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  1. I did but it was more bemusement at having no idea how it was occurring. I've done a little more digging on this PS3 thing - this is an older video but it looks like if you have the PS3 serial no you are golden - then you just need to know the ID
  2. They should really disregard information before the hack. It's nonsensical to consider information before then as some form of validation.
  3. It was the first console - imported from Japan. The Sony hack in 2011 - I wonder if that had serial info in what was breached
  4. https://www.resetera.com/threads/playstation-account-recovery-requirements-are-ridiculous.332117/ Looks like the PS3 serial is a thing even as late as Nov 2020 which is nuts. I've removed that info for now and let the team now the hacker may be claiming to have my PS3 serial
  5. On pc all the ultimate edition is give you DLC. There are zero tech differences
  6. Given that I sold it in late 2006 I am genuinely not sure! I never got any notification after selling it (the account was tied to my email and only mine for years which Sony confirmed) so the person didn't try and get in and change anything. I just logged into my account and I my PS3 (the one I own and is sat here in a cupboard) and PS vita are still activated. I try and deactivate all devices to make sure but it says you can only do it every six months
  7. The guy has also changed the name to Lil Uzi I may now understand the fascination with the bloody ID:
  8. @gooner4life Thanks again for the tip
  9. UPDATE I emailed Mr Jon Budden's office yesterday and got a call about an hour ago from the executive team. Stayed on the phone with me for about 40 mins getting everything sorted and now my account has the protected status to prevent any bot or automated changes. I'm still stumped to how they got in but as well as deleting all of my friends to play with his buddies to play Fortnight/Rogue Company/Warzone (obviously) he has also changed the primary account to Finnish and in the address field he wrote this: I suspect it is a message from the hacker to the ki
  10. I will defo write to them tonight thanks
  11. Well when you go to forget password there are options other than 2FA - maybe some security questions? My original email is intact - both are in fact. Odd
  12. I did that with the second email I used.
  13. Thank you - I will do that. But isn't what you said a good thing? If it is that hard for you to change password it would a lot harder for a hacker then?
  14. The vast majority of my games are on Steam/PC so all good there. I still have a huge collection of PSN content (having the account for over 13 years helps with that) so definitely going to change the ID as I can't give that up
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