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  1. I'm not sure, but it's an absolute cap- any larger drive will not give you more usable space.
  2. It can take up to 2TB, although only 1.75TB of it will be addressable. I’ve got a 1TB in mine.
  3. Spacehost


    Platinumed. I really enjoyed my time with these broken Muppets and the titular Cronenbergian hellbeasts. Weirdly late 90s energy to the whole thing.
  4. The struggle is real. Not too long ago I tried to get a game we’d shelved a year or two previous up and running on an iDevice with a newer Mac than we’d previously used, and I could not get the fucking thing to compile, because umpteen MacOS, XCode and iOS library changes had happened and the version of MacOS I was on couldn’t run the version of XCode with the right libs to compile the game. Either we directed engine programmers to help me integrate two years of changes into the game or we just shrugged and showed a video of the game instead. We chose the latter.
  5. I mean, copyright in many jurisdictions even has provisions in place where if you deliberately give away or even simply decline to enforce some rights, you lose them and can’t claw them back later- I can’t imagine any creator or publisher of anything wanting the default to be, “if you don’t let people buy this for a year, fuck your legal claim to your own work”.
  6. Source code alone would be far from enough- nowadays you’d also want the rest of the build toolchain, which will involve proprietary third party tools used under licence, which even the most generous of developers would be in extremely hot water for sharing and may have been modified by the developer such that the “off the peg” version isn’t appropriate. That’s assuming you don’t need the original 2D and 3D art, music and animation assets as well of course- and there’s no guarantee that you don’t. Game preservation in the, “we need to be able to compile this title again for an arbi
  7. It won’t be that, only one of the three batches (one base beer) had fruit added and they were all equally infected (as far as how they have behaved, anyway). I’ve dumped the lot as it’s all at the “gusher, but at a push, you could drink one” stage, and about to move into “oh my God, there’s so much broken glass” phase. I took a gravity reading for shits and giggles; the IPA has dropped 4-5 points since bottling, which (short of a diastaticus cross-contamination from the saison) could only come from naughty bugs. A successful failure, anyway. I’m now drinking a
  8. Oh it's not the fruit- I used sealed bottles of compote, basically sugar syrup and feijoa halves, it's totally shelf stable. I had to dump all the beer in a BIAB bag and squeeze it out to get it in the fermenters due to my siphon clogging. Which involved me using my hands, because it simply would not get out due to all the hop matter. That's your infection source.
  9. I think it’s definitely infected. For one, I have magic self-emptying bottles of the feijoa saison, just pop the cap and let it fizz over. For another, the feijoa saison still tastes fucking grim, getting worse by the week. Glad to know what an infected brew is like at last!
  10. I love taking gravity readings! Any excuse to have a little beer at lunchtime. Pretty sure this batch is infected, so I'm checking every couple of days to see if the beer is beginning to gush. I'll dump it if it starts looking suspect. Next lot is a Kitchen Sink extract brew to use up all my odds and sods and clear out a corner of the freezer for the next brew. If that winds up infected as well I'll have to start dumping equipment.
  11. Die less, idiot. I only played it on PC and PS5, I could see it getting annoying if it was much longer.
  12. Gotta love a wort chiller. Been tempted by an iSpindel, but I know it wouldn't actually help that much- I haven't got the capacity to alter ferm temp much, and I've not run into any stuck fermentations yet, so I know it would just be another graph to stress about.
  13. You've got until the 27th of August to buy it.
  14. I'm starting to think no one actually knows what this means.
  15. Wonder Woman 1984 As a superhero movie that revolves neither around the hero punching something nor collecting a glowing cube, this represents a profound shift in the art. Very entertaining, and a bit of an adventure movie. Very distinct from the first movie, and the better for it.
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