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  1. BitterToad

    What are you playing Christmas Day?

    Smash. All of the Smash. Bought for myself and saved because as a single 29 year old I'm embarrassed to ask my parents for computer video games for Christmas.
  2. I'm in exactly the same boat. It's just fantastic. I've never been consumed by a game like this, certainly not since I was a kid with no money. It's all I've played really, other than a little bit of Pokemon, since it came out. Even when I became all consumed by Dark Souls earlier in the year I was rushing through to get it finished so that I could move onto something else. With this I just want to keep on playing it forever. The characters and the world are so well drawn that I've really not had an issue with some of the slightly shonkier aspects of the game. I don't care that the missions tend to be go here shoot this, or that to start with the controls were puzzling, because I'm just absolutely adoring spending time with these characters in this world. It's probably going to be my game of the generation. It reminds me so much of Mass Effect 2 in the way you build relationships with your camp. I'm currently fairly into Chapter 4 and around 49/50% through the story. Do I really have all of what I've done to do again before the credits roll? Also, as a little aside, fair play to everyone in here for being so careful about spoilers. The thread's been a great place to share experiences since people have stopped moaning about the (admittedly occasionally puzzling) controls.
  3. So I’ve just got the pokemon judge thingy. I’ve got a Charmelon that I’ve raised from a Charmander. Absolute legend he is. One of my favourite ones. Bit of character to him, embering fuckers left right and centre. We’ve been through so much together already! From Mt Moon where I threw my last few poke balls at him to catch him, to the trainers he’s humbled, to the towns he’s followed me around faithfully. We’re pals. Great pals! He reminds me of the Charmeleon I had when I was 8 years old. Traded from my oldest friend who I now actually live with! Imagine if that Charmeleon could know that me and Tom live together after all these years! And that I now have a brand new Charmeleon that shares our house and goes round adventuring with me like old times! Anyway, turns out his stats are merely “okay”. Should I just cunt him off or feed him loads of candy’s to improve him? Happy with either. It’s only a load of pixels after all.
  4. BitterToad

    All Time Favourite Gaming Mission

    Two spring to mind immediately. The 5th Colossus - Shadow of the Colossus. Swooping, flying bastard. The first 4 set the game up really well, and the "holy shit look at the size of the thing" moment of seeing the first nearly clinches it as my favourite. But the way the 5th feels when you're on it, trying to take it down, is just majestic. Silent Cartographer. - Halo. Nothing I can add to what's already been said. Top tier stuff.
  5. If it raises discussion about Titanfall 2, one of the best computer video games ever made, then YES.
  6. BitterToad

    Xbox One backwards compatibility - Server Runtime Error

    I love that every time I click on this thread hoping for Need For Speed Hot Pursuit I see Gerbik hoping for Tenchu. I really hope the two get announced on the same day. Or failing that I hope Hot Pursuit gets announced and screw Tenchu. Anyone remember how good Hot Pursuit was?
  7. BitterToad

    Nintendo Switch

    Can anyone recommend a good handheld grip? Not in a dirty way, just to make it so that my hands don't hurt like shit after playing the Switch handheld for over 10 minutes.
  8. BitterToad

    Hitman 2 (2018)

    What about 2016 was piecemeal? Every map had crazy variety, I spent longer on Paris alone than I do some full releases. The overarching story of the Hitman games is easily the worst thing about the franchise.
  9. BitterToad

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Yeah, ignoring emotion it's probably the right call. Taking a quick look with a bit of emotion chucked in, I'm gutted it didn't work out for Slav. He gave me one of the best days of my life at Wembley this year, and the club was playing the best football I'd ever seen us play. We were dross under the managers we'd had before, and Slav came in and (ironically) sorted out our defence and turned us into a fantastic attacking club. He'll be a shoe in for the next club that needs a manager in the Championship and (Brentford and QPR aside) I wish him the best of luck wherever he ends up.
  10. BitterToad

    Final Fantasy XV

    I've been spending a lot of my time since release trying to work out what game Red Dead Redemption 2 reminds me of.. and when this thread popped back up I suddenly realised. Don't get me wrong, Red Dead is a lot better than FFXV, but mood/feel wise they're very similar. A lot of people don't get on with certain gameplay features of both titles, but they both have worlds with crazy complex depth/systems that are incredibly fun to live in. They feel like real, lived in worlds, because someone with sadly a lot (increasingly less and less admittedly in the case of Squeenix) of money just left them to cook. It's a shame XV goes to complete shit when the story takes over, but for those 20 odd hours when you're just arsing about going hunting/fishing/cooking with your mates, it's one of my favourite games this gen.
  11. So this is a weird one. I'm pretty sure in that chat he only mentioned animals for me? I've killed a fair few animals before realising their pelts are shit/I don't actually need them but zero women because I'm not a fucking psychopath. Am I imagining it/did I miss a line or is that quite a clever thing the game's doing?
  12. BitterToad

    Mandy - Panos Cosmatos

    Literally the perfect summary for me. I’d give it 2.5 Capwns. Stunning.
  13. BitterToad

    Edge #326 | Devil May Cry 5

    Yep. Game of a generation. Astro Bot’s great but Red Dead full deserves all of the plaudits it’s getting for me.
  14. BitterToad

    Is Read Dead Redemption 2 any good?

    Yeah, mate. It's basically just shiny Pong. Space Invaders with a lick of paint. Pac Man with tits.

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