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    Google Stadia

    Cancelled my order this morning. The whole tech around it in general interests me but this is looking so half baked its unreal. Just bought some LEGO instead.
  2. This was probably one of the biggest surprises for me at an E3 conference in years. I grew up spending HOURS on MS Flight Simulator 3.1. It blew my mind at the time. I had the conference on the TV last night and turned to my wife during that melee 4v4 game and mentioned how I feel old watching these types of games now and not feeling any excitement. Minutes later I was screaming "FLIGHT SIMULATOR!" in her face. Top stuff.
  3. How does he not simply topple over with all that shit on his back?
  4. This is absolutely fucking hilarious.
  5. This was the same for me. The night I tried my Gear VR I was sold on the whole concept. Even though the resolution was pretty naff it still sucked you in. I still like to use mine for photos. If you've never tried VR before I'd say its a great jumping on point.
  6. As I understood it you scored tickets for each flag regardless of how many you held. So it was difficult to come back once a team got a lead as they only had to hold a couple of flags and see it out. Now you have to be holding a majority to get any points at all.
  7. Your team only scores points if you hold a majority of flags.
  8. Absolutely. Pretty much play exclusively on Frontlines and since they've changed to this points system it's completely fucked. Once the enemy has pushed you to your M-Coms there's almost no incentive to carry on as it's now very unlikely you'll push back in time to even the score. You can see people starting to drop out as you hit that point. I wish they'd revert back to how it was. If no ones detonated both M-Com's its a draw. The games used to feel much more epic. The HDR seems a mixed bag. Thought it looked stunning on Argonne Forest. Made some others (like Soissons and Rapture) look a bit washed out. Anyone fancies a game sometime I'm on PS4 - Links2K7.
  9. Just realised they do Outlander too. I never watched it after that fucked up first season finale.
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