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  1. Oh FFS. Met Goose again and did the this is for you thing so could give him the post of himself. First I nearly gave him my other diy bench and laughed to myself about how stupid that'd be. Before then immediately giving him the creepy doll i bought earlier instead of the goddam poster again
  2. I just carry one with me all the time and drop it wherever when needed. Doesn't everyone do that? Though I'm on my second one now as I accidentally gave one to Goose when o wanted to give him a poster of himself. Still at least the next time I visited his house he was crafting away on it and gave me a design recipe
  3. How many stupid Bunny Day recipes are there and what's the total amount of these crap eggs I need in order to eventually craft all this shite?
  4. Failed in my attempt at making a tarantula island. Got one right at the start, then nothing but tiger beetles. Rubbish
  5. Paid off a mortgage from Turnip profits so getting a second room tomorrow. Also found a spot for the Sonic Sisters to set up shop.
  6. Also caught a Peacock Butterfly while there which is new for me
  7. Thank you, had a quick run around the island but paranoid about losing connection and my bells so left sharpish. Left some bells outside your house.
  8. Thinks working again if you're still able to.
  9. Just tried visiting to sell my turnips but apparently the server is down for maintenance. I am cry
  10. Azrael

    Nintendo Switch

    Mario Rabbids has been on my to buy list for a long time. But any free time I have is going to Animal Crossing atm. If my company does the decent thing and closes up shop for a while then that might change.
  11. Azrael

    Nintendo Switch

    Apart from all those amazing games, and the Wavebird, the GameCube was shit.
  12. I'm getting increasingly annoyed by the balloons. Any time I try to do anything I hear that sound and have to grab my slingshot and go running. Making very little progress with anything else today.
  13. Fucking all change and busy on my island today. Obviously that creepy Bugs Bunny fuck is here with all his eggs, first new villager has moved in, Celeste is here for some reason and some beatnik called Harv is pottering about stoned out of his face and talking gibberish. And there's cherry blossom, and new bugs and new fish and OMG so much!
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