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  1. I've just started this. Never bought it on PS4, even though I meant to. Anyway, it's currently a fiver on Xbox. Loved the snooty waiter.
  2. Yep, I've done this before when I've found a crashed ship I wanted to go back to. Just construct and plant a beacon next to it, and you can always find it again. Besides, you don't need to repair every single thing on the ship straight away, just enough to get it off the ground, and then you can repair the other stuff (hull fractures etc.) as you explore.
  3. Have they changed the caves again? They seem to have gone back to the slightly more outlandish look of the game's early days. Prior to the update, caves looked more realistic but a little bit bland. Had some hideous pop up underground with loads of stalactites drawing in right in front of me. In fact, the popup in general is a lot worse for me. Buildings sometimes don't appear until my ship is right next to them.
  4. On the portable refiner, I can’t seem to alter the amount of stuff I want to refine. The left and right arrow buttons don’t work. Anyone else had that happen?
  5. What's behind those Atlas pass doors? I seem to remember it's just a room with another pot plant in it.
  6. Nope, the 10000 slots are in the main game as well.
  7. Space stations. Other places as well, but that's the easiest one.
  8. There used to before the update, but I can't seem to find it now either.
  9. Nothing to do with being a miserable fuck though. It's just shit.
  10. Well fuck, I never knew that. Lame.
  11. I'm totally not up on current VR headsets and how to get them to work with an Xbox One. Which headset should I go for? Is there only one option? I dunno, pretty clueless here.
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