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  1. The setting that makes you pick-up items with a button press instead of holding it down is useful.
  2. As cliched as it may be, exploring the ruins of an alien civilization gone extinct is absolutely my jam. And still pretty rare in videogames, even though Returnal did a great job recently. And in a more original way than most. As for Starfield, I've never been a fan of BGS games but I'm kinda interested in this, mainly because sci-fi is much more appealing to me than fantasy and that drab post-apocalypse ugliness of Fallout. The artworks looks nice, so I hope it translates well to the game itself.
  3. Same. It's clearly made because the first one made a ton of money but it's well-made. The POV shot in the car with the bus coming at her was superb. Also, this was my first cinema visit in a year and damn, I forgot how epic cinema sound can be.
  4. https://twitter.com/BBGameStudios/status/1407136151991947269?s=19
  5. https://twitter.com/jasonschreier/status/1407113508785958913?s=19
  6. Somerville is mainly Chris Olsen's baby, not Patti's.
  7. The good news: my remaining scout log appeared in B3 after installing the patch and the trophy for defeating Nemesis popped-up after, well, defeating Nemesis. Unfortunately two trophies still seem bugged, namely the
  8. I thought you were a stealth master, Gerbik! I'm disappointed!
  9. Italy is my favourite team to watch, hands-down. Let's see what the Dutch can muster tonight.
  10. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-06-16/fading-iphone-lcd-screen-maker-pivots-to-virtual-reality Sony aming to release PSVR2 during the holidays next year.
  11. Xbox. It just had the most variety. From fantastic looking indies, to new IP to superb looking games like Flight Sim and Forza Horizon 5. My only criticism would be the trailers without gameplay (Starfield, Contraband, Redfall). Nintendo was okay, but a bit too much nostalgia pandering with all the remakes/remasters/Zelda Game &Watch and I would be more excited about Dread if it wasn't made by MercurySteam. BoTW2 looks ace, but it was a bit short. Ubi had two good looking games, with Mario + Rabbids Sparks Hope and Rider's Republic. Capcom probably saved its cool stuff for Sony's
  12. Sony event in a few weeks time, according to whispers. Could be true, cause we know from Keigley that we'll get a bigger look at Death Stranding Director's Cut soon, as well as a new look at Final Fantasy VXI.
  13. If you're struggling a bit, this might come in handy. They nerfed the sleeping in your bed health boost though.
  14. I only invest time in games I enjoy and I only go for all the trophies and cheevos if I truly love a game, like I did with Bloodborne and now Returnal. Time is too precious.
  15. ThisisRLLMUK.gif I want to be excited but MercurySteam have yet to make a game that's really good imo. Axiom Verge 2 is probably the better bet. That said, I enjoyed the Treehouse demo.
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