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  1. Azrael

    Pokemon Go

    Managed 2 shinys from 12 raids.
  2. I always wanted Liverpool to sign Keisuke Honda.
  3. Or worse; recall Karius.
  4. Hopefully not the only trophy we win this season
  5. Yas! Happy Adrian made the save and it wasn't just skied by a Chelsea player
  6. Can't deal with seeing us lose another penalty shootout
  7. Looking much better now.
  8. He was clearly rushed back for the ACON and still not fully recovered.
  9. Fuck VAR for robbing me of FL points, give Dendoncker his goal back FFS.
  10. One of the best bits of that video is when Robbo chucks one of them away and you can tell he's close to saying "that can get tae fuck" but manages to stop himself.
  11. At least it's not Mignolet that we have as back-up.
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