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  1. Football car is MOTM already for me.
  2. They only gone and put all the Moving Shadow: In The Mixes up on Youtube haven't they!
  3. Played this *a lot* between 2013 and 2016 and really enjoyed it. I absolutely loved the raiding in it, did the second big batch of Heavensward raids but stopped because I started working full time again and just couldn't commit. I've had the itch every now and again to get back in, and after looking at the new expansion I woke up this morning half asleep thinking about some of the great dungeon bosses, so I've decided I want to be ready for Endwalker. Just hope I can get back into my original account, I have the username/password but no access to the one-time-code thing
  4. I nearly bumped a similar thread from 2006 where people suggest reading the manual, which is a little quaint these days.
  5. I'm replaying Mario Sunshine, because I guess I hate myself or something, but there's a horrible Yoshi level on Rico Harbour where you have to create platforms that I had about 20 goes at and then gave up. And only 20 years later did I find out Yoshi can actualy do a triple jump just like Mario. Did it first go after that. Cool. Cool cool cool.
  6. Stabbing someone in the side of the head and then shooting them in the face is just rude.
  7. Straps


    What are the Europa pathways now? Is it only with an FA cup victory?
  8. This is some way off brilliant but I really enjoyed it. They nail the songs, in all honesty, and I've had Jaja Ding Dong in my head for 2 days now.
  9. I completed the game, did some post-game stuff, and I kept expecting to 'get' the combat but I evenutally came to the conclusion that it wasn't going to open up because it was pretty shallow. It was showy, but I couldn't work out where the depth was supposed to be. And it started getting frustrating as you spend way too much of a fight either in the menus healing or getting knocked down. The sense of exploration is pretty great, though. And there are some beautiful vistas. But it's just a pretty sterile game. That said, I do have a desire to go back to it and try out the combat pro
  10. Anyone know of any light, fun co-op games on Steam that'll run on a low-spec laptop? Not shooty or fighty stuff.
  11. It's back! Not quite the highs but there are some big lols in there.
  12. Anyone heard about some kind of resolution issue on the Prime Video app on certain TVs that makes it crash? Supposedly if the resolution doesn't match the TV it can crash. Which is what happens on my Panasonic Viera like 95% of the time. I have to watch it by mirroring my phone, which is a pain in the arse considering it comes with a Prime app installed. Any solutions?
  13. I was really worried about the music in this after the initial trailer but some of the tracks in the gameplay vids are great. DAY ONE AGAIN.
  14. Just to agree with everyone, hit and miss sums it up. But for me it got less miss as it went on. Also who played Billy? I can't find him on IMDb and it's doing my head in not being able to remember what he was in.
  15. Has there been any hint of FFXVI yet?
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