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  1. I think they're manually producing each ampere GPU in Jensens oven in his kitchen. He uses the spatulas to apply the thermal paste. Pictured: 30 series production facility
  2. Depends if they've upped production by the time they release
  3. Same - I've got a shopto PS5 preorder so I'll have to make do with a pathetic next gen console until Nvidia actually wants to take my money in exchange for a product.
  4. Same. Back to square one. FUCK Amazon have been atrocious. Normally they keep backorders for things but I'm guessing NVIDIA said no lol
  5. I've had no gpu since July if you have consoles and a backlog you could save some money by waiting for the additional options in October to hit and reassess then.
  6. That's what I mean - they are a bad buy right now. By the time they're not £470 3070's should be readily available. Buying a 2070 super now near to 400 would be folly
  7. Cheapest buy it now 2070 Super is £380 https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=2070+super&_sacat=0&LH_BIN=1&_sop=15 They are currently a bad buy because the second hand prices have gone up following the poor stock of the 3080. It is literally the worst time to buy them - prices will drop once supply opens back up
  8. Wait until the release of 3070 or 28th October. 20 series prices have shot back up due the fucked 3080 situation and they are a bad buy. We are less than one week after launch of one card . Its shit but you don't need to resort to overpriced 2018 video cards.
  9. The deleted zotac tweet said it would take them "weeks" to fulfil the orders so I think if they hold - Oct/Nov is a good possibility.
  10. I have faith in the amazon.de order too. Right now getting a RRP or near RRP 3080 in the forseeable future is going to be near impossible.
  11. Yep - it is still new tech and should end up in the more reasonable range of storage prices which have gone down pretty nicely over the years
  12. Anyone with shopto orders knowing when they will let you pay and when they will confirm if it is a launch day one or not? I had a mid May register interest turned into a preorder
  13. Good luck! There are rumours that Navi 21 will hit as a 16GB card for $499 and would probably slot in between 3070/3080 for pure raster performance. Hopefully the release puts a stop to this price gouging bullshit with some competition on the market.
  14. Guys remember the watchdogs and GeForce now offer as it stands is you will only get it IF your card is shipped and invoiced by 20th October i think. Which is so shitty as many will go beyond that due to no fault of their own.
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