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  1. The build quality issues are well documented, but in any case my negative experience was primarily with MS customer support
  2. Nah, it's a great controller, I'm not soured on it - I just prefer the standard model and I think the Elite's build quality lets it down.
  3. The bumpers on the Elite feel absolutely great but they're susceptible to breaking - the two are actually comprised of a single piece of plastic that's very thin in the middle to allow it to flex. Repeated use of the bumper (e.g bumper jumper controls) cause the thin plastic to snap. I killed mine after 200 hours of Titanfall 2, the left bumper being the most used button. The third revision of the bumper in the standard One S pad (the bluetooth version) is miles better - that's still going strong after another 200 hours of TF2, although the knurled finish on the sticks is starting to wear a little now I prefer the bluetooth pad to the Elite. It doesn't get warm due to the lack of rubber and has a neat textured finish instead. It's the best of all the controllers IMO.
  4. The metal domes (the bit the actual thumb-sticks magnetically attach to) are themselves slotted onto the plastic stick of the analogue input sensor that's soldered to the circuit board. I assume there are either issues with the manufacturing tolerances of the parts, or that repeatedly pulling the magnetic thumb stick part off pulls the dome up slightly too, gradually wearing the plastic stick until it no longer grips the dome part as well. Then the sticks rattle when the pad vibrates and you can feel them slide on the plastic stick when you click them. I suppose whomever owned the "certified" replacements before me was a fan of pulling the magnetic parts off a lot. In any case the collection of human skin and hair in the replacements was inexcusable. The d-pad's particularly bad - if you look at a teardown video it's just clipped in place with a wafer of metal. On the regular pad that's fine because there's no way to pull up against it (unless you're trying to break it), but the magnet in the Elite d-pad is quite strong, so if you remove the pad a lot it loosens the clip and the d-pad becomes loose and wobbly. It's all the sort of stuff that could be sorted out with a simple revision. The bumpers are a common complaint - the newer revision that came with the One S is rock solid by comparison in that respect.
  5. Repeated crashes, lost save progress, youtube tutorials, broken in game tutorial (something related to hard-points I recall). If I'd been on the preview dash I could have got a self-service refund, but as I wasn't and other people were saying how great MS were with similar issues I asked.
  6. I was talking subjectively, which is what matters when it comes to customer service It's not much use MS being the best according to the internet if, when you call them up, they let you down - more than once in my case. As for my Elite controller...
  7. Xbox One Console Thread

    A couple of months ago I created a child account for my son; my account is the parent account. My credit card is attached to my account and I used it this week to make a purchase. Today my son's account is asking for me to sign in, and make a non-refundable $0.50 payment to prove my age so I can continue to authorise what he does on his child account. Has anyone else run into this? It seems pretty cheeky to be asking to charge an existing and recently proven payment method as a way to prove I'm an adult. Yeah it's only $0.50 but it's probably adds up to quite a lot of easy money to prove something they already know. EDIT: According to support the fee will be refunded, which isn't mentioned in the support article: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4090274/microsoft-account-parental-consent-and-child-accounts
  8. PS4 Pro

    It's probably got an unlocked framerate on the map like Horizon, sending the fan crazy.
  9. My Elite controller broke and MS support were diabolical - I had to use the EU dispute resolution system to get a refund. And I asked customer support for a refund on Elite Dangerous because it was so obtuse (youtube video tutorials, really?) and they told me to do one. In some cases MS support is good, in others not so much.
  10. The Walking Dead!

    Yeah, but they appeared to decide it could be trusted.
  11. The Walking Dead!

    What a train wreck of a season.
  12. Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    I noticed last week that they've added a note about griefing to the messages shown in the load screen. It says something about using the scuttle option if you're suffering from being griefed. Which is fine and all, but sort of admits that the game as it stands currently is really quite prone to it.
  13. PS4 Pro

    It seems possible. Stock at Amazon has been really low since January, and they only have the white in stock now and then. I assume there's a revision of some kind on the way (not necessarily a slim version, mind).
  14. In the case of Northern Exposure, I think it was that it contained so much licensed music (multiple tracks per episode, from both well known and lesser known acts, with 100 episodes), that Universal couldn't justify perpetual licensing for home video releases. EDIT: <Speculatively Googles "Northern Exposure blu-ray"> HOLY SHIT! Blu-ray, fully restored, original music. <Faints>

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