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  1. Thanks, sorted it (though the one in your quote now doesn't work!) and also added an audio link . There are loads of little bits in there like the circuit board issue, it's great watch / listen.
  2. I think that Kinect was / is a clever piece of kit too. Voice control, facial recognition and gesture control are all common place now and used many times a day to great effect on the smart phones / devices that we can't not have by our side 24/7. There's no argument at all that these features aren't far better implemented (seamlessly so) and put to better use on current devices than they were on Kinect so a part of me wonders if Kinects biggest problem was it perhaps being ahead of it's own time with a lack of ideas and experience in how and what to use the tech for leaving it dead in the water. If you've not seen it before then there's an interesting podcast that details the RROD issue: Extract: Full (very interesting IMO) thing here: Audio link: https://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/1/0/c/10c1797fbf6b66c2/Podcast_Unlocked_Episode_201.mp3?c_id=9327622&cs_id=9327622&expiration=1593958617&hwt=8f19630cb516010bef57735c001cf0c0
  3. womble9

    Xbox Game Pass

    You’re in for a treat! I played through it a few months ago and loved it! The gameplay is as solid as ever but it now also looks (IMO as I’m a big fan of these updated older games) all kinds of lovely !!
  4. Nice review. I’d seen a short trailer for it that didn’t do half as good a job of selling it to me as your review (it looked very generic and samey throughout location wise) and it also (understandably) didn’t manage to convey the charm of the characters . Also just seen that when it comes to Xbox it’s free on game pass and is already on there for PC.
  5. Assault Rifle's now based on a large paperclip, the Rocket Launcher on a permanent (bullet tipped of course) marker pen.
  6. 100% yes and here’s a full why! Games loading way faster and at 4K / 60fps and those games not only being new releases but also my current (massive and game pass enriched!) catalogue, coupled with a dashboard that for me has evolved into something that’s perfectly usable, personally for me make it the most attractive next gen machine yet!! Considering I started with a C64 (circa ‘83/4) and have owned or had the chance to own pretty much every home computer / console since then, that’s saying something !!
  7. womble9

    Xbox Game Pass

    The games that are leaving on the 15th. Any idea quite when on the 15th / is there set time at which they normally go? I'm close to the end of Riptide GP Renegade (it's no Hydro Thunder but good enough in its own right) and have some free time whilst working from home tomorrow that I could perhaps juggle round to suit!!
  8. I saw the other week that someone suggested (as I too had been thinking of suggesting) perhaps putting a few game play pic's / screenshots in with your reviews. Just a took a look at this one and I see that you have. Good call as it makes reading the review much easier on the eye and it's always good to see what you may be buying into .
  9. I loved Alienation too, seriously underrated game imo (going by me not seeing / hearing many raving about it) but Nex Machina, honestly it’s AMAZINGLY good!! Plays like a dream and is polished to perfection!! Oh and it’s got a brilliant atmospherically very well suited soundtrack which is on Spotify .
  10. Yup, simply load the game and ”Kerplip” it goes .
  11. That sounds ideal fo me as I'd rather play and pick up tips as I'd likely forget forget what I'd seen learnt in the tutorial! I'm That's just what I wanted to hear!! I downloaded a Solitaire game a bit ago on the switch and whilst yeah it's solitaire the feel of it left me vey cold. I'm a bit funny like that!! Oh and it's a top game, someone who's a bit of a beginner can indeed do rather well if the dice go their way. off to Splendid, thanks. It sounds great! buy this now .
  12. The enthusiasm / positivity being shown for this has got me interested. Can anyone vouch for Solitaire and Backgammon as playing well as I love both games yet the feel of them can make a big difference as to how they play if that makes sense!! Is the play style / feel of all games similar? as if so I’ll give the demo a go. Also do all games have a decent tutorial with them? Rather embarrassingly I’ve yet to learn to play chess and would love to get stuck into it !
  13. Aw bugger. I've never played the game in my life and have probably barely played a fighter since MK1 then 2 in my local / Powestone on my DC so I'm likely knackered with this one!!
  14. I'm free tonight for us to give and take a few victories to each other?
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