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  1. I took a break from the TV show as I got a bit behind with the books and have just finished Cibola Burn. Has season 4 gone beyond that?
  2. As much as I loved the seventies thriller vibe of the first one, I'm kind of glad the series flopped. Cruise is wrong for the part. At least it's getting a TV show now.
  3. It's why I tend to stick to thrillers these days. Even if it's a series with the same character, at least they're one off stories. For SF, like Ste says above, at least there's plenty of one off classics, so I read those as well.
  4. I would say there’s only one instance that’s really graphic, that made me wince, and it happens quick. Other than that, a bit of blood gets splattered around, but nothing you won’t have seen before.
  5. As long as the remake has something like this...
  6. I’m not watching season 3. Life’s too short.
  7. Mission Impossible: Fallout Enjoyed it more on second viewing. Bumped it up a star. Still a shame that Cruise’s much heralded HALO jump looks fake for most of the scene. 4 out of 5
  8. I don’t think the beginning has to be amazing, just enough to get the reader interested. A good choice might be to start in the middle of a scene without too much build up, scene setting or back story. Something will probably suggest itself whilst writing. What genre are you writing in?
  9. “This used to be a great place for hunting slash.” What a line!
  10. Season 4 of The Professionals is on Prime, but not seasons 1 to 3 for some odd reason. Not that there's any overall story arc or anything, so it probably doesn't matter too much. However, it's the remastered version, which looks great.
  11. I think the first Just Cause was good at this as well. There were huge areas that had next to nothing in them, mission wise. You could end up miles away, parachuting into some mist shrouded valley, totally isolated. But I don't think the sequels have quite captured that same feeling of isolation.
  12. And given the random nature of it, out of all the people they’re saving, surely a few would turn out to be assholes, murderers, dictators etc.
  13. Yep, can't recommend The Old Guard at all. It's boring tripe.
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