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  1. Yass!!! We screamed so much at that penalty save the dog here ran away in fear
  2. Could be worse, could have a fit Harry Maguire available instead of no CBs.
  3. Looking forward to next month when our CB pairing will be Klopp and Mighty Red.
  4. "He's up against an idiot"
  5. Could always play both of them, Firmino started with us as a midfielder so could drop back to the tip of the three in midfield.
  6. Fucking love Jota and so happy that Shaq was involved (both times)
  7. Friday night game meant i forgot to make my transfers this week. Just as well as the plan involved getting rid of Bamford
  8. FFS just noticed the game tomorrow is one of those bullshit PPV ones, u assumed that the late kickoff was due to it being aired on regular Sky Sports or BT. Can get to fuck if they think I'll be paying for that, back to the illegal streams it'll be this week.
  9. VvD, Matip, Thiago and Alisson all missing for tonights came. Cant see us getting anything from it.
  10. Maybe this will be like when TAA got his chance when Clyne got injured and this is when Sepp van den Berg steps up and amazes us all by being our best CB. If we still have him that is or did we get rid of him too?
  11. Ooh, just seen Kyriakos Papadopoulos is on that list. Weren't we linked with him several years ago? Seemed like a bit of a psycho, get him in just to make this crazy season even more mad.
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