sail the high seas. Argggg! Or are there any groups on here id be able to join in some adventures? All my friends have ps4's and while I'm enjoying this id love to be able to play with people who don't keep throwing me in the brig!
  8. grungekid

    Nintendo Switch

    How hard is the hori tough case? Is it just a harder version of the official Nintendo ones or is it genuinely solid? I'm confused as to what semi-hard means. Keep it clean guys
  9. grungekid

    Nintendo Switch

    I've currently got the official nintendo switch case which I'm lashing in my backpack at the moment. I'm kind of concerned that it might not be as protective as I'd like as I also have a heavy Thinkpad and other items in the same pocket. Is anyone using a super protective case? ie pretty much indestructible. I have a constant level of anxiety about taking it out with me at the moment.
  10. grungekid

    Nintendo Switch

    No weapons it's all stealth, running and hiding. It can be really tense though and I remember it having a great atmosphere. Some of the scenes in the whistleblower dlc were particularly gruesome..
  11. grungekid

    Nintendo Switch

    Has anyone dipped into outlast? How is it running? Played through it last year on PC and loved every second. Would be great to play in bed if it's a decent port
  12. grungekid

    Analogue Super Nt

    Are these likely to be on sale long term or are they going to be hard to get in future? I want one but can't afford it for a few months
  13. grungekid

    Nintendo Switch

    Yup I dropped my switch off the couch on carpet and it put a dint in one of them so they wouldn't latch correctly. Ended up selling the joycons as a second pair to someone on here and getting a new set... Gutted
  14. grungekid

    Nintendo Switch

    My guess is it's some kind of creative software... maybe flipnote switch or similar?
  15. grungekid

    PlayStation VR

    I've got the new headset. It feels nicer to use cos you arent dealing with a headphone cable(if you use the headphones that come with it they click on around the back, though the bass level on these are quite poor) and the cable to the headset is noticeably lighter so you don't get that dragging sensation from the cable. Other than that it's the same. I'd recommend if either of those two things bother you

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