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  1. womble9

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Been meaning to grab this for an age and have just seen that there are cheap copies of the complete version (naturally my prefered choice) for sale on ebay . Does anyone know for sure / from experience (google seems a little inconclusive) if on an NTSC version the DLC is on the disc and as such will work just fine on a PAL console??
  2. womble9

    Arcade Club (Bury, near Manchester)

    I had no idea that there was a Leeds one opening soon!! As a somewhat more mature gamer, much of my early gaming was indeed done in arcades with me as often (every 5-6 weeks) as I had cash going to either penny arcade Leeds (Gauntlet and Nemesis) Harry Ramsdens in Guiseley (Slap Fight, Double Dragon, Nemesis), or one in Wakefield (that I had to get two trains to!!) that had the insanely good at the time two seater Virtua Racing, Nemesis, Salamander, Vulcan Venture, Alien Syndrome and a good few others too!! As such I've been meaning to take the 1 1/14 hour drive to Bury for a good while especially as the owner bought a massive 36" Toshiba CRT (quite possibly the heaviest thing ever made) from me to use in there and said that in return he'd let me and a mate in for free. Anyway never got round to it now but I'll 100% be going to the Leeds one as it's only a 10-15 minute drive from where I live. That said it's also only a 20 min bus ride and literally 100 yards from there there's a cracking pub (The Kirkstall Bridge inn) which does some great beers and lovely food too. Leeds meet anyone?? It's dead easy to get to for anyone coming into Leeds, with load of busses taking the 10 mins tops journey out of Leeds centre and passing within 30 yards of it. Beer. Food. Video Games. Beer. Video games (repeat as required) .
  3. womble9

    Crackdown 3

    It's free with gamepass .
  4. womble9

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    It got some (pretty fair tbh) criticism when launched with it having a good few niggles (bloody camera!) but they listened and a chunky update ( https://www.playtonicgames.com/huge-console-patch-now/ ) fixed pretty much all of the issues / tidied things up nicley making for a much nicer experience. IMO if you're a fan of BK then I'm sure you'll find it to be very enjoyable .
  5. womble9

    Xbox one recommendations.

    Another vote for grabbing Gam Pass from me too. It offers crazily good value for money and most of the games that have been recommended to you are on there Heres a link to to the current (as of 8/3) games that are on it... https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-03-08-xbox-game-pass-games-list-price-6010
  6. I was sceptical of it before giving it a go but then found I loved it. For me it positively oozed atmosphere .
  7. Ok so late home after a long day and heading to bed so haven’t got time to check all this out but shiny shiny 4K 60fps Reach can be played on my one x when please?
  8. womble9

    Crackdown 3

    Loving this (will speak more about that later) but for now I thought it might be helpful to point out one niggle that hopefully the dev's will add to their snag list. When you've got subtitles on, at times (and especially when there are a few lines of speech and accompanying text) the text often is put on the screen later than the spoken word and is somewhat out of sync. ie half way through the second sentence of speech the text is still showing the first sentence. People tend to read faster than they speak (or in this case listen to speech) so it seems if anything like the pacing of the text is wrong way round. It's not a massive deal (ok, I'll be honest, it's getting right on my tits !) but with the game delivering so many lines I'm finding it's happening a lot of the time and it's somewhat turned on its head the level of narrative assistance that subtitles can offer .
  9. womble9

    Xbox One Console Thread

    What's the 8 bit style game I'm seeing there?
  10. womble9

    Nintendo Switch

    Yes any bluetooth headset / headphones will work with that but (there's always a but) some headphones will have an amount of lag to them. I found this with my bluetooth headphones (I picked up on it straight away when playing Hollow Knight) when I bought one of these bluetooth adapters https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/bluetooth-Audio-Transmitter-Receiver-Type-C-USB-Adapter-For-Nintendo-Switch/223053162920?hash=item33ef0129a8:g:kpYAAOSwUXFbSDsd as whilst it employs low latency tech my headphones didn't. So I bought a low latency set and whilst they were fine lag wise I just found the whole thing a bit of a faff / not too portable so just bought a pair of decent quality / easy to fit in my switch carry case wired in ear buds which sound great and naturally are completely lag free .
  11. womble9

    Trials Rising

    Just the disc on console, either on PC iirr. If it's digital for console that your after then CD keys are selling both editions (Xbox only i think) at £17.79 and £26.99 (worth trying the -5% fb thingy on top of that too) .
  12. womble9

    Trials Rising

    If you’ve not already grabbed it then CD keys are (well, certainly were earlier) selling the std digital edition for £17.99. Oh and full fat gold with to be released dlc (which I think is £16 alone) can (if you’ve got 100 ubi points) be had for £23.99 from their store, delivery to me was crazy quick .
  13. womble9

    Trials Rising

    I've (LaughingAssasin) added you too. In fact the reason I nipped on here just now was to see if any more Xbox players had showed up as my friends list for this is a little on the light side (though Meatball alone had me chasing one time (still not bettered it!) on a track for probably about three hours yesterday, arrrghhhhh !!!!)!!! Hopefully some more people will show up soon . As for your feelings re the first the previous Trials games, I felt exactly the same. The first two were superb with me sinking hours and hours into them often just chasing a tenth here and there . Fusion though, man I was so so disappointed by it. I loathed the look of it and as much as I'm sure it's probably a very similar game in so many ways, it just felt (and to me looked) wrong. Probably spent less than ten hours in total on it. Perhaps I should give it another chance some day. Right having just read MBs hints and tips I'm off to get stuck into this for another hour or tw...elve.
  14. womble9

    Trials Rising

    Well bugger me with a splintery fence post if Ubisoft didn't actually go ahead and deliver my copy yesterday morning !!! I'd nipped out and lady that was in doing some admin for me had taken it in and safely popped it to one side!!! Big thumbs up to Ubi for their insanely quick delivery as it did indeed leave Germany on Tuesday and got here at 10:08 yesterday !! Right time to add a few more of you (I've got a few of you pending so please check your Ubi accounts) and then have a half an hour of my late lunch getting acquainted with my latest serving of digital crack!! Also I'm Xbox one as LaughingAssasin so fellow Xboxers please add me as a brief look on here seems to suggest that the Ubi friends thing isn't quite the real deal.
  15. womble9

    Trials Rising

    Did anyone order their physical copy directly from the Ubisoft UK store or have any experience as to how long their deliveries normally take? Ordered mine on Monday teatime after seeing that I had some points that I could use to get a 20% discount and that it would be sent by UPS 1 day delivery which instead of being their usual £9.99 was free. Late yesterday afternoon I went to track it. There wasn't a tracking number with the order so I called their (very friendly / helpful) customer service dept who found the tracking number for me which I then duly popped into the UPS tracking site..........oh.......... Ach nein .

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