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  1. Really enjoyed this season and damn, it pops in Dolby Digital, especially the penultimate episode. Steve 'The Hair' Harrington and Robyn are the best.
  2. Pretty great is a bit of an understatement.
  3. Can't wait for the digital issue. Always love the E3 issues and I'm really curious about the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order cover story.
  4. Gamergate snowflakes are really butt-hurt about the Lashana Lynch news eh?
  5. Vemsie


    Next few years are gonna be crazy, with both Nadal and Nole gunning for the most GS titles.
  6. Vemsie


    Crazy. I feel exhausted, so I can't even think how those players must feel now. Federer especially, since he played so well but bottled the big moments.
  7. Vemsie


    What a weird match. Federer playing really well, only to choke in the tie-breaks.
  8. Bloodborne has to be up there for me. When you get your first taste of the Unseen Village...
  9. Vemsie


    Maybe. I don't think he will though. Djoker on the other hand... If Djokovic wins tomorrow I can see him winning the US Open as well. And if he does that, I can see him overtake Federer eventually. It's a big if, but Novak without injuries is the best player in the game and the youngest (of the big three).
  10. This looks awesome. Time for a download me thinks.
  11. Also, 4 million copies sold so far! Awesome result.
  12. Read Alistair Reynolds' creepy as fuck sci-fi short story The Nightingale and now I really want to play Dead Space (2) again!
  13. Looks good!
  14. Really like this one. Got me excited for the game
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