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  1. This is the official SRO licensed game of the GT World Challenge. So it features only the GT3 and GT4 cars and circuits featured in the different SRO competitions. The game doesn't have any mods, and has a much tighter focus due to said licensing. It's brilliant, for GT3/GT4 racing. It doesn't have the extensive car and track list as other games (35-ish cars I think, and 16 tracks) but it means the online racing isn't spread so thinly over multiple classes and events. It's wonderful!
  2. @SANtoOos I'm absolutely gutted your game crashed The 'head in hands' moment on that video was pretty brutal; was such a shame.
  3. That reminds me, my qualifying session was epic yesterday. Hooked it up remarkably to set a good lap for 6th, but crossed the line with seconds to spare to do a final flying lap which got me to 4th. Was the most satisfying qualifying session ever for me.
  4. You can have it whatever you like in-game, the name used for the server is set up on my end and I made a mistake in the entry list file so it used your in-game settings rather than your forum username. So set it to whatever you want in-game now, because on the rllmuk server it will just shows as 'Mars' regardless of your in-game settings
  5. Awesome! Cheers @Meers. Btw, 'Arc Turus' is 'Mars', I messed up his steam ID in the entry list so it didn't show his forum name in-game.
  6. It's new for me too It's cool to learn new tracks but I had a quick go and was all over the place.
  7. Next week we're at Paul Ricard for the Sprint Cup. Race start times below:- Server is set up for practice.
  8. mmm... it feels like a slightly higher weighting should be afforded to a race win so I've bumped up the points for 1st place a little...
  9. @Meers, for the spreadsheet and scoring for yesterday's race... looks like everyone down to 12th finished...
  10. Shall we go with the following scoring @Meers? Basically the same as what you posted before but down to 14 (so we can split the points for the sprint cup) plus some adjustments for the Blue Riband.
  11. You're supposed to attach it to the flux capacitor bus conduit interface. Same here. Was totally buzzing last night. I didn't have a really eventful race, but there was something about Imola that was more intense and magical than usual.
  12. We need to be able to halve the points for the sprint races, so maybe go down to the top 14.
  13. Yeah, I'm up for changing it around for this season. I'll have a look at drawing up a new proposed scoring system.
  14. Just a thought... I think next season we'll spread the points out a bit more... that way the guys at the bottom can actually earn some points and have that fight for positions in the league. Having the top 10 earn points was fine when there were less of us, but there's a good size field now which is awesome
  15. Great racing guys Here are the results:- https://simsource.azurewebsites.net/results/ecdg0770e88d?tab-=race
  16. Well it's no major bother, because posting in two threads isn't a hardship... but I was merrily posting in the sim racing thread about hardware for a good while and now there seems to be this other thread about wheels... which I think existed from before the general sim racing thread and was bumped. So there's similar conversations being had in two places.
  17. Would be better to merge I'd say, and have a general sim racing thread.
  18. Doesn't look like there are updates to the dedicated server EXE for 1.6.4, so we're good.
  19. Fanatec and Thrustmaster have confirmed their wheels are, not sure about Logitech.
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