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  1. Can someone hide this post from sprite please? It'll only encourage her constant OCD-like closing of doors and making me think places are unlooted
  2. drewthmsn

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Oh so it does, cheers Mr Do. Got 6 months for now, may grab more later.
  3. drewthmsn

    Xbox One Console Thread

    If shows as £3 for me but only lets me subscribe and says it will charge £7.99 after the first month. How do they stack? Have you just clicked "join now" 12 times?
  4. Still need to buy crates don't you? 50 red t-shirts here I come
  5. drewthmsn

    Rainbow Six Siege - Wind Bastion DLC Dec 4th

    Reading the comments, the author is level 23. In 3 years of playing he's managed like 20-30 hours and then flings that shit at ubisoft. "I want the whole game unlocked now, but it's expensive. And too hard".
  6. drewthmsn

    Nintendo Switch

    What a waste of a nice pastel graph. Surely NIntendo would be better just collecting data of profiles on the consoles. Most put gender and age accurately probably.
  7. It is a toggle. When standing still you double click the left stick. You then sprint automatically (being able to adjust direction using the left stick.
  8. Can you make another profile on steam? Isn't that what people do to make smurf accounts?
  9. It's in the settings somewhere, can increase the clips recorded incrementally up to (I think) 5 minutes.
  10. This happened last week but haven't played solo since so haven't been able to match it so far. Landed on the school roof but got fuck all really. Left for the circle and had a run in with a UAZ, he got out, we fired on each other, he got back in a fled. I got my first kill shooting someone in the back as we both ran behind the circle. Final kills were all in the final minute or two. So fucking tense and both my kids and me were jumping around the room haha. Uploaded final 5 minutes... Or what appears better quality... http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Drew Thomson/video/41924079
  11. I've done the same. Noticed AlanT on there and saw your invites the other day but didn't realise you were from the forum, sorry!
  12. drewthmsn

    Nintendo Switch

    On the Nintendo account website, when you logout and choose to create a new account you get the option to make a child account and link it to yours. No new email required I think. I did 3 of them yesterday (one because making them separate ones each wasn't enough, they wanted a shared one they can both use for single player games).
  13. drewthmsn

    Rainbow Six Siege - Wind Bastion DLC Dec 4th

    First of all the maps don't come early for DLC owners. And the pool of characters is pretty huge whether you've unlocked everyone or not. From the basic roster there's only 2 that most wouldn't want to touch (Tachanka and IQ, maybe). The rest are balanced and fun to play and useful for any team.

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