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  1. I see, nine SERVICES sounds more realistic.
  2. They are releasing this on NINE platforms?!
  3. Yeah, I feel pretty much the same. There is a great FPS in this and the gunplay is excellent, but the platforming, story cut scenes and with three hours in even those repetitive glory kills get on my nerves.
  4. Wow. It truly is the best.
  5. It probably isn't a good idea to start this game on "Ultra Violence" when I barely understand all its gameplay mechanisms and upgrade possibilities and HUD information, is it? I like the gunplay, but it's a lot to take in for a new player I am afraid.
  6. Deus Ex made it into Rock Paper Shotgun's "13 best RPGs to play on PC" in 2020 (here). Also, the moment you enter HK's Wan Chai market, after all the sneaking in grey areas, is just glorious (edit: that screenshot doesn't do it justice, not sure why it is so dark).
  7. Have you installed the GOG version? Runs perfectly and was easy to install.
  8. Of course there are more details and better control mechanisms o in today's games if you compare them with a game that is twenty years old. To me it continues to be remarkable how well Deus Ex holds up, not only gameplay wise but especially in its ideas and freedom and story progress.
  9. It's really fascinating how story and atmosphere pick up after the airfield level, the glory basically starts there. And IMO it holds up remarkably well today (I'm playing it on Hard).
  10. True. It seems likely that it was a once in a lifetime development full of smart and groundbreaking ideas and execution talent. Visiting the Ladies' restroom and Manderley not being amused about it? Still a highlight in the world of gaming.
  11. Yes, it does get better (and more colorful). Hong Kong, for instance, must be one of the most atmospheric levels ever.
  12. Oh, really? Sorry, my mistake.
  13. Not sure why I'm posting this, but after a few hours of sneaking in Dishonored 2 I felt the desire to play Deus Ex again, one of the greatest games of all time (to me personally it is the greatest game of all time). It's absolutely astonishing how influential this game has been and how brilliant its level design STILL IS. The way you can explore the world, talk to people, receive hints and then use an alternative path based on these hints is as contemporary as ever. The way it allowed for different playing styles, ranging from ego-shooter gameplay to stealth game - it basically led the way. An
  14. In "Big Time Adolescence" (the 2019 movie) some kids play Crazy Taxi on Dreamcast and you can see the DC controllers. Just watching it
  15. Two hours in and it's a massive disappointment so far. It certainly doesn't help coming from Disco Elysium, but dialogue and story & character development have been absolutely dismal so far (just landed on Groundbreaker). Also, I can't believe the old "when involved in fighting, just open a door and everything will be calm again" strategy still works in 2020. And with 90 minutes into the game I was able to "intimidate" Reed to just hand over the power module and call back his ARMY OF GUARDS? Oh come on.
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