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  1. MrCarrot

    Desperados 3

    I’m pretty sure it would be fine if you’ve never played anything in the genre before. It starts off pretty gently, with you just controlling one guy and layers on more options as you progress and recruit more members to your team. It is real time, but you can pause whenever you want, and there’s never really any time pressure. Most of the time I find I’m just sitting with my characters hidden somewhere while I watch enemy patrol routes, trying to figure out how to take them apart. If you’re on the fence (and not specifically attracted to the western theme), see if you can find Shadow Tactics for cheap anywhere. It’s basically the same game, but with ninjas and samurai instead of cowboys.
  2. MrCarrot

    Formula One - 2020

    That would only get Max to 399, even if he was fastest in every race.
  3. I think it’s arguably not the same mech at that point. Or it is, but at a point before you ever installed any reactor cores.
  4. This sounds like maybe you’re mixing up two different things. Reactor cores give your mechs power points (some pilots also give bonus mech power points). Mech power points won’t ever reduce after you add them, you just need to have them to power your weapons. Grid power is a totally separate thing. It’s what reduces when buildings get damaged. This isn’t refilled by reactor cores, but will be refilled by one point for each ‘lightning bolt’ mission objective that you complete, and you can also buy more in the shop at the end of the island.
  5. Yeah, I've had mine go missing at least twice. Never seems to happen to any other guns.
  6. I think you’re talking about different people. You meet the guy @Len is talking about out in the wilderness and he gives you proper missions, but there are a couple of other injured veterans in Valentine and Rhodes who you can just chat to without ever getting missions from them.
  7. You don't have to binocular them. Once you've studied one of them, it shows you how many stars any others you aim at have at the bottom of the screen.
  8. I’m pretty sure that percentage is only how much of the map you’ve uncovered. There’s a separate story completion percentage in the Progress section of the menu.
  9. I’m pretty sure my Arthur has had conversations like that with Karen and Tilly (and I’ve hardly killed any women either).
  10. The duelling draw thing is nowhere near as bad once you realise you can practice it anywhere you want. It's great for dealing with fools who think they're going to hold you up on the road. "Hey there mister, that's a real nice horse ya got there." *POW* right between the eyes. "Put your hands up real slow and start handing over your valuables" *BOOM* one less stick up artist. "Help, help! I've been bitten by a snake!" *KA-POW* Well shit. No-one saw that, right...
  11. I did that perfect rabbit pelt challenge by riding around with my varmint rifle ready whenever I went anywhere and just blasting anything that got scared out of the bushes as I went by. It took ages, so I’m not sure it’s the best approach. I tried going to somewhere where rabbits were marked on the map, but I couldn’t find any when I got there. You can craft in camp by sitting at the scout campfire. It’s behind the wagon where Karen and Mary-Beth sleep.
  12. One of the screens in the wardrobe has a “Modify” prompt in the bottom right menu. When you choose that, if you’re wearing any modifiable clothes you’ll be able to roll your sleeves up, or whatever.
  13. You have to hold it down, though, no? I think if you just press, it'll go into the pause menu like normal.
  14. You can also do this without binoculars, you just need to get close enough and aim at the creature.
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