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  1. Bang up for a return to this. Despite the single player being a bit iffy the multi has always been fantastic fun and really well implemented. Are we thinking Forza 8 next year with the new box, Horizon 5 2021?
  2. Leave the difficulty, get to grips with the Legions. I think part of the problem is that they leave some of the cool Combo moves gated behind unlocks. So there are quite a few moves that let you control what they're doing more directly, combine that with the chaining up, dashing, jumping between them and using the shoulder button move for each one and you'll be using your character as more of an afterthought to get the sync attacks while your Legion's busy. There's a really good combat system in there, probably Platinum's best, but it takes a bit to get to grips with and they missed a trick giving you the Metal Gear Rising mech first, because that move's a bit awkward.
  3. That's a pretty mad way of looking at it. The reviewer is there to provide an opinion of the game based on their expertise and experience. If they went in saying "this is going to be crass and shit" then yeah, that would suck, if they went in with an open mind and came away with that opinion then that's what they should write about. I think the argument is that the way the game depicts the response to a terrorist network is shit. Not that the idea as a whole is a bad thing. Throwing your hands in the air and saying "It's COD, baby! Who cares?" would result in a pretty shitty review. If that's how you feel then you don't really need this review as a buyers guide. Add another couple of points in your head and go and buy it. But as someone who loves the multiplayer and thought the single player was way over the top and basically a pop up shooting gallery where occasionally I'm appalled, the score seems pretty fair.
  4. There are websites you can use as a buying guide if you want reviews that say "The shooting is good. The running is good. The helicopters are good." I like a bit of cultural insight and kinda agree with the Edge review that the game's pretty crass and the best COD since MW2.
  5. I'm in the I quite enjoyed ep 4 camp, but on the whole there's a real sense that something's missing from this. Whoever said it feels like a videogame is bang on. Not just in the "mission types" but in the fact that most of the characters seem to be quest givers or dull NPCs. I get that Mandy is supposed to be stoic, mysterious, and that more can be revealed over the course of the eight episodes, but there's just no character to anything happening around him. He goes to a face we recognise from another show/film/Werner Herzogg, they give him his mission, he goes there and fights a thing and then he leaves and we cut to end credits. I couldn't tell you a single line of memorable dialogue from any of the episodes outside of "I have spoken." The only thing with any character is that bloody brilliant Baby, who totally shines when he's on screen and has lifted the show for me. The action's all fairly boringly put together, he shoots a few lads, punches a few lads, some other bits happen, but there's not really any agency to anything it's all really slowly cut together and feels pretty choreographed, there's no flair to any of it. I'm just finding the whole thing completely puzzling. Nothing's really connecting with me, it just kind of happens in front of me every episode. It's all so unmemorable. I like that it's Star Wars, and I quite like having this mysterious character at the center of it, but there needs to be more around him than just bland actors we know and bit parts that we only meet for twenty minutes of forty minute episodes before we're onto the next "mission". When those end credits kick with that music and that artwork I think it might be my favourite thing on telly. That all feels so damn Star Warsy, so cool. But the rest of it's just leaving me a bit cold and disappointed, and that's a real kicker.
  6. Just the best show;
  7. Both King and Irons are fantastic and I’ll hear no more on the matter. Lindelof has said he’s not interested in doing a season 2. Or at least, season 1 was intended to be its own thing and they haven’t planned for any more.
  8. Mugman

    Forza Horizon

    Yeah @McSpeed's post is bang on. 3's the best, best location, best races, it still felt like the formula was fresh enough. I'd add a caveat to 4 in that the multiplayer is fantastic when there aren't connection issues. 4's by far the best of the series online.
  9. With the older games yes, but not 4. The way 4 unlocks stuff means you still get unskippable stuff fairly late into the game when new drift zones etc open up. I don't mind it being in there at all, just let me skip it! Especially if you're tailoring a game for online play. Nobody wants to sit talking to your mates while a London Cabbie is telling you about the new things you're not doing because you're listening to him.
  10. I think you can still have a Festival setting but maybe lose a bit of the "Whoa hey cowabunga mr MAYOR OF THE FESTIVAL. This is CRANK MEISTER and COOL PHIL and We've got some great WHACKY TRACKS coming up to go with your CRAAAAAZY RACES!!! Here's an UNSKIPPABLE 5 MINUTE VIDEO showing all the COOOL JUMPS and INSANE SLIDES you can do!!!!! Snapchat your Instagrams DUDE and have a SUPER CRAZY DAY RACING!!!!!!" I like the idea of a big racing festival but can't stand the people doing it, basically.
  11. I think it's more you've got a bee in your bonnet about seemingly anything anyone likes, and have waded into a thread to tell people you don't like something they do. This didn't get a huge amount of traction/reaction and people have not only continued to like the thing they like but have actually started to like it more based on episodes of the thing you haven't seen because you stopped on ep 2 or whenever. So you've had to change tack, and had a general pop at the creator of said thing and a previous project of his that again people like that you don't think is as good as they do. In doing this you've revealed a few plot details to people who haven't seen said other thing, and are excited to based on the new thing, who would rather not have it spoiled. Rather than being reasonable and saying "oh shit, sorry I'm not in the right thread for this discussion, I'll delete my post and take it there instead" you've said there is a circle jerk Lindelof love in conspiracy theory and that people are mad and that you're the only sane one and everyone should calm down and stop being fanboys. When all they've really said is "I like this thing please don't spoil that other thing even if you don't think they're spoilers because you've already seen it." The only person who really gets to decide what a spoiler is is the person having shit spoiled for them. It really isn't a violation of your human rights if someone asks you to chuck stuff either in spoiler tags or the correct thread because they're looking forward to going in fresh. You mad man.
  12. The multiplayer side of 4 was fantastic but single player left a fair bit to be desired and some of the network stuff was just a bit broken. Give single players a bit of structure and have a separate multiplayer experience that does chuck events at you so there's enough to do at any given moment.
  13. Having not seen the show TAKE IT TO THE LEFTOVERS THREAD
  14. Yeah can we be really careful not to ruin The Leftovers in here? Planning to do it after this bloody masterpiece finishes.
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