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  1. Oh they were low requirement servers. 50 or 60. Sadly there isn't a lot of choice if you want to race a specific track. I think I've been lucky with some good races on these servers in the past, and I do tend to avoid a lot of stuff due to being cautious. Just a bad run of luck I think, which is bound to happen. Another problem I have is that I'm slow, so any sort of high quality field is safer but I can't realistically race those guys. I always finish the races. I finished all of these apart from the ones where the cars were teleporting, as I just assumed the server was struggling and you can't race like that. People not finishing races is a pet hate of mine. It's annoying when you're being cautious and avoid all the crashes, only to find yourself last due to everyone behind you that got mixed up in scrapes quitting the server. Obviously the safety rating bonus for finishing the race isn't enough incentive for these people, although I bet in higher quality races that isn't so much of an issue.
  2. That was my worse evening with ACC so far. Up to now I've had some fun in public lobbies and managed to avoid lots of smashes and have had some nice clean racing, but yesterday was a nightmare. I got smashed from behind in two races, side swiped in a couple more from people driving into the track, and then in another two I had teleporting cars take me out even though I was visibly nowhere near them. My safety rating has taken a dive from 80 to 75. It was an awful few sessions. Ended up just doing more practice runs, at least I was being left alone on the track.
  3. Gonna try and find some public lobby Silverstone races this evening if anyone's around.
  4. Unless there are any objections I'm gonna mix things up this Thursday, and start the race at 7pm (in-game time) with a x4 time multiplyer. If my calculations are correct it'll start to get dark as we race, and finish in darkness. Should be quite cool. I've set the server up with these same timings so we can try it out. It'll make the highlight reel a bit prettier at least. I'm absolutely loving practicing around Silverstone. I think my new pedals are making a difference. Managed a 2:02:502 earlier. @SharkyOB and @scoobysi how fast do you go around here? I'm hoping I can start to get a bit closer to you guys soon... EDIT: Ah I've just seen that the alien times are into the 1:56s, so I'm still miles behind!
  5. My last lap chase-down of @Meerman...
  6. Some practice session timings. I do believe this is an rllmuk Racing League debut for the Honda?
  7. Awesome, thanks mate. Downloading now, so this will be my first proper dip into AC I think!
  8. Pad type 2 is fine, but for shorter races I think type 1 would be better. -- Pad 1: Very aggressive friction coefficient, max braking performance, aggressive disc and pad wear. Pedal modulation can be tricky if out of temperature or as it wears down. Use in hotlap and qualifying sessions, sprint races and can withstand 3 hours races. Risky and dangerous to use over 3 or 4 hours because the pads will wear down, overheat and lose linearity in brake pedal. -- Pad2: Very Good friction coefficient, very good braking performance, good disc and pad wear. Pedal modulation almost always good and linear, good feedback while overheating and gradual wear. Can be used in hotlap and qualifying sessions as well as sprnt races as what it loses in performance, regains in braking modulation and predictability. Excellent choice for long endurance races, easily makes 12 hours and can make 24 hours race too with a bit of care. Will also overheat and lose linearity in brake pedal feel when worn out, but in a more predictable way and after much longer stints. -- Pad3: Moderate friction coefficient, braking zones can be longer in dry, very moderate disc and pad wear. Excellent pedal modulation also in cold ambient conditions, very linear pedal feedback. Excellent choice for wet conditions and very long endurance races. Very predictable and easy to modulate brake pad. -- Pad 4, extreme aggressive fiction coefficient. Max braking performance, extremely aggressive disc and pad wear, bad cold performance. This is a sprint race pad that can last about an hour but will show worse pedal feel, worse performance and overheating towards the end of the one hour stint. Those kinds of pads are not used in endurance racing, but included for demonstration purposes.
  9. Got my pedals sorted now. It only took me a few laps to for my times to fall inline, but they feel AMAZING already. So much better. I feel like there is something happening beneath my feet now, so I'm looking forward to increased consistency. I hope I can start to get my lap times down further. I've moved the clutch over to the left slightly, and moved the accelerator up a notch. Feels great... I've fashioned a more stable tray, which the pedals are bolted to... which is bolted to the desk. It's not moving!! Here's my setup now... I've got this rim on order too... I love the one that I already have, but I find my hands moving towards the top of the wheel to help with rotation and it does feel quite heavy. So I'm going to see how well I get on with this open wheel rim, which I notice is used commonly in GT3 cars anyway. Thinking of getting the 8-shifter too... I hadn't really thought about it until @SharkyOB mentioned it yesterday, but now I have the clutch pedal it's tempting to get one of these and start to try more racing with different cars (and finally give Assetto Corsa, the original, some attention).
  10. It's amazing isn't it? I had one of those old crappy 360 wheels and I played a couple of online races with some Green Hill Zone folk back in the day, but I didn't really know what I was doing and didn't really like it. Otherwise it's all new to me too, and I'm absolutely loving it. The experiences I'm having now with ACC and racing with you guys (and even in the public lobbies) are the most immersive and fun gaming experiences I've ever had. For me, only the early days of MMORPGs (when it was all a novelty) can compare to how much involved I feel with sim racing. It says a lot that Last of Us 2 has totally passed me by, despite being really hyped for it a while back.
  11. Go for it!! Sounds like some amazing racing there.
  12. @Meerman I can't believe you ran out of fuel on the last bend. I was denied the chance to overtake you properly!!
  13. Next week is Silverstone, and the server is now set to a looping practice session.
  14. Awesome, yep I'll PM you in the morning with info
  15. Nice race guys. A few of us got into some scrapes but it sounds like there was some clean and respectful driving going on. Here were the final practice session timings... Qualifying Results Race Results
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