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  1. Just found this video - it helps explain pretty well the emotional conflicts between player/character and why it was told so damn well. Worth a watch
  2. I absolutely loved this. Just finished it - and I think I can pin down why it blew me away so much. END OF GAME SPOILERS OBV So I'm not talking about the little details or character motivations etc. It was how it can show that every person or target of a typical revenge story is a human. And they potentially have a very human backstory and very human motivations - both good and bad. By forcing you to play both sides it front and center forces you to comprehend both sides of this revenge story and see the tragedy created by loss and the circumstances of the world - in a way that a movie or book can't do. When you are suddenly the figure you've been hating for 15 hours plus and then for me my heart and feelings towards this individual softening and eventually not wanting to do certain boss/fight sections because of feelings for both characters and understanding their motivations. I was so fucking conflicted I just wanted to put the controller down and not press on. It's funny because the original Uncharted games had this critical debate about how many nameless goons you slaughter for some jokey action movie comedy flick and this is Naughty Dog going full circle and make you see that every one of these savages/brutes potentially has this same back story and while the gameplay still makes you do that - it certainly gave me some pause. Incredible - very sad that so much of the noise around this was from alt-right assholes hating some elements of it out of ignorance.
  3. AC Origins did Ancient Egypt way better than Witcher 3 to be fair
  4. Games on gog.com are drm free so anything you buy there in essence anyone can play?
  5. My monitor has Gsync/120hz/4k/Dolby Vision - HLG- HDR10 HDR/ HDMI 2.1 - perfect blacks and even does TV stuff! Thanks LG for the C9 Best monitor I've ever owned and it isn't even a monitor
  6. Partner doesn't want second hand furniture. Grosses her out - I don't know I just shrug and say "ok lol"
  7. I agree - second hand unfortunately wasn't an option for me due to Mrs so I compromised on the chair I have after doing literally days on end of research and I am genuinely surprised at how great it is - it rivals my work £800 chair for comfort and support in the year or so that I've had it. "Proper" chairs are best and most gaming chairs will be cheap nonsense but there are some decent options for all price ranges. I hear the Ikea Marcus is good for the price also.
  8. Correct - you make the money in the form of steam credit
  9. I used this to get all my cards - didn't have any issues https://github.com/JonasNilson/idle_master_extended/releases I use the steam inventory helper extension on chrome to put them all for sale in one giant bunch
  10. https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=9829-TAFK-1655#:~:text=Steam Trading Cards are virtual,and show off your gameplay.
  11. You don't get them all - about 50% of the cards available for the game 3/4 usually - the rest you need to buy from the steam marketplace or make card packs with gems which you get from breaking down cards you already own. Also not all games have them. I just sell them - so far I've made about £120 in steam credit selling them and I have about 1000 cards up on the marketplace atm (I just paid for horizon zero dawn on PC entirely with card money)
  12. Get a proper chair you luxe dummy! https://www.noblechairs.co.uk/hero-series I got this - comfy as fuck with decent lumbar support but anything will be an improvement what you have haha
  13. Oh its a beauty alright. I basically cooked the books by using PayPal balance I already had so my already cheap (for the ti) £800 gpu turned up as £500 in the bank statement
  14. Uzi

    Xbox Game Pass

    I haven't watched it in a while but this captured how much of an absolute clusterfuck FO76 was in its first year
  15. DLSS 2.0 is fucking wizardry. Native 4k lol
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