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  1. Just before the attack connects. Which makes me regret the Xbox Controller for this one on PC by the way. I feel that I can press the DS4 bumpers a bit easier. Might have to switch.
  2. While parrying is super important, there are many different way of dealing with enemies. Stealth kills, using your prosthetics, dodging and attacking enemies when they're recovering (that's how I killed some of the generals when my parrying was less tight), using items. You become a Swiss army knife when you unlock more skills and prosthetics. If I'd go back to Bloodborne tomorrow, I'd probably feel super limited. Why can't I grapple? Why can't I jump (kick)? Why can't I slide underneath arrows? Why can't I do twirly slashy jumps? (seriously, that move is really good, I use it a ton)
  3. https://imgur.com/K2D42EK.gif
  4. Nothing really spoilery, just a lovely gif.
  5. Heh, yeah I can imagine. Seems even more hardcore players are struggling looking at the Era thread. Part of that might be people struggling to unlearn their Souls' playstyle (or the fact that you can't grind or co-op your way out of problems), but I wonder if From is gonna patch it. Edit: Well, this guy seems up for a challenge.
  6. I bet there will be a mental run from someone who completes the game without getting hit once, perhaps by the same guy who did that with ALL Soulsborne games.
  7. Vemsie

    Days Gone - Sons of Anarchy x Last of Us

    My expectations are pretty low, especially after the superb Japanese threesome of Resi 2, DMC V and Sekiro. Days Gone looks too much like a jack of all trades, master of none. It looks too much like Far Cry with bikers and zombies. When it comes to western AAA titles, I have higher expectations for Mortal Kombat 11, Control, DOOM Eternal and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.
  8. Vemsie

    Edge #331

    It's the new game from Double FIne.
  9. Vemsie

    Mortal Kombat 11 | April 23rd 2019

    Shang Tsung isn't a pre-order character, he's the first normal DLC character. Shao Khan is the pre-order character.
  10. Vemsie

    Edge #331

    It's an indie horror game, made and set in Taiwan. P.T. was a big inspiration. https://www.theverge.com/2019/2/22/18236099/devotion-horror-game-steam-twitch-red-candle
  11. Vemsie

    Edge #331

    DMC deserves its nine. Fantastic game.
  12. These tips are not bad. Especially the first one. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-03-22-sekiro-tips-and-tricks-6009
  13. Same. All those times I had to hide behind a shield in DS to block arrows, while the shinobi does this.

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