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  1. Asking on here because I'm figuring that people in this thread are often using the e-shop, can someone please give me some advice as to how the flip I get the two point authentication thingy to work when wanting to log into the e-shop on a desktop? I've got the app on my phone and as soon as I launch it I get given a code but every time I try it I get told the verification code is wrong. I have googled it and a load of people seem to have the same issue and say that going into the app's settings and syncing the time correction for the codes works but.........I can't find that anywhere in the app's settings?!?! Also can someone refresh my memory as to the site that handily lists the games that are on sale complete with metacritic scores / multi region pricing. I've got UK and US accounts / credit on my Switch and was wanting to have an evening of new game greatness on it having not picked it up in likely 6-8 months .
  2. Could anyone point me in the right direction of streaming service that I can perhaps watch todays game on? Naturally if such things are frowned upon (or against forum rules) then please do say and I'll quietly slope off with the slap on the wrist that I've asked for!
  3. That looks great!! I'll certainly be giving it a go a bit latter on .
  4. It’s cropped up a good few times now on Hotukdeals and has been commented on as working just fine .
  5. I’ve had to do the same with saves as and when needed. I’d thought that surely there must be a way of doing them all in one go but it seems not?? Please tell me that I’m wrong!
  6. It’s still on there. I’ve been chipping away at it for a couple of weeks and I find it pretty good fun with a couple of hrs of play time absolutely flying by. Some of it looks lovely too .
  7. Good (50 points!) point .
  8. Oh and I've just noticed that they've put the MS Rewards top 10 back up again. Just get one achievement in and one of the following games: Gang Beasts, Hades, Enter the Gungeon, No Man's Sky, The Ascent, Art of Rally, Twelve Minutes, Overcooked! 2, Omno or Maneater and a jolly generous 500pts you shall get !
  9. Just checked myself and I'm getting the same error. I'd imagine it'll be sorted pretty quickly.
  10. Yup that's what I did too but slightly different in that I walked down the jetty and then shot the Duck from there. Despite it being dead it was still kind enough to come floating over to me allowing me to grab it and bag my points .
  11. Furthermore it’s on Game Pass so that’s my lazy bank holiday Monday sorted .
  12. I saw it when it was on gamepass and thought I’d have a quick go……
  13. Trust me, these days it's waaay better (and nearly all of the time fine for me) than it used to be!!
  14. Just taken a look in options and it turns out that “Always Run” is set to ”On” by default!!
  15. Just had a quick 20min blast on Quake on Series X. It’s bloody lovely! EDIT: For anyone that gives this a go (and you really should, it’s a superb FPS) and finds things a little too speedy for their liking, well I’ve just taken a look in options and it turns out that “Always Run” is set to ”On” by default!! Oh and that 20min quick blast is now a 1h and counting “those chores can wait till tomorrow” session!!
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