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  1. The Boxing Thread

    Dogsout backed both the victor and method of victory.
  2. The Boxing Thread

    Naz saying Eubank Jnr should retire!
  3. The Boxing Thread

    Prince Naz keeping it real in the analysis
  4. The Boxing Thread

    Hang on. I miscalculated. I had Eubank winning 3 rounds so it was 117-111. No drawn rounds.
  5. The Boxing Thread

    Right decision. Not sure about the 115-113 card though. I had Groves 118-112 or 117-113 but I was wanting Groves to win so may've been a little biased.
  6. The Boxing Thread

    Eubank is fucked. Groves could finish him off if he needed to
  7. The Boxing Thread

    Interesting fight this. Groves seemingly has it under control but you just know one punch could swing it.
  8. Football Thread 2017/18

    Steve McLaren said it was the right decision so it must be correct.
  9. The Boxing Thread

    Joe Joyce made short work of his opponent last night on Dave. Should be less of a one sided fight tonight between Groves and Eubank Jr. I like Groves and dislike Eubank so I'm firmly in the Groves camp. I'm not confident though. Anyone know of a stream to save me paying £17 to ITV? If there were any undercards I were interested in I might pay it, but not for just the main event.
  10. Just got back. It was...ok. Very much a standalone film with some nice costumes and choreography but not a strong film really. Nowhere near the heights of the last few Marvel films and not one that wants a second viewing.
  11. Sneaked out? I can barely turn the TV on or browse the internet without seeing an advert or trailer! Booked in for 7:20 tonight
  12. Football Thread 2017/18

    Breaking news! Daniel Sturridge is injured.
  13. Tickets booked for Tuesday
  14. Football Thread 2017/18

    My little market town boasts two football clubs: Ossett Town (founded 1936) and Ossett Albion (founded 1944). They've just made the decision to merge both clubs. http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/ossettalbion/news/town-and-albion-announce-decision-to-merge-2175746.html

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