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  1. This pleases me far more than it rightly should. Tetris 99. Loads up super snappy, and then boom, you're murdering fools right away in the best Battle Royale game out there and it's just bloody Tetris.
  2. So I guess I figured out how to do a Wrath deck with The Watcher. Super fun run. Start off with the 250 gold bonus in exchange some damage. Immediately pick up Molten Egg from the first shop, so I guess I'm taking Attack cards from this point. Very quickly end up with 2 x Reach Heaven, so Act 1 is now just about not taking too much damage until the 0-cost, 40 damage Wrath-boosted Through Violence cards come out. Relic for the first boss is Black Star, so fuck it, now we're hunting Elites too. Somewhere along the way I pick up the relic that lets you take +2 max HP instead of taking a card, so that, plus multiple Sash Whips make it so Block is now a dirty word. Inflicting weak and healing up is my savior now. Four upgraded Ragnaroks and far too many useful Elite relics later, job done. Ended the run at 126 maximum health. I do like this character a lot.
  3. I'm trying to complete the Ascension levels with all 3 characters before allowing myself to move up any further. I'm up to A17 or so across the three older characters. For the Silent, I'm finding that Poison stacking is really the only way to go at the higher tiers. The Watcher seems really neat, and definitely the character with the most burst damage potential so far. She has two pretty reliable ways to activate a double/triple damage multiplier through Divinity and Wrath, and the A1 run with her I completed last night posed little challenge at all. Very much looking forward to the higher difficulty levels. She almost feels like the most 'tuned' character for what the game is, especially against single enemies - if you can line up the rhythm of her turns, to get her Calm and defending when needed and then bursting as much damage as possible when the enemy isn't going to be hitting you, it's powerful stuff to say the least.
  4. Less what it was missing, more what it required... Windows Vista.
  5. Frosthaven announced! Coming to Kickstarter next year. https://boardgamegeek.com/blogpost/97777/isaac-childres-heads-north-gloom-prepare-frosthave
  6. Friendship ended with Recluse, now MOUNTAINTOP is my best friend. This quest was no fun at all and I do not recommened any sane person doing it. But if you must, there's 3 more days of Momentum Control left. Grab your Fighting Lion/Play of the Game combo, and leave both your brain and your soul at the door.
  7. RIP in peace Recluse, you beautiful, broken bastard.
  8. You know what they say about Giant Bomb written reviews - you wait six months for one, and then two come along at once. Both from Jeff? Being a parent does weird things I guess. https://www.giantbomb.com/reviews/control-pc-review/1900-792/ - Control https://www.giantbomb.com/reviews/gears-5-review/1900-793/ - Gears 5
  9. Lets see some builds! Synthoceps is the only exotic armor piece that's dropped with semi-decent stats for me, which is fine. The combination of Hammer Strike + pop Super for Synthosized hammers is still a pretty decent source of boss damage for most situations, and relatively easy to get going as long as there's a few basic enemies around. Hoping for a good roll on some Peregrine Greaves though, and would love to build something around that with High Strength, or even just Monte Carloe for melee ability regen. The rest of the build is based around High Recovery armor, with the affinity split between Arc and Solar. 100 Recovery is just great, one of those very basic gameplay changes that you can very much feel on a moment to moment basis. Coupled with Dreambane mods and Recuperation, it means that there are a lot of outs for getting back into the fight after taking damage. (Side note - I don't know why anyone would take any other Mark other than Solar, considering its the only one that gets Recuperation. And for what it does, 1 energy cost for it seems like a bargain.) In terms of affinity mods, fairly evenly split between SMG and Machine Gun mods. Enhanced SMG Loader is obviously great with Recluse, but the combination of Machine Gun Ammo Finder and Machine Gun Reserves/Loader makes 21% Delirium even better than it already was. It's pretty great pulling it out to find there are over 200 bullets waiting for you in the chamber. Pulse Rifle ammo finder is just there in case I ever need to switch back to my Blast Furnace - and even if its not being used for that, it's helping to keep Recluse fed if nothing else. All 3 damage types are covered, which is all but necessary for some of the high-level Match Game modifiers. My hope is that Thunderlord gets a decent Catalyst - I'd more than happily trade Izanagi for a decent legendary pulse rifle and swap out 21% Delirium if Thunderlord became capable of doing decent DPS again. All in all, still not sold on elemental affinity as a concept, but it is what it is for now. Back to the grind for high-level upgrade components...
  10. See, I was sure they would, but then this week's TWAB hit, and the main focus is... Striker Titans. And considering people have been complaining about those for what seems like forever at this point, yeah, I'm inclined to agree that it might take a while for Recluse to get hit. Main points of note: - One-Two punch shotguns/Tempest Strike power combo is a bug, said bug is being squished. - Bottom-tree striker Titan supers getting hit with the patented Bungie nerf hammer(tm). It's a three-way smack - less time will be regained during the Super for Super kills, increased Super cost for performing light attacks, and you'll no longer regen health on Super kills. Dawnblade Warlocks also getting tuned down too, but nowhere near as much. - One-Eyed Mask will be getting attention from aforementioned hammer in a future update. - Bunch of Steam invite functionality stuff added. - Some more mods and mod flexibility being added next Season for Armor 2.0, including the ability to stack the same mod (like Hand Cannon Loader) for a multiplier effect. Which is nice. https://www.bungie.net/en/News/Article/48319
  11. To all you new Reclusers - do yourself a favor and run a couple of rounds of Escalation Protocol using it before it gets the inevitable nerf. Just stupidly broken in the best possible way.
  12. And how! Hold it dear for now, and treasure each day it remains in your life.
  13. Pretty sure you need to slot your Chalice (in the Quest section) with as many active runes as you have slots unlocked before you can run the Menagerie.
  14. Problem is, there's nothing to differentiate that one glowing icon from any of the others that are now completely bombarding new players as soon as they get past the first mission. And just from a logic perspective - why put them behind Amanda Holliday? Why not create a new pillar or something very obvious in the central part of the Tower, like how the missions for the Solstice or other events get distributed, one that signals these are 'memories of prior campaigns' or something. Having to force new players run around the back alleys to find Amanda to pick up a couple of small icons to get to what is essentially *the main game* is just bad design.
  15. Hah, congrats! Of course, what this also means is that (maybe without realizing), you've now also completed the Glory requirement for the Mountaintop quest this season. So all you need to do now is equip a grenade launcher in every slot, and go to town in PvP for, i don't know, eight thousand matches. If you see someone firing off Fighting Lion rounds like they were racquetballs during Iron Banner next week, come say hi.
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