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  1. Vemsie

    Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

    Gosh, this sounds hard to resist..
  2. Vemsie

    Mortal Kombat 11 | April 23rd 2019

    Actually, 9 to 11 are a pretty big evolution gameplay-wise. I think Ed is genuinely passionate about MK, otherwise he could just quit. The man must be loaded.
  3. Vemsie

    Mortal Kombat 11 | April 23rd 2019

    Yep, looks like a ton of fun and the graphics are superb. Really like Sandman's moveset.
  4. Vemsie

    John Wick 3: Parabellum - May 2019

    Looks gorgeous and what a cast! Morticia Addams, Mani from Brotherhood of the Wolf, Bronn, The Assassin from the Raid 2, Mad Dog from The Raid, ninjas on motorbikes, dogs! Can't wait, the first two were a blast.
  5. Vemsie

    Have you ever found a game too hard?

    It's part of my humongous backlog. Played it on PSVR, but not as much as I would have liked.
  6. Vemsie

    Have you ever found a game too hard?

    Not really, but I'm prety masochistic when it comes to games. I like dificult games and I'm 40. I like that they require focus, which means I'm not zoning out, which I tend to do when I play more forgiving games. I also feel that playing diffucult games keeps your reflexes in shape. I didn't have too much trouble with Cuphead for example (not that I didn't die a lot). I'm basically like Michael Caine's character in Interstellar, raging against the dying of the light. Sekiro is by far my most anticipated game and From's approach to game design is my main reason why.
  7. Vemsie

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Loved that demo. It's gorgeous, super smooth and atmospheric as hell. I've said if before, but Capcom's RE Engine is a marvel.
  8. Haven't played that much. The best game I played last year (and played the most) is Dark Souls Remastered, but not gonna put that on the list. And while I enjoyed Spider-man and God of War well enough, particularly the former, there was only one new game that really made a splash. So my GotY 2018 has to be. Game of the Year A1. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission The one game this year that sparked the same magic of playing Super Mario for the first time, or 64 all those years later. It makes tremendous use of VR in the same way Mario 64 did with the analogue stick, and like Nintendo's best games, continues to come up with fresh ideas over the course of the entire game. It's charming as hell too, never failing to put a smile on my face. Add some lovely world design, some of the best bosses of 2018, bonus challenge stages to sink your teeth in and the best water level in the history of water levels and you have my GotY. Oh yeah, and this banger of a tune.
  9. New footage. On a blackout myself, but people seem to dig it.
  10. Vemsie

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    150 million is basically PS2 level. It will need to keep selling at its current pace for three years to reach that, which is probably not gonna happen if PS5 releases next year. Still, a price-drop and The Last of Us 2 could give it a pretty big push. I think it will probably end up around 120 million when all is said and done.
  11. Vemsie

    Rllmuk's Official Sales Figures

    Sony has now sold over 91 million PS4's: https://www.sie.com/en/corporate/release/2019/190108.html Those Spider-Man figures are insane, considering it doesn't even include December sales. Something, something about the end of AAA games. It's fairly safe to say that PS4 will overtake the PS1 and Wii in sales this year. PS2 will be almost impossible, though I've read that PS4 has made more money than the profits of PS2 and the losses of PS3 over its first five years combined.
  12. IGN has a new Storm vid up. https://www.ign.com/videos/2019/01/07/anthem-storm-javelin-gameplay-profile-ign-first Also, a new Nvidia trailer.
  13. Vemsie

    What’s your favourite final stage/level/boss?

    Fishing Hamlet with Orphan of Koss as boss in Bloodborne's Old Hunters DLC. Hard as nails, awesome lore; just a spectacular fight. The location itself is great too. Very Lovecraftian but without the racism. Wind Waker. The rain and Ganondorf's amazing monologue make for the best finale of any Zelda. Metal Gear Rising. "Nanomachines, son." Awesome music as well. Astro Bot has a superb final boss as well, though the penultimate boss is even better and the best boss fight of 2018. 2019 is gonna be a great year for boss fights with Sekiro, DMC 5, the Cuphead DLC and Doom Eternal.
  14. Vemsie

    Ori and the Blind Forest

    I've played Will of the Wisps and it's awesome. Even more traversal options, some of the best ever in a 2D game, and much improved combat, arguably the weakest part of the original. And yes, it looks amazing.

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