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  1. Same with the toilets right? A starship needs to have net zero mass change.
  2. Sony aren't greenlighting drives. If Crucial says it meets the specs that's as good as it gets.
  3. See thing with that is, it's explicitly intended for actual speakers at the TV, not headphones, so I dunno if it'll work if the audio is actually coming out of some headphones.
  4. Oh cool, if the current dongle works I'd be surprised if the new one doesn't. Just make sure to plug it into the PS5 for 3D audio, I don't think it does 3D audio if the sound goes to the TV first.
  5. The PS5 headphones use a USB dongle, they aren't Bluetooth due to the latency. If your TV can play audio via USB dongles it'll work, but I don't think many do.
  6. Well there was the Metal Gear Solid demo (obviously), but MGS came with a demo of Silent Hill, which I'd only read a tiny bit of a preview of and it sounded vaguely a bit boring; a scary game? Pfft, unlikely! Absolutely shat it when I finally got to the point that you flip into the hell dimension. I had someone not realised it was a thing. Okay, I didn't buy the game, but my mate did, and his copy of SH did the rounds at school for a year I think.
  7. Sony replaced mine when I phoned them up about that.
  8. As much as I shit on Prometheus, at least it was enthusiastically, obnoxiously bad. Covenant is just boring, interspersed with bits of Prometheus-level awfulness that can’t elevate the movie to true trash.
  9. The original was devoid of anything except tomato lava and two beans so it's not a massive change.
  10. I believe Bobby Bajillions has a legitimate interest in a Republican political career, which would sound insane except the last president of the US was literally a serial sex offender who had run down his inheritance on incompetent business ventures to the point he's now owned by the Russian mob.
  11. You saw the same stuff when GamerGate was in full swing- wee Reddit pubes coming out of the woodwork to try and pick any tiny hole they could because it helps them turn it into a "well they're just as bad as the other side" or whatever. It's an avoidance tactic; if they can go, "well look, this person is exaggerating XYZ", or "well they're getting all this publicity off it, they're in it for the fame as much as anything", or "well this one person did a bad thing that one time", they can convince themselves it's all performative and resume their smug detachment from everything. They're annoyed people care so easily when they are working so hard not to, and only weigh in to try and exhaust everyone.
  12. I'm baffled that anyone read Kotick's response and saw anything other than a shareholder-appeasing piece of boilerplate. Nothing will fundamentally change. It's straight from the corporate playbook Riot read from- you make some non-binding overtures to fire anyone who isn't following policy or is obstructing people following policy (which the company would be doing anyway, so when they don't actually fire anyone they can shrug and say everything is fine), then hire a union-busting consultancy to go through and identify troublemakers who might start organising; this is done under the pretence of "listening sessions" so Activision management know who to "manage out" of the company to avoid future embarrassing walk-outs.
  13. So about £100 for 500GB/ £180 for 1TB, sameish as the XBox?
  14. This could definitely be Konami making a complete shitshow of trying to tease an MGS remake in the style of Kojima.
  15. https://hard-drive.net/bobby-kotick-announces-new-apology-letters-will-be-written-by-alternating-teams-at-treyarch-and-infinity-ward-each-year-for-foreseeable-future/
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