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  1. That'll be why then. Still no framerate issues
  2. No issues with it at all on my XB1. And what's all this about a performance or resolution option? Never noticed that.
  3. I'm playing as Fl4k. Enjoying having a radioactive spiderant charging about with me
  4. This is great. Much better start than BL2 and looks amazing. The guns pack a real meaty punch too.
  5. Thought I'd get dressed up while waiting for it to install...
  6. Received my confirmation that I'm in the Beta however my phone isn't compatible for the app apparently
  7. All BL2 DLC is free for VR from September 6th. Happy gunzerking!
  8. tbb

    The Man Utd Thread

    I know we're only one game in, but the passion in the celebrations from all players was great. None of that Lukaku nonsense where he didn't celebrate and just point at the sky.
  9. tbb

    The Man Utd Thread

    and we finished 4th
  10. I've seen it. It's the lion King with a HD skin. Therefore it's amazing. Loved it.
  11. tbb

    The Man Utd Thread

    How did that squeeze in?
  12. tbb

    The Boxing Thread

    Yeah, I thought Thurman would edge it but backed the draw.
  13. Nah, he definitely said it. Even the way he elongated the "lieeee"
  14. tbb

    The Man Utd Thread

    I'm not bothered either way. I've just seen people jumping this way and that based on what the papers have reported. People hated him at the start of the season because he was toxic and killing Mourinho. Then when Mourinho left and Pogba scored a few goals he was suddenly everyone's favourite player. Now the papers are reporting him as being toxic again everyone is jumping on him. He's high profile and the papers love to make stories about high profile players. However Pogba visiting old folks homes and reading books in children's hostels isn't juicy so maybe the papers are fabricating negative stories? Who knows. According to the Beeb (I know, I know, Paper talk)
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