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  1. Redd has: Fake: Graceful, Jolly paintings and Mystic statue. Real: Serene painting. Beardo is crafting steel flooring. I'll be afk, but help yourself to anything.
  2. There is an update for the Switch. It allows you to send screenshots to your phone via QR code. No more taking a picture of my screen!
  3. Redds has a worthy painting (always real) and 2 fakes if anyone's interested. Turnips are 122 I'll keep her open for a few hours.
  4. Hi, am I too late for this? It's one of the mush DIYs I'm missing. Thanks.
  5. I'm open all night. Celeste is here with meteor showers.
  6. Bought mine at the shop. Don't want to open it.
  7. Oh no! Did you speak to a packing Rolf on someone's island before? Rolf might mention which island he's from when you first talk to him. Maybe Graham is still on the waiting list.
  8. Can I have this if it's still available, please? I recently sold all my spare DIYs,was there anything you're after?
  9. I don't know, but I'm guessing it was *Checks notes* A certain Jon from Aurora, who also left a dick-butt on my message board
  10. No, you can't choose. They choose randomly, and if it's someone you don't want to kick out, restart the software and try again until they choose someone you want out. It can be a chore.
  11. Yes,I think that's how it works. When someone moves out, leave the plot empty for a day, and the next day Graham will move in automatically. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. I woke to find a rare mushroom and some stones at my feet. Thanks
  12. Was it @Number 28that was interested in Graham? Well, he's leaving. I'll stay open until he's taken. Pure otaku.
  13. Sent! It's a regular recipe, not a Halloween special.
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