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  1. FWIW I've heard the stadia version is very impressive for the hardware it's running on. Would certainly beat all the current console options. If you don't have a high end pc forget the consoles and get it on stadia if you can't wait for the next gen update
  2. I don't doubt that. It's just Issac's original post was pretty much all about raytracing so just pointing that out! You wouldn't notice it which is great news because you can enjoy it without needing a £1500-2000 machine. Others can definitely see it - has nothing to do with pixels and nor is the difference minimal on any kind of objective level tech wise. The video does lose detail in youtube compression - I definitely remember it looking better on my screen with everything maxed out and RT on psycho settings. It's easily the best looking videogame graphically I've ever seen - not
  3. Stadia uses AMD graphics hardware that is not ray tracing capable (even latest amd gpus only very recently got RT capable on cyberpunk) so unless they changed stadia hardware it definitely doesn't have ray tracing enabled.
  4. Thanks guys - left it off and yep - HDR off looks more like HDR than leaving it bloody on
  5. @Thor @Opinionated Ham Scarecrow Hi guys - sorry to call you out but didn't want to scour thread due to spoilers but just got this in PC today. I had an inkling the HDR was fucked before but didn't know if it was fixed - after Odyssey which had amazing HDR this just looks dark and dull. Did you guys turn it off or keep it on and mess around with settings? On OLED C9
  6. No one is going to buy anything from the app store. Basically MS's game presence on PC is Game Pass and their games on steam. Epic gives away a free game every week to try and engage people with the store so while this is good for devs - unless it creates sales for them not sure what impact it will have.
  7. Never had any such issues Are you playing sound through a receiver or sound bar as that can cause an audio delay if not set up correctly
  8. The idea of you using your sought after box of resentment just for streaming a very limited amount of movies is pretty funny
  9. Having seen the list of digital only games that will be lost - the big thing here is clearly the principle rather than the lost access to these items specifically. FOMO would be driving any panic buying of these because in the years and years of owning a PS3 and Vita - I've never given a fuck about the majority of those things and I doubt I and many others will now. And because this appears to be a general point about software preservation - it doesn't really justify downloading games you probably wouldn't have cared about if there wasn't a clock counting down until it can continu
  10. Anytime you update your bios it will reset your bios settings. I take pictures of my settings before doing it for fan curves/xmp etc and then plug it back in.
  11. Well all enabled now on my older system with a 2018 CPU and motherboard tech. Nice
  12. I have a 8700k and Z370 board and an update has come out for my motherboard bios a few days ago to enable this. Basically what @Opinionated Ham Scarecrow says - the support is wider than what is on the Nvidia website Edit- brain fart
  13. A console or phone updating is no different and just as risky (ie not very unless your power goes out mid firmware update)
  14. Any indication that you couldn't redownload your content was pretty far fetched to be fair. They just don't want to maintain the store front functionality which always seemed the case.
  15. I'm playing other games and I'm genuinely missing the time I sunk into this over December. It was one of those once in a generation games where I totally accepted the flaws - forgot about and immersed myself in absolutely everything else. I'm dying to redownload it and do another playthrough but I'm going to hold off for DLC.
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