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  1. Monkeyboy

    Crackdown 3

    Wow, Crackdown 1 actually looks more advanced in nearly all areas.
  2. Cheers. I've got a PS4, so think I'll just take a punt on the game itself.
  3. How often does he say nothing?
  4. Guys, I'm so close to pulling the trigger on this and also a Pro. Is there any noticeable difference to it running on a Pro?
  5. Agree. I wish there were more RPGs of this length. Makes replaying not feel like such a chore. I've just started again and gone for a super dumb, super strong, super charming character. Some of the dumb conversation options are great. I'm putting a lot of points into melee and defence and wow, I'm a total beast with a melee weapon. It's easier than using guns on my first play through! I'm smashing the shit out of Marauder Ring Leaders really early on. My aim is to just mindlessly bludgeon my way through the game like a drunk, winding people up with stupid talk. And still come out the hero!
  6. To be fair to Gord on Taxi Driver, I think when I watched it for the first time, it wasn't what I expected either. I'm not sure what I expected to be honest. And I remember not liking it much. But subsequent viewings have proven how wrong I was with my initial feelings about the movie. It's a monumental piece of film making.
  7. Didn’t they end up patching that mission to make it easier? It drove me fucking crazy how hard it was.
  8. I saw the behind the scenes video on YouTube for that, and thought it was just a joke! Didn’t realise they would actually be in it!! Video in spoiler..
  9. Yeah, I didn’t really have a problem with the ending. I imagine there’s quite a few different ones given the choices on offer, so probably the easiest way to do it. Overall, I’d say I enjoyed the game but it feels typically Obsidian: lots of good ideas maybe hampered by a smaller budget. They always seem close to doing something truly great but just coming up short. I hope Microsoft chuck a load of money at them for their next project. Alpha Protocol 2 please!!
  10. It worked! Thanks again. Game completed!
  11. Thank you. I’ll try that as well. I’m at level 30 anyway, so hopefully not too much of a problem.
  12. Byzantium for me ended up like... Don’t know if it was like that for anyone else.
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