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  1. Just typing this as I spam A on my Switch to craft a load more bait for some more late night stringfish hunting
  2. Just sim the remaining games of this season on football manager
  3. Lol Diva the annoying frog was fishing where I wanted to construct my log bridge so had to smack her around the head a few times with my net to get her shifted.
  4. Thanks @Mr Do 71 and for the cherries too. Got a food few turnips but nothing compared to your haul
  5. My AC time hadn't updated even thought my Switch has... how do you fix that? Hyrule is awesome @skittles , giving me some inspiration for my island.
  6. You still on, do you have Dodo code?
  7. Selling for 107 here, anyone with a better price open for visitors?
  8. What? Again? Ffs, they went forward a couple of weeks ago, when I was in California. I'm being robbed of so much time this month.
  9. What time does turnip lady show up tomorrow and until when? Will I need to set an alarm?
  10. Azrael

    Pokemon Go

    I've been using Togekiss, Metagross and Venusaur. Have won 9 out of 10 battles with that team today. I'm sick of Cobalion, I just want a Rufflet.
  11. Set up Blathers' tent and paid off my first mortgage. Caught another couple of sturgeons too. Charging the Switch again for some more playing later.
  12. And now it's thundering on my island
  13. Made just shy of 50k from selling tarantulas, got stung so many times though
  14. Nook Miles ticket has taken me to Tarantula Island. I'm not ok with this.
  15. I take it where ever I put Blathers' tent he where the museum will go? I'm still locked to a tiny portion of my island because don't have a bridge built yet or a pole vault.
  16. Sturgeon caught with my 7th bit of bait. Easy.
  17. So far I've got apples that are native, peaches from the letter from mom, and pears I stole from my travels. And a random coconut that I must have also picked up somewhere. What's left? Cherries and oranges?
  18. I've travelled to some random island I got Dodo code of from Twitter and have just had Covid 19 arrive here from China.
  19. I bought a tambourine from your store.
  20. Add me plz: SW-3647-1755-5786
  21. Anyone open for visitors? My island is dead boring because I've not long started.
  22. Is where you put your tent where you have to live forever? I wanted a specific spot on my island but couldn't get to it at that point
  23. Got my game and was already to go into Animal Crossing lockdown but my Switch is completely out of battery so can't play yet until it's charged.
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