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  1. Just worked for me, but a bunch of them downloaded updates.
  2. Yeah, sounds like mine a bit. Although I'm not the bloody Fan Whisperer.
  3. Obligatory bottle art.
  4. I know, right? But us book lot get to enjoy that to ourselves. I wouldn’t rule out Ultimate Last Man Standing Winner 3,000,000 Years In A Row immortal Amos though.
  5. Going off a sneak peak io9 have, they’ll be bringing up the “Protomolecule killers” stuff in Season 5. I think it’s entirely likely they’re merge the Laconia ideas in with the Free Navy stuff, and have it all wrapped up by the end of season 6.
  6. Judging from a sneak peak io9 has up, they’re starting to frontload some late-books ideas already, so I could see them tying up both the books and the show with the same general ideas (albeit, maybe not some of the final book trilogy stuff).
  7. Why would you write such a salacious set of lies? I bet your dad beat up Mike Tyson and your wife is Jennifer Lawrence. No one has such a thing.
  8. This is a really common issue. One potential workaround is to make sure the pad is plugged in before you turn the console off, apparently.
  9. There's a setting for the triggers in the options menu, so I dunno when they come into play but you'd expect them to. Would be great to have them rebound back on you when you parry.
  10. It'll be fine then. If you've not noticed anything then it's absolutely fine.
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