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  1. The Demon's Souls chat in here is just... of course the remake is worth re-reviewing. When Demon's launched it was a weird little curio from the makers of Kings Fall. Since then it has wholeheartedly changed the course of gaming from the indie scene to AAA. Everything from Hollow Knight to Breath of the Wild has been inspired in part by Demon's and its sequels, and last year EA released a full blown AAA Star Wars game that was basically a wholesale theft of the format. In the time between Edge's two 9/10 reviews of Demon's Souls it's gone from being a game nobody apart from @Curtis had he
  2. A 7 for Astro’s playroom will never be forgiven. Never.
  3. So wait if I've got it already it makes more sense to just play the 360 version of the game on my One X? I thought the two games were totally different?
  4. My PS5 was "handed to receptionist", which was strange because my block absolutely doesn't have one of those. I went downstairs and it was just sitting in the hallway. Thank God i was madly F5ing the delivery page or anything could have happened.
  5. 3-1 slight spoilers. Do I feel guilty? No. Should I? No.
  6. Yeah it was one that at the time I enjoyed but found certain aspects of it really irritating, but I look back on it with a lot of love. If they could tone back a few of the more Soulsy elements that didn't quite work (bonfires were weirdly implemented in a game all about zipping around/exploration) and polish everything a bit the sequel could be really special.
  7. I tell you what, as someone who's playing this as a big strong boy with a massive club, all of the drops I'm getting are Dex/Magic weapons.
  8. Having never played the original I don't know if it's the new graphics/audio/rumble at work but 3-1 is one of the better Souls areas I've played. Very moody, really cool mechanics, love the interlocking of it all with they keys. I also noticed something really cool the 3D audio is doing;
  9. Sorry what were the demographics that were brought in that you think were picked over people with superior baking ability? The show is a pretty complicated thing to put together at the best of times, let alone in a 6 week bubble whilst everyone is away from their families and battling against COVID restrictions. Sure the standard of cake might not be as high as in previous years but I really enjoyed the hour every week and am really appreciative of the people that went above board to put the thing together.
  10. Just to pipe up because sometimes people with negative opinions are more likely to speak than others, Hollow Knight is one of the very best games of the generation. It's a perfect blend of Metroidvania and Soulsborne with a look and mood that's basically best in class. It does start quite slowly though, it took me a while to get into it, so may need a bit of perseverance. Definitely try it if you've got PS+, basically, that's what I'm saying there.
  11. I'm kind of in two minds about the checkpoint before bosses thing. My favourite thing about these games is the sense of place. The reason Dark Souls is my favourite is the connected aspect of the world, I love that there's no fast travel and that if you get stuck down in Blighttown you're going to have to make your way back up through the world. As someone with no sense of direction IRL I feel like i know the world of Dark Souls like the back of my hand and it makes it feel like a real, tangible place. I think a big part of me knowing all the routes is because I had to run through the blasted
  12. So yeah, Demon's Souls is really good. The locations are good, it looks incredible, the way the maps loop round and connect is up there with Souls 1 and Bloodborne in its intricacy. It's good! Good game! But the clubs! Holy fucking shit. I don't know if it's the dualsense, the audio, who knows? The way those things connect with bastards is just not getting old at all. I went through a lot of 2-1 with my slightly stronger bastard sword and enjoyed myself, classic Souls. Then I found a great club and dropped my shield and I'm fucking Babe Ruth scoring home runs left right and centre
  13. I think having items for health kind of spoils that key Souls fun for me in two ways. 1, it means if you run out you have to farm which is annoying. 2, in Dark Souls, if I'm stuck on a boss I know I have to get better to beat it. With this there's always that temptation to just go and farm items and brute force through it a bit. I know it's not that easy but there's something so great about having the limitations and knowing you have to get through something with what you already have. That being said good sweet lord this is good. I know the forum ghost of Smitty would shout at me
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