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  1. Thread has dropped off the first page. That WON'T do!
  2. Good shout, yeah it's possible. I'm not sure why I didn't think of that yesterday. I'm not sure whether it would totally reset the grid, or keep you in the pits; but maybe that's something we can try sometime if we're on one evening? Would only take a couple of us to test.
  3. Server is setup for Monza practice. There will be a sunrise race at 5am, then a 2pm afternoon race...
  4. Was just watching the replay. Apologies again for the start, it looks like I just ploughed on through but I was basically skating across the surface. Had no traction at all, so was basically a passenger at that point. Also, my overtake on @Valver felt mostly clean at the time but the replay shows i did squeeze you out to the right a wee bit so sorry for that one dude.
  5. @mrben09 Gutted dude! I had a good race in the end, despite a really shaky start. Settled down and had some good pace, and benefited from incidents in front to take second. Here are the results:- https://simsource.azurewebsites.net/results/a0b507a8472b?tab-=practice https://simsource.azurewebsites.net/results/a0b507a8472b?tab-=qualifying https://simsource.azurewebsites.net/results/a0b507a8472b?tab-=race
  6. Just got my delivery of the elite strap with battery and carry case. Oh my it's so much of an improvement, and having that counterweight on the back of the headset makes it feel so much better. I'm impressed!
  7. Yeah, I had to submit my take on an incident last night (which was totally my fault). I'd imagine I'll get some points added to my 'license' for it. To be fair, the guy that came off worse didn't report it himself (and he has been fine about it) but the server generates incident logs which the stewards pick up so mine was one of those automated ones.
  8. Hungaroring rllmuk GT World Challenge Season 3 Round 5 Morning guys. Who's up for some Hungaroring Endurance? Practice: 19:00 until 20:15 (75 minutes) Qualifying: 20:15 until 20:30 (15 minutes) Race: 20:30 until 21:30 (60 minutes) 1 mandatory pit stop (for fuel and/or tyres) 17:00 (in-game) start time 4x time multiplier Conditions 10°C average ambient temperature Moderate weather variation, potential rain Practice Timings
  9. I predict I'll be close to you guys at the start; but then drop back to 5th or 6th and probably have a battle with @Meers
  10. I didn't enjoy it at all. I felt nervous (not sure why) and put pressure on myself to do well because I know I'm quick around Monza (I've done more laps around Monza and Spa than any other tracks). It was really frustrating qualifying well but then struggling to keep the car on track for the race due to my setup cockup. And totally binning it and going to the back was really disappointing. Just makes me realise how good the Thursday night racing is. I've made mistakes and ruined races there, but I still enjoy it because I know you guys now and it's just a nice night
  11. After tonight, I might switch from ACC to Euro Truck simulator
  12. Had a nightmare race Qualified 3rd (out of 38), but selected the wrong setup when preparing for the race; which was a super twitchy setup that I'd previously decided to ditch but somehow ended up using. Balls. Couldn't control the car. Lost a few places in the first couple of laps due to being all over the place, and then the following lap I just lost it out of ascari and hit the wall. Ended up with severe damage and I had no steering, so had to teleport to the pits which lost me 3 and a half minutes. Had a couple more crashes and pitted 3 times in total and finished second from last.
  13. Cool, the Ferrari EVO can only carry 105 litres and the guys in the top tier had to fuel save to get through. The top engine map in the EVO is pretty thirsty. I'm going to have a practice at changing it on the fly.
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