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  1. womble9

    Nintendo Switch

    Hmmm, just seen this on the Nintendo site: Possibly a push to clear the current model to make way for the new one(s)?
  2. womble9

    Nintendo Switch

    Did you get one sorted? If not then ebay are doing a 20% off thingy that you can use at the AO ebay store. £295 for the Switch with MK8 and BOTW would be my choice / is pretty damn good though there are other deals if that one doesn't take your fancy .
  3. Hells bells that is horrendous!!! Monday is 100% D day for me. If it's no go with a replacement (I know this sounds a tad twatty but it really has become a principal thing for me now) then I'll go the ODR route. If that gets me nowhere then it won't be for lack of trying and I'll then gladly (I love tinkering with stuff) pull the poorly assembled so and so apart and breath new life into it with some loving applied thermal paste treatment! Out of interest which SSD did you pop into yours and is the transfer process of data from OE internal HDD to SSD simple enough?
  4. Thanks, that's pretty encouraging / sounds simple enough to perhaps be worth trying . I did finally get hold of someone (one of the managers at the service center) who at first had been saying no we won't / I can't do anything but yes I agree with what you're saying again and again (soooo frustrating!) who has now finally said he'll ring the MS store it speak to the person that told me it is two years (says it should be easy enough as details of who I've spoked to will be detailed on their log) and then hopes to have a solution for me. I'm not free now to take said call till Monday teatime (which he was fine with) but if it doesn't bear any fruit then I'll go down the ODR route as my heels are now firmly dug in . If they do agree to sort it (and I'm slightly optimistic) then I've got a brand new surplus to requirements tube of Arctic MX4 (more than good enough for the job and certainly waaaaaay better than the Edam rind like cack that MS use) that I bought today that I'll send your way. PS your surname, wouldn't happen to be Spencer would it?
  5. Mind me asking how complex and how long it took to fill out and how quickly you got a response / everything sorted once it was submitted? In other news I called the MS store today and they've said they only deal with warranty claims and returns for the first 30 days from the date of purchase after which issues get passed over to Xbox support. They did however agree that it should indeed be covered for two years (under EU law) and even sent me a link to the UK warranty details on MS's site to give to the service department. It states it as being a 12 month warranty but also states "IF YOUR COUNTRY’S LAW GIVES YOU ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY, INCLUDING AN IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ITS DURATION IS LIMITED TO THE WARRANTY PERIOD" . Personally I'm not 100% sure if when they say that (boldy bit) they mean it's duration is still limited to the 12 months that offer or they're accepting the 24 months of the EU warranty? The guy on the phone seemed sure it was the latter and has transferred me to the service department* *Who after a grand total (the sales dept and then service, probably half and half)) of 1h 18m of politely but firmly, no sweary words etc pointing the above out to them again, and again and agai Zzzzzzzzzz...cut me off !! Larry, each time I call welcoming me to the Xbox family and saying they can't wait to help me out is starting to grate a little!
  6. Your previous post made me think on about that a little bit. I was indeed through to support (out in Hungary IIRC) when indeed taking the issue to the Xbox store (bit like taking it back to Currys / Argos etc, had I bought it from there) who are MS's retail division as opposed to their support section might well do the job. I have got some thermal paste turning up this a.m which (going by other posts / youtube vid's) I'm more than confident of using and I'm pretty sure that it'll do the job but I'd love to have some faith restored in MS by letting them sort it .
  7. Yes they do apply to the retailer but in my case (having bought it from the MS store) as far as I can see (and I’ve looked for exceptions and can’t see any) they are the retailer so said retail law applies to them. Both the MS advisors that I spoke to (who were both very polite / nice) were aware of the law but both of them said that MS’s policy is one of giving 12 months. Each time when I quoted the law to them and said I found it borderline immoral (not to mention illegal) that they’ll happily take £200 from me whilst they’re openly aware of the law I was met with an awkward silence. It was kind of surreal to have them on one hand politely agreeing with me but then completely refusing to sort it and has certainly soured my thoughts of them.
  8. Yeah I've spent a while reading up on it / watching vid's on YouTube and I'm fine with doing it. Just kind of pisses me off that MS, who are still going around telling anyone who'll listen how fantastic the One X is (I'd told loads of people how great / quiet it was) won't stand by one when it goes belly up and will happily take £200 off you to fix it whilst completely ignoring that they're supposed to give two years warranty on it!?!
  9. Yup, a quick Google shows that you and me are far from alone. Seems kind of crazy to me that after the RROD fiasco there'd not be a huge safety margin built into the One / One X and madder still that having worked so hard to do a great job of rebuilding Xbox both as a product and service after the announcement / launch mess, that they'd then stick two fingers up at a customer with a relatively early premium product failure.
  10. Has anyone had any joy with MS fixing their One X when out of warranty and if so how? Mine used to be whisper quiet but has been getting louder and louder over the last few months and last night shut down twice due to overheating. It's an 18 month old Scorpio and despite me (very politely / non smugly) quoting the EU 2 year (which seems crystal clear)/ UK 6 Year (not q so clear but had thought the EU law would have me covered anyway) warranty to them they're not budging one bit. They did offer to fix it at a cost of £204 and also happily pointed me in the direction of the EU Online Dispute Resolution but I can't say either of them really appeal .
  11. I took the plunge and went ahead with it. It didn't actually give me another payment option (which I'd thought it would) but instead added the £15 to my existing balance which I then used to buy the game. That said I've checked and the balance that it's left me with hasn't got an expiry date so clearly it did take the £15 and then a further £9.99 from my original balance, so all's good . Right, time to go get a gazillion guns and shoot some shit up .
  12. Excellent. So whilst at the moment I've got the option to pay using PayPal or my MS credit, once I've cashed in the points (which I've never done before, hence the newbie cautiousness!) for the £15 that'll show as another option that I can use in full and then pay the rest with PayPal yes?
  13. Quick question guys . I've got just over 15000 points and there's currently an offer that gives me £5 for 5000 pts and £10 for 10000 more of them so I was going to cash them in and put the £15 I get towards Borderlands GOTY which is £24.99. If I do that then will it automatically use the £15 that I've just bagged (which I'm lead to believe expires in 90 days so I'd rather use it asap) and then let me pay the rest with Paypal (I've got a ballance on there) as opposed to using the money that's currently on my Microsoft balance (non point accrued so not going to expire)?
  14. Balls!! Just been up into the loft and it turns out though that my BL1 is just the standard one / non GOTY one and each of the DLCs come in a at just short of £7 a go. Anyone know if the XB One remaster that has everything on it is getting a physical release in the UK (I can only see US versions for sale with crazy delivery / import charges) as I'm an old fashioned disc lover. Failing that does the 360 GOTY version run well on an X as there are a good few cheap ones on ebay or is the One version that much better (I've gone 4k) that it's a no brainer and to stop being a luddite like tight sod and grab it?
  15. Thanks for the reply / pointing me in the right direction, can't wait to get stuck in .
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