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  1. There is a new "last minute equaliser/winner" animation which is going to get old fast, and I thought the graphics looked sharper. The new camera really bugged me though, after a few online games which clearly weren't matched correctly due to the lack of PS5 players, I went back to PS4 for online play!
  2. cheers gonna come now but probably do two trips as i've been greedy this week - will tip !
  3. wish i hadn't sold mine now at the 273
  4. ok will do - i'll check in here on and off throughout the afternoon and send it to people who are interested
  5. 273 here - I can be open for most of the afternoon but not sure of the best way to deal with - dodo code or just post it here as I should actually be working :-D I won't be able to open the gates until about 1.30 though
  6. Hello - just added a bunch of people, would be appreciated if some people added me as I figure I should utilise the online functions of the game ! friend code is 4742-6088-7942 - native fruit is pear
  7. Kingston branch? I bought £26 of stuff from CEX, got £78 credit for it, going to try and get ticketmaster vouchers with the game credit, therefore getting to go to some over-priced shows at sensible prices!
  8. Patton doesn't seem to age, its very strange. I haven't been to Brixton in years, mainly due to how shitty the sound is there. Anyway FNM was definitely an improvement over when I last went, but I agree the sound is still pretty appalling for a venue that has a show pretty much every night. Wembley Arena still wins for worst venue in London though.
  9. I bought a copy a few hours ago..paid by maestro
  10. i'm joining the bandwagon requesting an invite please!
  11. i've just got season one on dvd..this show is fantastic, i never though anything would come close to the mighty sopranos but this has the potential to top it
  12. i've got front row tickets for one of the qeh gigs
  13. i found a copy in hmv and a copy in fopp today (southampton), so they are still about. worst case scenario, if my copy ever comes from cd-wow i'll pm you and we'll sort something out
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