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  1. Mugman

    Dark Souls 3

    My gaming moment of the year came from replaying this recently. I'd absolutely hated the latter bosses of DS3 from the Dancer onwards with my dex build back around launch. I could see they were well designed but they passed into madness territory in terms of difficulty, and after a whole weekend spent on the Princes in which I did nothing else and got angrier and angrier as time went on I was pretty much done with the series. I left Nameless alive and stopped when I saw the last boss had a second phase. It was just. Too. Hard. This year I decided to give it another crack from the start, play alongside a mate and see how I got on with a strength build. And... well... it went pretty well. It's amazing how the muscle memory works for these things. As soon as I started fighting the dancer it was 2016 again and I knew exactly how she was coming at me. She went down second time of asking. Dragonslayer Armour I did in one, which had taken frustrating hours years prior. I think it helped I had a pretty beefy Yhorm's sword and crazy points in STR but I was just nailing it. Then it came to the Princes. I was genuinely tense walking up to their fog door, the memories of that awful, awful weekend when I should have just gone outside and walked away from it came flooding back. They went down in one go. My gaming moment of the year and we're only in February. Every little thing they did was so ingrained in my mind from the countless hours spent failing to them that I just knocked the fuck of them first time of asking. No chest palpitations from last time, no swearing at the top of my voice, just "oh shit I can fucking well do this" and dancing around them until they were dead. I smashed through the back half of the game, Nameless fell solo after about five tries, I bought and loved the DLC, and Cinder went down after about three tries. Slave Knight Gael is second only to Artorius as my favourite Souls boss. Dark Souls 1 is definitely my favourite of the games just due to dat structure. But 3 has by far the best bosses. It's yet another masterpieces by From... And those princes? Pieces of piss, mate.
  2. I am 4 points behind the person I'm playing in head to head fantasy football. I have Mane. VAR is ruining this fucking sport.
  3. Will we definitely see this this year? I'd assumed the Dark Souls 3 team moved onto Sekiro and now that team will be on this. I'd be surprised if it wasn't a 2021 release for the next gen systems.
  4. Your Island will turn into a desolate hellscape in which there is more shitty grass knocking about and several of your mates will have left. So you're really going to have to log in every day.
  5. Mugman


    Worth remembering that in tone this is probably closer to all of the fuck awful Hangover movies he wrote than the seminal HBO series.
  6. Mugman

    Final Fantasy XV

    I absolutely love FFXV but completely switched off when they started to take the open world away from you. Quite tempted by a replay of the fun stuff now that it's on Gamepass...
  7. So I can't race a rhino and make a new chassis from its hide?
  8. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit is the greatest.
  9. Have a red bull and some toast and give it another crack. It's great telly if you don't take it too seriously (much like how it doesn't).
  10. If they give us cross saves with Xbox I'm in. Never done the DLC and would love to get it done on the train into/from work.
  11. Mugman

    Nintendo Switch

    And where, perchance, was this RPG you speak of developed?
  12. Can we please drop all of this "you know the prequels have a cohesive narrative" shit? The narrative is "the little boy becomes Darth Vader." The poster for the Phantom Menace had that genius flowing narrative through it from beginning to end. And if we want to go any further into it the prequel trilogy is a mess of nonsense politics, tax nonsense, and a plan by Palpatine that only works due to a series of unbelievable coincidences and Jar Jar Fucking Binks being fooled. They're terrible movies with terrible plots/dialogue/narrative/everything. So they follow Campbell pretty well in places, good luck to them. The sequel trilogy had the set up there to not be completely shat on by a terrible third movie that tried to do a whole trilogy in one and ended up being a bloated, unsatisfying mess. TFA set up characters, TLJ explored interesting themes, all Skywalker needed to do was choose someone that knew how story worked and didn't just imitate what they'd seen before and they'd have been in business. It's a shame they flunked the ending but that doesn't ruin what came before. TFA is solid good fun and TLJ is a straight up masterpiece of theme and storytelling. There are two set pieces in the prequels that are really great, both in the first movie. Everything else is a complete waste of time. Even Rise of Skywalker has a couple of flashy fun bits, and that was a total turd. It's still a damn site better than anything in the prequel trilogy.
  13. Deakins didn't work on Spectre. He was off doing other, better shit. Spectre is an awesome track though, and I'm really glad it's nothing to do with the pile of shite film they put out.
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