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  1. Purin

    Nintendo Switch

    Same, mine goes down too.
  2. Purin

    Nintendo Switch

    Thanks for the compressed air tips. I'll get a can and give it a go.
  3. Purin

    Nintendo Switch

    My right joycon control stick is off wandering on it's own. I've tried the recalibration but it's still knackered. Do Nintendo fix these things, and how much is it likely to set me back?
  4. Parker trying to impress a senior authority figure Somoene flirting with Aunt May Snarky comments from "MJ". I guess it worked the first time!
  5. That looks like shit. National Lampoon's European Vacation x Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer
  6. Purin

    Star Trek Discovery

    Is Discovery season 2 on Netflix this week?
  7. I'm old school as well, so still buy the odd blu-ray, especially anime. Ta.
  8. Damn, I've got Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Funimation.
  9. Is this on blu-ray or any streaming services?
  10. Yep. Unless they go to EA or someone I can see quite a few redundancies, unfortunately.
  11. Destiny has a really bad whiff about it now. I really doubt we'll see Destiny 3. Let's hope Bungie do something good.
  12. Purin

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwaiZL51H6I (How do you embed YouTube vids?)
  13. I usually turn down the voices and music in the settings. Ambient sounds and gun sounds are all that's required really. All the other info I need is on the map/hud anyway.
  14. Same. This is on a standard OG Xbox One with a normal 1080p TV.
  15. Few games of Blackout...I really prefer PUBG. Multiplayer is lots of fun though, and thankfully runs really well on my launch Xbox. They REALLY polished it up after the beta.

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