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  1. Oh yeah forgot to update my refund fiasco. So after epic approved my refund (twice) and not getting the money after two or so months they said it isn't their problem. I tweeted the egs store account and thst was ignored too so I complained directly to their payment merchant (xsola I think) and got the funds in a few days when I did that. That should have been epics job to figure that out but guess telling customers not to fuck off and fix their refund problem themselves is maybe a feature in a later update? Sincerely Rich entitled angry snobby pc gamer
  2. https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/311142-save-approx-60-on-gamepass-ultimate-for-3-years/
  3. I believe its expired. It was a scheme where you could convert your existing gold subscription to ultimate game pass for £1 so people were able to just buy three years worth of gold at approx 35 to 40 per year and then add it all and get 3 years of ultimate game pass for around 120 The link is in the bargains folder!
  4. Especially since most of us got 3 years of game pass for a stupid price recently
  5. How much does a single character cost? This will be Honda fighter v for me
  6. Omg. E Honda! After 3 years might finally reinstall this thing
  7. Uzi

    PlayStation Classic

    Bought one too purely to be a SOTN box
  8. Search your email for "shenmue 3 survey" and you should get the link to change the option
  9. Spent an hour today going from 99.60 to 100 percent and then quit without saving Ah well got the achievement
  10. To be fair they disclose that buying from them rewards the cyberpunk devs best - Tim Sweeney specifically said Epic's lower cut should translate in time for better prices for customers.
  11. 5 days! And you got your money! Lucky! So far been ignored on twitter. Anyone got tim sweeney's email address?
  12. Credit card so that is a last resort, but I'd rather avoid that in case they have the draconian response of blocking my account as I have bought quite a few games in the sale. It really is frustrating how much time and effort has gone into something which should be painless and despite all the missing features, I was really willing to give the store a good go at being a serious source of pc software for me given the generous free weekly games and the dev split. But this has soured that and I'll stick to any other storefront which has treated me better as a customer. This is a company that is willing to promise a refund, remove the product from my account and then not pay up has essentially taken money from my pocket and told me it isn't their problem. I can't support that. You can have a storefront that treats devs better which is great but that's pointless if they treat myself as a customer like dirt. I've tweeted epicgames so let's see what happens
  13. So basically after eight weeks of me chasing epic game store for a refund they approved in mid April they've said this to me today "Thanks for writing back to us again. Kindly note that the particular refund was processed the same day that we last contacted so the funds were issued directly back to the payment method that you had used. For any additional questions regarding accessing the funds, you would need to please contact the financial institution that works with your payment method. Please feel free to contact us again if you need anything else, we'll be glad to assist." They've basically told me to fuck off lol. For the record I used the exact same payment method for another game that was refunded fine so the issue is definitely with them and not my bank. I cancelled it at pre order stage so its not like the game had even been installed so its not unreasonable to expect my money back. They've basically charged me £23 and given me nothing except wasted time and some rather condescending email replies with no effort whatsoever to look into the issue or find an alternative solution. Pretty terrible customer service so I'd say beware and only buy something you're absolutely sure you might not change your mind on. Do they have a twitter presence I can reach out on as the email support are useless?
  14. I backed a PC and PS4 physical version and the change doesn't bother me but I can see why people are annoyed. In 2015 you only expectation of a game on PC would have been on Steam. People backed knowing it was their preference and what would reasonably be delivered so it is a bit of a bait and switch for the people who helped fun the game when it practically didn't exist. Oculus rewarded its kickstarter backers with a free headset worth £600 - Deep Silver piss them off rather unnecessarily. When steam games launched on the oculus store, the devs were given remit to give people codes to duplicate their games across the stores for ease of use and preference because a publisher can give our keys like candy if they want to. It's plain bad customer service. Gerbik gave a way to solve it that would be insanely easy so its just a dumb fuck publisher being a dumb fuck and taking on poor PR for no reason. To be honest, between Steam, GOG, Origin, Uplay, Twitch (free prime games), Battle.net and now the Epic store I genuinely forget sometimes which launcher I have which game on. Roll on Galaxy 2.0 - the one launcher to unite them all. That and Epic still haven't managed to get an approved refund from April of £23 is pretty annoying despite recently being told again they had sent payment through. I know you pay developers more but that doesn't mean you fleece me for 100%! *carlton dance*
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