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    The Last Of Us

    This is gonna be Sony's Resi 4, isn't it? Perhaps they're gonna release it as a complete PS5 package, consisting of TLoU, TLoU2 and Factions. According to Schreier the remake will include the gameplay improvements (and accessibility options no doubt) of Part 2.
  3. Sony isn't losing the smaller games, they're just not making them themselves as Nate pointed out above. Neither are MS and Nintendo for that matter, with all of them opting for (timed) console exclusivity, like MS with Cuphead, Nintendo with Hades and Sony with Kena and Sifu. And then there is VR, which is smaller stuff by nature, and them funding games from devs that aren't WWS like Returnal, Sackboy and whatever Jade Raymond's new studio Haven is making.
  4. The Expanse. It's short, pretty, sounds great and changes each season to reflect the plot.
  5. Their old games, sure. But this is fully 3D, with detailed cinematics, P T. style first-person sequences, the composer of Midsommar, etc. It's not The Last of Us 2, but not Resogun or Hades either. Actually, it has quite a bit in common with Hades, like the way it weaves a roguelite concept into its narrative, but with a much bigger budget. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2018-12-20-housemarque-goes-aaa They're already recruiting for a new game btw. Not sure if it's funded by Sony again, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is.
  6. Yeah, it's definitely a bit short-sighted to say Sony is risk-averse when they are doubling down on VR, which isn't blockbuster in any way. While blockbusters are their bread and butter, they launched their console with games that are pretty much the opposite of cinematic or open world (Miles aside) sad dad games, like Astro Bot, Sackboy and Demon's Souls, followed by Destruction All-Stars. Their next two games are a AAA roguelite with cryptic storytelling and a cartoony platform shooter and they are investing heavily in Media Molecule, not exactly known for cinematic blockbusters
  7. It's why Returnal is an interesting one. It's a new IP - the first AAA roguelite to my knowledge - it has an unconventional protagonist, is very mechanics driven and it has a non-linear narrative that doesn't interrupt gameplay. It's third-person, sure, but it's different and it even has those P.T. style first-person house sequences. I know more about the narrative and it's deliciously weird. Of course Sony's pricing strategy could bite Housemarque in the ass, but I'm glad they funded it at least.
  8. Krlic is an inspired choice. His score for Midsommar was superb. The Crash sounds great. Not exactly your typical video game score.
  9. I like most of the big hitters and Sony is clearly very good at making those, but I hope they keep funding the Dreams and Returnals of this world as well, as new and more risky IP makes your line-up a lot more interesting and varied.
  10. That preview is a lot more positive than I thought it would be, but then again, I didn't pay much attention to this. I do like the setting and concept though.
  11. There is though. You have things in two that you can't do in the first, like jump, dodge and go prone. Makes the combat a lot more dynamic. Not that I need a remake, but perhaps they're betting on the HBO series hitting big.
  12. Huber and his epic beard with some love for Days Gone.
  13. I love all those classic Capcom and Konami licensed beat-em-ups. The Punisher, Alien versus Predator, X-Men, Turtles in Time, Asterix & Obelix.
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