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  1. Eurogamer Essential. https://www.eurogamer.net/rollerdrome-review-roll7-delivers-a-game-of-impossible-style
  2. Vemsie

    The Man Utd Thread

    I do. I'm a huge PSV fan. Cody is a top bloke. Definitely a left winger, every match I've seen of him as a center forward at PSV was a disappointment. Look up his goals against Feyenoord from a few months ago to see his strengths. Great control, killer right foot. I think he's better than Antony, who I think is very overrated especially for that kind of money. And Dutch player of last season. That said, I'm not sure if it's not too early for him to to go to the PL. There are so many recent examples of players who shone brightly in the Dutch league but disappointed in the PL, like Memphis, Bergwijn, Ziyech and Van der Beek. I watched the two Champions League qualifiers against Monaco (impressive team by the way) and Cody was up there as the worst player in both games, where he should have been the player to lead PSV the way.
  3. Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey were both in 2017 right? God, it feels like half a century ago.
  4. Are this and 2017 the only years with two Edge tens?
  5. Excellent, tight movie. A nice idea that was well-executed. Really like the Predator design and the cinematography is gorgeous. Good music too.
  6. Indeed. MM is the greatest Zelda game and my favourite Nintendo game period.
  7. RLLMUK Game of the Year not mentioned unfortunately.
  8. Yeah, this look a lot better than the otber series and it helps that they shot this on camera instead of Stagecraft. https://www.ign.com/articles/andor-no-stagecraft-disney-star-wars?amp=1
  9. I think one of the reasons many people prefer Portal 2 is because of its absolutely superb co-op mode.
  10. SoR 4 is the best game in that list. It's arguably the finest 2D beat 'em up ever made and it's pretty replayable too.
  11. Returnal gained a lot of replayability with the (free) Endless Mode too, which basically distills it into a beautful score-based combat loop. Even though the Tower has some really cool optional story stuff too. I find it more replayable than say Hades, mainly because I feel it's the superior game mechanically and I prefer its awesome atmosphere. And yeah, the Tower is just really cool to blast through and have a blast with when you want to blow off some steam. Returnal is a triumph in so many ways. A pretty bold new IP with an unconventional lead character, very ambiguous storytelling and razor-sharp mechanics that is unlike any other game in Sony's line-up. Was so happy when it won GotY at the BAFTAS (and other places) because it deserves the recognition. Really hope it does well on PC too. God, I love it so much.
  12. https://kotaku.com/hitman-3-year-two-ambrose-island-free-level-agent-47-1849339605
  13. https://www.techradar.com/news/amd-and-nvidia-leaks-show-we-are-drunk-on-power-and-the-hangover-is-going-to-be-brutal
  14. Lovely to see Returnal up there. Easily my game of the gen so far. And good news, the PC version seems really close.
  15. Even though I'm a bit tired of all things Marvel at the moment, I do think it looks promising from a gameplay perspective.
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