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  1. Ah come on... This is insane
  2. Thanks, OP. Is this in Japanese only?
  3. Agreed. Gave up on the second playthrough this morning because of this. Disappointing.
  4. Yeah, agreed. Usually I hate puzzles, so this is a positive one for me.
  5. Eurogamer review: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-03-30-resident-evil-3-remake-review-at-times-brilliant-but-not-a-patch-on-its-predecessor
  6. Yeah, agreed. Really loved the police station but
  7. So, is it meh then? Even Nintendolife gave it a 6/10 and based on their usual review practice that is not really encouraging. Destructoid doesn't like the clunky controls either, so 22 quid seems a bit steep for that :/
  8. The 25th is today... so do we know yet what it is?
  9. The Samsung TV app has been quite unstable for me, lot of temporary freezes.
  10. Bought this two months ago and only because of the Corona lockdown am I playing this now. It is SUPERB. I'm playing it on Assisted which still isn't exactly easy.
  11. Hi, Staying at home sucks so I thought watching films set in exotic locations could help. Here's my short list, feel free to add to it. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Hawaii, Rom Com): Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (India, light-hearted comedy): Blood Diamond (Africa, action): Darjeeling Limited (India, comedy): Crazy Rich Asians (Asia, Rom Com): The Beach (Thailand, Action/Travel): Romancin the Stone (Latin America, Michael Douglas Action): Y tu Mama tambien (Mexico, Travel/Drama/Comedy):
  12. alex3d

    Nintendo Switch

    As to Xenoblade: as someone who's played every single Xenoblade game I have to agree with its critics. To me, it feels like the devs got lucky with the very first Xenoblade or did a particularly good job with it. X and 2 were dramatically worse.
  13. Why does Gamecube emulation work on Wii but not Switch (Atmosphere)? Isn't Switch supposed to be more powerful? And is it better to use a Wii or Wii U for emulation?
  14. alex3d

    Nintendo Switch

    Hey, wait a second. I thought they'd bring Metro Exodus to Switch?? Is it really just the Redux remasters?
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