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  1. I hope not. Going to the cinema and watching a mega budget movie is a fun experience and some of these modern big budget movies are classics, like Future Road and Blade Runner 2049. Heck, I'll throw The Last Jedi in there as well. While I too suffer from superhero fatigue (though I'm interested in Reeves' The Batman), I'm really looking forward to movies like Tenet, Dune and The Matrix 4.
  2. The rumours are that it's made by key people who worked on the first SH, including its director. Whether it's true or not remains to be seen.
  3. Nintendo released its figures too and while I don't have a topic on Era as detailed as the Sony one, the big news here is that Animal Crossing sold a whopping 22.4 million as of end of June! Switch hardware now at a crazy 61.45M (this is Lite as well) Last quarter revenue: Sony PlayStation $5.6B Nintendo $3.4B Microsoft Xbox $3.3B EDIT: beaten!
  4. There seems to be too much smoke around Silent Hill for there not to be a fire, but we'll see.
  5. Vemsie

    Fall Guys

    I actually won this one. Play it patiently.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised to see a 60 fps version of the first game on PS5.
  7. Both are money-hatting. MS with it's console launch exclusives, Sony with Avengers and Bethesda's timed exclusives. And it's shit. End of. I really hope that one of them doesn't buy WB Games, so that we are not locked into one console ecosystem for whatever Rocksteady makes next.
  8. Folks, read the essay about Ellie's trauma I posted today, it's super interesting.
  9. Ben Moore's impressions, based on the same demo other journos got to play.
  10. Really interesting and very well researched article from someone who experienced trauma herself. https://www.sofistake.com/blogs/understanding-ellies-trauma I've seen and read so many interesting things about this game already and it probably won't be the last. As some of us said earlier, it's so rare for a game to achieve that, let alone a massive AAA one.
  11. Vemsie

    Fall Guys

    I really enjoyed what I played yesterday and didn't have any trouble finding games. Managed to win a round too. The only thing I'm not too fond about are the team events. Some are quite fun on their own, like the ball pushing one, but it's shit when you're doing well on the individual courses and end up in a crappy team. But a blast otherwise. Couldn't stop playing. This might be exactly the type of game I needed after The Last of Us 2.
  12. Better than the main game is the consensus.
  13. They both have different design goals and strenghts and weaknesses and they both laid the foundation for even better sequels. I'd love to see Horizon 2 with better combat against humans and more rewarding exploration, just as I'd like to see BotW 2 with better combat and more rewarding things for exploration than 100 similar shrines and Korok seeds.
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