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  1. Yeah the recon drone bug fucked me over for one of my missions, I used it for days without it tracking before giving up. Got the ribbon before it got screwed though. My FFA were my last one cos I don't play that mode. My 3 matches were just hunting campers and hoping enough players stayed in the game.
  2. I think of all the work I should have been doing over the holidays and I look at this and think I've definitely chosen wisely I'll just have to catch up on lesson plans and marking tomorrow I guess. Not sure how motivated I'll be by only unlocking camos between now and next season.
  3. Nice shop and storeroom haha. Looking forward to seeing more of the maps though, I liked most of the ones in the beta
  4. I think its just one mode that's exclusive. Called Special Operations....... Xyz I can't remember. A wave based coop mode. The spec ops coop general mode is on all platforms
  5. I saw a YouTube video of a read through of one of the final scripts, and it included little narrative lines like that. I thought it just added flavour and allowed the cast to react to the scene as they read it. Not meant to be read by any of the public
  6. I assume there'll be the option to send / receive gifts in future. For now there's achievement rewards
  7. I'm really enjoying this, just added the handful of codes up the thread. Mine is 1821 0000 1284
  8. Can someone hide this post from sprite please? It'll only encourage her constant OCD-like closing of doors and making me think places are unlooted
  9. Oh so it does, cheers Mr Do. Got 6 months for now, may grab more later.
  10. If shows as £3 for me but only lets me subscribe and says it will charge £7.99 after the first month. How do they stack? Have you just clicked "join now" 12 times?
  11. Still need to buy crates don't you? 50 red t-shirts here I come
  12. Reading the comments, the author is level 23. In 3 years of playing he's managed like 20-30 hours and then flings that shit at ubisoft. "I want the whole game unlocked now, but it's expensive. And too hard".
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