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  1. Mugman

    Gears 5

    What difficulty are you playing on?
  2. I've just got an absolute belter of a sniper. They're out there but I think you have to tailor your class to them and find good ones. Genuinely close to turning the dialogue off, though. It's painfully unfunny in places. Try hard, repetitive, juvenile, I just did a mission about coffee that me and my mates basically played in silence due to how bad a lot of the dialogue is. I don't mind poo and fart humour, when used well it tickles an underdeveloped part of my brain, but when it's all screeched at you from shitty fucking Claptrap it just puts me off playing the thing. I remember Borderlands 2 being quite funny in places, have I grown up or is this one just written a lot worse?
  3. Yep. The best way the game can be played and it runs like shit on the consoles that are supposed to be best at running it. They need to patch it ASAP.
  4. Also Microsoft have done pretty well in terms of microtransactions in the games I've played from them this gen. They've focussed on the long term games as service model, so Forza Horizon, Sea of Thieves, Halo 5, and none of them have lead me to spend any money on them and I never really felt cheated or that things were being slowed down for me. The decision to only have them effect Warzone in Halo 5 was great, it left Arena to be pretty much the best multiplayer shooter ever. I don't know, I've found the whole "Microsoft have had the worst gen ever" thing to be a little hyperbolic. They've given me a lot of really brilliant multiplayer experiences in the above games, it's just the single player stuff that's lagging behind a bit. Sure, it's not been Nintendo in the 90's, but I've been pretty happy with what they've provided. But I guess them "destroying gaming, here's 23 minutes of me shouting as to why that is" gets more clicks.
  5. It's good this, really good. Classic Borderlands, meaning the gunplay is pretty satisfying and the humour is basically awful. Claptrap is, for me, the antagonist of the game, and the idea of him being around for the entirety makes me shudder to my very core. They need to get a patch out, though. It's stuttering pretty constantly for me playing with 4 mates on an Xbox One X. It's only little stutters but when you're playing as a Sniper-y class it kinda totally spoils the experience. It seems mad to me we've had two high profile releases in a week that just haven't been fit for purpose.
  6. Tried to get LFF tickets, they'd all sold out by 10:01 so I will be waiting until January like the rest of the peasants.
  7. Can you get pets without paying money for them?
  8. To be honest I've gotten by thus far without really using it. You get enough other bits from the other Legions to not need it for S+ ranks pretty early on.
  9. Mugman

    Gears 5

    Really gutted that people are having technical issues with this. Just played the first hour and a half coop with a mate and it's fucking brilliant. I enjoyed 4, but it all felt a bit rushed, with slightly retread-y gameplay and a story that didn't make a huge amount of sense. What a difference a few years makes. It seems confident, it's a riot to play and some of the character work has already been fantastic. It's made me laugh out loud already more times than the rest of the franchise combined and I can't wait to give it more time. I will wait, though, because I don't want the fun to be spoiled by technical issues. Hopefully a week's wait will sort things out while I crack on with Astral Chain.
  10. It's more of a comment that I did the same thing as you.
  11. I've done this twice. Really annoying.
  12. Do we know how many files there are? I think I'm on 5 at the moment and loving it.
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