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  1. I agree they've shown stuff that looks beyond current gen, but aside from the Gears 5 video Issac posted I've not seen any confirmed gameplay running on Series X. There was that showreel video they showed at TGA along with the Hellblade 2 render, but all of that footage, even if it's captured on the Series X, hasn't been described as realtime gameplay of the sort I assume people want now from Sony. They're obviously both going to show real gameplay at some point, even if it's a shinier/smoother version of a game they'll also release on their current gen machines. However I think that folk saying Sony need to pull their finger out and show the PS5 games right now, because their tech reveal was sub-par, aren't really thinking how little we've seen of Series X either, outside some news about services and a DF video.
  2. MS haven't shown anything 'real' running on the Series X showing what it can do above their current hardware. Don't they need to do that too?
  3. Why the sole focus on Sony showing PS5 games? Have MS shown any real Series X footage (the Hellblade 2 thing wasn't realtime according to DF). MS have done a better job of speaking to the masses about their tech, but neither has shown any games. Doomed!
  4. Err, that’s exactly what the PS4 does. If you remove the network cable or your ISP is down it just works, offline. By default. Edit. Garwoofoo typed sign off instead of sign on. Perhaps that’s the source of the misunderstanding?
  5. No, that was the Digital Foundry video about the PlayStation 5 video.
  6. I agree, and it's weird because MS customer service used to be amazing. Back when my 360 got RRD they gave me a free wireless headset in addition to the repair. I received several brand new 360 pads when they developed stick drift and so on. Yet when my Elite broke the only option was a 'refurbished' unit - which was in worse cosmetic condition than my like new unit, and was also full of gunk and hair and had knackered sticks. Maybe people took the piss and they were losing loads of money, or maybe they just decided to save money by doing the bare minimum. It's a shame.
  7. I'm not aware of any official figures - MS aren't likely to publish failure/return rates However, the volume of threads/reports on reddit and resetera about the face buttons on the V2 is reminiscent of the V1. As it happens, the A button on my new standard Xbox One pad is also a bit spongey compared to the other standard pad I've had since the One S was released, so it may not just be limited to the Elite. The main problem with the Elite line is that the quality control and customer support simply doesn't live up to the price tag. I had to resort to dispute resolution and repairing my V1 myself.
  8. There have been a lot of reports of face buttons sticking (particularly the 'A' button), with folks in the US getting multiple replacements with exactly the same problems. Unfortunately the build quality/quality control on the Elite controller line has never been great (I had 2 V1's with issues and there are loads of people with peeling grips etc.) and it appears that the V2 line has similar quality problems. Hopefully it's addressed in future production runs.
  9. Presumably affecting titles that have coded closer to the metal? Don't Sony support lower-level access to the hardware than MS, which perhaps raises the possibility of incompatibility. Whereas the virtual machine approach adopted by Microsoft avoids that.
  10. Maybe you didn't have your glasses on when you played Forza - there's plenty of pop-in if you choose to look for it, which of course is the problem - if we weren't all watching Digital Foundry videos no-one would give a toss about a bit of aliasing or difference in resolution. But now everyone's an armchair expert whose enjoyment of a game is seemingly ruined by relatively minor differences or technical hiccups.
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