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  1. I tend to remove certain videos after watching them because YouTube suggestions are fucking shite.
  2. Don't read the comments, but:
  3. Control is probably a better game than Quantum Break, but gosh I'm such a sucker for time travel shit. I hope they're gonna do more sci-fi in the future.
  4. Mechanically, it's comfortly the best FPS ever made. It'll be interesting to see where id goes next (besides DLC for this). Another DOOM? A Quake reboot? Something new entirely?
  5. PS5 showcase is expected early to mid-June according to Schreier. According to Venturebeat's Jeff Grubb it was scheduled for June 4th but delayed a few days because some third parties dropped out as they wanted to reveal their games on their own terms.
  6. RJ is right. Figures in the US were down before Corona, now they're breaking records.
  7. Doubtful. https://www.gtplanet.net/gran-turismos-future-4k-resolution-is-enough-but-240fps-is-the-target/
  8. Please, not this forgettable gameplay shite talk again. I really can't think of many third-person games that offer the amount of different systems all blending seamlessly, open level design and interesting enemy AI that encourages different approaches and on the fly experimentation like this does. Save for one, The Phantom Pain. No coincidence then that previews of this game compared it to Kojima's game.
  9. Yeah, Motion-Matching is ace. It looks wonderful in For Honor as well.
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