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  1. Has anyone bought Xuan-Yuan Sword VII?
  2. Ooops All sorted now! Yeah, the racing was a welcome distraction from work, but I didn't realise how tired I was! Working the pedals felt exhausting and the couple of times I spun out I'd just lost all coordination really.
  3. The server is set up for Kyalami practice. Race start will be 14:00 Average ambient temperature for the race weekend will be 20ºC Clouds likely, some chance of rain
  4. I had a mare today! Couldn't keep the car on the track partly because I'm rubbish and inconsistent with any car other than the Ferrari, but I was feeling so knackered due to over-working (I nearly didn't race) and it showed in my driving unfortunately. Shame, cause in the second race I was quite well placed and had a great battle chasing @batistutauk and with @Valver closing right in on me, but I lost it a couple of mins before the end.
  5. Meers got DQ'd for driving the wrong way after the chequered flag.
  6. https://simsource.azurewebsites.net/results/u76y0742c20c?tab-=practice https://simsource.azurewebsites.net/results/u76y0742c20c?tab-=qualifying https://simsource.azurewebsites.net/results/u76y0742c20c?tab-=race-1 https://simsource.azurewebsites.net/results/u76y0742c20c?tab-=race-2
  7. Join us in ACC. My first delve into sim racing was a few laps of Project Cars 2 and F1 2020 but then straight into the deep end with ACC and I haven't looked back, it's immense
  8. Definitely CPU bound. I'm running a Ryzen 2700X, 32gb RAM and 3080 and it's dipping into the 50s FPS at the start of the first open world section whatever settings I push up or down.. . DLSS on/off, RTX on/off, shadows low/high etc... it doesn't really make a difference.
  9. Loads of new special events have been added... long overdue!
  10. Yikes, 18 hour work days means I've barely practiced the last couple of days so I'm gonna be going in very rusty later A reminder that we'll be racing to sprint format rules & timings. Server should be active from 6pm as usual. Here are the latest practice timings:-
  11. I thought you'd end up dipping into the 1:39's @SharkyOB. I nearly managed it a couple of times but you got there in the end Looks like you found those two seconds @Meers.
  12. Yeah, loving it too. Managed to find some pace, but I don't feel like I have total control and confidence in the car. There are times I've attacked a couple of corners and found myself a few tenths up only to ruin my lap, but attacking the same section in a similar way on another lap and I don't gain the same time. Gonna use my next session to try and get some laps down with a race fuel load and find some consistency. It's just so easy to chase those lap times when you're on the server
  13. I did a couple of laps the same too, but they weren't my best so don't count... but the results companion is listing you twice With your best sectors strung together you'd have a 1:40.269.
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