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  1. You can listen to it here: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0fbiFWRw5Ne
  2. Vemsie

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

    It's easily one of the best Uncharteds. It has the strengths of 4 (like its more freeform combat system) but it's much better paced. I don't dislike these characters though, so take that into consideration.
  3. Vemsie

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

    Small spoilers, but this is a slick trailer:
  4. Vemsie

    God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    I'll post this in here as well. Mark goes into detail on why the Leviathan Axe is such a cleverly designed weapon. Some things in there that I did not know about.
  5. Vemsie

    Sci Fi recommendations

    I've read The Island (a Hugo winner). Really cool short with some moments that are vintage Watts. It's also part of a short story bundle called Beyond the Rift, which also includes The Things, Watts' take on Carpenter's The Thing as seen through the eyes of the Thing. Recommended. The Freeze-Frame Revolution is next on my list.
  6. Vemsie

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    DS basically looks like the most expensive art house game ever made.
  7. Vemsie

    E3 2018 RLLMUK QUIZ - The answers

    You're welcome. Enjoy!
  8. MS had the best conference by far, followed by Ubi. Sony had the best exclusives. My most wanted games after E3: 1. Cyberpunk 2077 2. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 3. Resident Evil 2 Remake 4. Devil May Cry V 5. Doom: Eternal 6. The Last of Us II 7. Death Stranding 8. Ori and the Will of the Wisps 9. Cuphead The Delicious Last Course 10. Planet Alpha 11. Control
  9. Vemsie

    Easy Allies - Draft Your Tweets

    It's what I love about them. They genuinely love games and are not afraid to show their passion. I loved watching Ian as well when Sekiro was announced.
  10. Vemsie

    EDGE #321

    Their last three tens were Bloodborne, Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey, games praised for their gameplay.
  11. Vemsie

    E3 2018 RLLMUK QUIZ - The answers

    Here we go, guys. The winners. I'll stick to the top 3. If you want your score, PM me or do the math yourself. Without further ado! Number 3 with a very respectable 135 points: @footle. Well done! Number 2 with155 points: @MW_Jimmy You did very well with Nintendo (the maximum 40 points), Square Enix (being one of the few who guessed correctly that we wouldn't see the Hulk smashing) and the third party segment. Great job! WINNER, WINNER CHICKEN DINNER! With a whopping 170 points, there can be only one winner and that's @Broker You did really well with Square Enix, Ubi and Bethesda, correctly guessing that Country Roads would be re-used. Congratulations, Broker! PM me your game of choice, platform and other details and I'll make sure it's coming your way. Thanks for participating everyone! Here's to next year!

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