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  1. My SMASH that tasted like bad tea has completely smooth out after a week in the fermenter. There's a tiny bit of astringency but it in no way detracts from the flavour, if anything I want to have another mouthful to check it out again. Glad I didn't chuck it. Gonna maybe dry hop it to give it a wee boost but it's EXTREMELY drinkable.
  2. Worst case, use it to make stew.
  3. I remember it turned all the water in BG&E into a spinning hellscape of grey daggers.
  4. Do a couple bottles with puree and see what it's like. You could invent some hot new trend or have a nice story about how you knocked back a bottle, and the lump of puree from the bottom launched down your neck like you were being deep-throated by The Blob.
  5. If you're doing BIAB, could you transfer it all into your bottling bucket with your brew bag inside, and pull out the bag to take away the pulp? Might be an oxygenation risk though if you're not gentle about it.
  6. Look at this pair of absolute units. My tropical is exceedingly cloudy but I’ll live with it. Just hurry up and ferment you bastards.
  7. Hope it wasn't a huge batch, but you could gift it to people and bullshit it enough that they think it's meant to taste like that. "Aye, it's Bavarian Arschelicter, it's flavoured with pig colons".
  8. In the official podcast they confirmed the new title screen is Catalina Island.
  9. Tou lot clearly haven't watched Tim Rogers' 3 and a half hour analysis of how great TLOU1 is if you're wining about a nice concise 50 minutes.
  10. Awesome. I guess it means I did an effective cooling then? Goes to show, don't panic.
  11. Well now I have no idea what the fuck is going on. The nasty stuff is gone. @minstrels heeeeelllllppp
  12. It's more likely than you think
  13. Basically last night was me trying to do everything from memory, and seeing where I could "optimise my workflow" (skip some stuff). This is the result. Lessons: Sparge based on the volume of grain (2L a kilo max) Move from the boiler to another vessel after cooling to aerate so I can leave the crap behind Aeration does seem to help I did a wee gravity read on last weekend's beer and it's about 95% there. It also tastes fucking astounding. Another week to settle down, then dry hop and bottling.
  14. Yeast lumps, I think, plus general krausen. I did a very aggressive aeration and overpitched considerably so I think it went a bit nuts- it's enough for 10L in a 5L carboy.
  15. Okay, so I MAY have completely fucked it. There was no attempt whatsoever to filter out trub before it went into the fermenter, and I rounded my pitched yeast to the nearest half packet, and... That's a lot of not beer in the bottom of that.
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