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  1. Looking at it side by side I feel they did a great job of sticking to the atmosphere and style of the original, and then modernizing it with way more detail, improved lighting and animations and tons of added effects. Superb. My favourite added effect so far is probably the lightning striking the tree from the first gameplay trailer.
  2. Insomniac going all-out. Love the animation and added effects during combat.
  3. It will because Souls is much bigger than it was back then, and lots of people haven't played it. This game is gonna be huge.
  4. Plus they've removed bugs, made more QoL improvements, added 3D audio, upped the player count for MP, added the DualSense features etc. It also makes sense to remake this, because it's an old game, locked away in a different gen on an old system. And Souls has exploded in popularity since. It's gonna be amazing! Also, someone on ResetEra recently posted some art design for the original Demon's Souls that were actually more in line with what BluePoint is doing. It seems to me that From would have loved to make a game that looks like this if they had the technology and tec
  5. Yeah, the exclusive items is a bit shit but they don't look like stuff I'll need anyway. It's only a few items, the rest can be unlocked in-game it seems. I'll pre-order the standard version, so I'll at least have the scythe. No idea what it does but hey, it's a scythe.
  6. On sound in Demon's Souls: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/demons-souls-ps5-fractured-mode-respec-world-tendency-details/1100-6483887/ Bluepoint went all-out.
  7. This was expected, but still, rolling is now 8-way.
  8. Some extra details from Game Informer: Camera options are in 4K/30fps is called Cinematic Performance mode is "dynamic" 4K at 60fps Old Monk fight remains unchanged Loading times are insane, virtually no load times Multiplayer is 6 people now They did discuss doing the sixth Archstone - decided against it as they didn't feel it was their right Fractured Mode is Mirror Mode Photo Mode is in. Disabled if you're invaded Boletaria was the most challenging to rebuild as well as Valley of Defilement On haptics: Different filters: O
  9. Multiple people over at ResetEra. I should have stated 14.00 CET, by the way. Apparently Italian media are doing livestreams?
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