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  1. Oh that's quite nice. So it's all just playing on tropes hence the Fleabagging (or Miranda-ing) through everything. I thought it could have been a bit tighter and I might have got it more but I really like that they make these weird episodes that one or two people will get. Like last series, my mate who's never seen Psychoville texted me after the David and Maureen episode saying "what the fuck was that shit?" to which I replied "THE BEST THING EVER!!!" It's brave, engaging telly, and I'm happy these two lads basically get to do what they want even if it does mean some weeks I'm l
  2. It seems like it's leaning into the good bits of the first film. Don't get me wrong, Venom was a long way from perfect but when it leant into the comedy of Venom being an actual monster it worked pretty well! Hopefully they use Kasady in a similar way and he isn't just another big CGI venom to punch, but either way I'll give this a go after enjoying the first a surprising amount.
  3. I'd be careful clicking on Vemsie's spoilers if you're in Biome 5. I am too but haven't seen any of what he's talking about.
  4. I tend to jump around between games rather than put thousands of hours into one. I think if we're counting the two Destiny games as essentially the same thing then I've spent around 300 hours on those. But yeah as people say, compare that time to the thirty hours spent completing Resi 4 twice and Resi will always stick in the mind longer than 10% of my public event chasing madness on Destiny.
  5. Yeah so I really hate those lads. I think the trick is to just keep moving left to right. If you're consistently moving their shit wont hit you, which is fine in principle but becomes a complete pain in the arse when you're hemmed in and there's two or three other enemy types in there with you. They're the reason 3 and 5 are my least favourite areas, I feel like I know what to do but just can't quite crack them consistently.
  6. Random Number Generator. It's basically the likelihood of what shit you get and whether said shit is good or shit.
  7. Yeah but THEMES. Black Panther is one of the only MCU films that's actually about something other than weirdly misjudged politics that don't actually say anything, and it manages to its themes into its main character and have them and the villain go on their own arc. It's not the best punching in the series but for me it's probably the best single character MCU film alongside Homecoming because they're actually about something. The villain has understandable aims and by the end of the movie I was kind of on his side! I liked the repeating scenes. We get to see how different Killmonger and T'Ch
  8. Just stay the fuck away from the severed and keep hammering them. You can see where they're teleporting with the trails they leave but if there's more than one of them that can be a nightmare so I just back off as much as possible and keep moving.
  9. Is it a horror movie? Is there a ghost on the plane?
  10. It's absolute madness. Best league in the world. So excited for Fulham to be back next year!
  11. Yeah I didn't love last week's but that was amazing. Properly end to end great Partridge. The Gibbons' have basically turned a radio show, a variety show and two sitcom seasons into a kind of Partridge Cinematic Universe and I'm all for it.
  12. Had a dreadful run of RNG today on Biome 4. Had THREE mini boss rooms, which I didn't think was possible. Flooded with my least favourite of the enemies in pretty much every room. Lost my astronaut, lost the respawn room that I was annoyed at myself for spending the Ether on in the first place. I got hardly any max integrity pickups and was really sloppy in pretty much every room. I was going to scrap the run and do something else but I'd picked up a data cube and a Carbine with leech health so decided to keep playing until I'd unlocked both of those and hopefully unlock the boss shortcut too.
  13. It's definitely true. There are other enemy types in biome 3 that may seem like turrets but they're not.
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