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  1. Bad time to ask to be honest, talking about football's the last think I feel like doing right now! It mainly came from him getting the job there as well as Klopp talking up his qualities and reputation as an up-and-coming coach back in Germany. Entirely possible he was just being polite though and I don't think any of us fans knew Siewert was demoted whilst working with the youth setup either, I can't remember hearing anyone mention that. We knew it went very badly at Essen though because a few of their fans told us in no uncertain terms. Giving him the job always smacked of laziness, hoping that lightning would strike twice (or even three times, given Farke at Norwich.) I couldn't help but wonder if, having had two of their youth coaches nicked by English clubs, Dortmund decided to prank the next one to come along.
  2. Siewert's gone then, feel sorry for him because he was struggling way out of his depth and it shouldn't have gone on anywhere near this long. We were basically already down, but would any other Premier League club have appointed someone whose only senior job was getting sacked from the German 4th division? I'm not convinced anything much will change because he really needs to be followed out the door by practically everyone who's been involved in our football decision-making process for the last couple of years as well as half the squad. We desperately need someone with a bit of experience but I'll be surprised if we don't end up giving it to Mark Hudson or something.
  3. Rsdio

    The Jazz Thread

    Wow, another 'lost' Coltrane classic quartet album incoming next month! Recorded just after Crescent apparently. I'd say I'm surprised but nothing surprises me now where Impulse masters are concerned.. They probably found the tapes plugging the leaks in someone's basement or something.
  4. Rsdio

    vinyl lovers

    Poly-lined sleeves are a must if you have static issues really, as much as it's a pain to have to buy them. Paper and (particularly) card inners are terrible for causing static. I would've thought a rubber mat would be decent with static but if you fancy trying a change cork mats are supposed to be good that way. I got a silicone one years back when I was having issues and it made a massive difference. Careful about the thickness if you go that route though, if you're all nicely set up you might not want to have to readjust the VTA for a thicker/thinner mat.
  5. I sacked this off as well but mainly because the Microsoft Store version is an absolute shitshow, even by Microsoft Store standards. This does kind of fit my experience of trying the preceeding games twice each anyway though, so that makes me feel better.
  6. Another of BornFree's Evo interviews, this one had some absolutely fascinating stuff throughout. Brilliant that his first 'sponsorship' was the Namco arcade getting him a travel pass and a sandwich to play their games because he could beat people faster than the CPU. Savage moneymaking. Looking forward to part two.
  7. Rsdio


    Did anyone really think this would be any different though? 10,000 Days was incredibly uninspired compared with the preceeding two albums and that was thirteen years ago. Since then they've shown little hunger for doing another and none of them have produced anything worth listening to in the meantime. The general sound of the track is really horrible as well. It's got this weird overly processed, digital thing going on like it's been run through some default effect plugin presets or something.
  8. Bit of a tangent but anyone who likes Edward Larry Gordon's stuff might want to check out the Michael O'Shea album, put out by Gilbert and Lewis of Dome/Wire fame. It was reissued recently. Pretty interesting character.
  9. It's a hard situation to make sense of really, so many things have gone wrong on and off the pitch and not all of it within our control, such as Dean Hoyle's illness that has lead to him sadly passing on the reigns. As much as our fans have a tendency (like most) to try to boil things down to one scapegoat at a time there's a lot of blame to go around and a fair amount has to fall on Hoyle and Wagner, as beloved as they still are for their personalities and what they'd achieved previously. Within all that though, it's true Siewert hasn't exactly endeared himself to everyone since he arrived. Given the situation he was put in last season and the level of stuff that's come out about the players acting like dickheads (supposedly seven of them asked to leave as soon as Wagner did and three of those spoke publicly about it in the press during the season) I think most were prepared to at least give him a fresh chance but that first game showed so many worrying signs, including a complete lack of any sort of basic shape which you'd think would be the bare minimum a decent coach would instill. It doesn't help that he comes across as very arrogant when he's done literally nothing in the game to back it up so far. Personally I thought it was stupid to appoint him when we did if we expected him to be the long-term solution but even taking everything into account he hasn't shown many signs of being the right man thus far. Apparently he's very highly thought of within the German FA so must have something about him but whether that translates to this job remains to be seen.
  10. That's putting it mildly . The natives are incredibly restless right now. I assume no-one would match our valuation of Mooy in this window, we didn't want to lose him for free next year (mention on the official site of us having a further year option when he signed his last contract mysteriously disappeared yesterday) and, to his credit, he didn't want to fuck us over. I can't knock him at all for wanting to stay in the Premier League, he's one of the few who's undoubtedly good enough and hasn't publicly acted the twat over the last year like Billing, Zanka, Lossl etc. Probably the best player I've ever seen at Town but he's no use to us if his head isn't 100% here. He'll be a very good signing for Brighton if the system suits him and you can get away with him always being fucked for the first game after international breaks. This window is looking as disastrous for us as the one last summer. Although we bought very poorly in the Premier League thankfully we didn't go shit or bust like Fulham and were assured weeks ago that with the parachute payments covering wages and running costs as they should we'd be profitable this year. No issues with that, I wouldn't want to see us putting our future at risk by chucking that money at transfers as so many do. But after two years in the top flight, getting most of the big earners off the books and bringing in £20m+ worth of fees since that was said, it's a bit bewildering that our budget seems to be less than Chris Powell had in 2015. We've spent less than a million - a lad from League 2, one from the Conference, one from the German lower leagues, Tommy Elphick on a free and a couple of Premier League youngsters on loan. We still don't even have a recognised left-back. Pretty typical of us that we could come down from the Premier League having not overspent yet still somehow not have a pot to piss in.
  11. Rsdio


    I wonder if they're intentionally channeling probably my all-time favourite band photoshoot:
  12. You didn't have to get out of first gear to beat us last night, I'd be surprised if you weren't up there come the end of the season. Then again, it could have just been us apparently still being shit I guess. The lack of any sort of investment in the squad from the new owner and no real positive signs of change from the manager is all very worrying to say the least. Obviously we'll still have a hangover of sorts to deal with but Siewert has had a hell of a lot longer to get most of those players working within his system than Cocu has with Derby yet we looked as ragged as Derby did assured. Doesn't help when your new, experienced centre-back costs you a goal just when you're getting on top by deciding to show off of course. And fuck knows why he's even playing when we've got probably the most talented centre-back in the division at left-back despite the fact he can't cross to save his life. We really need to buy a left-back at absolute minimum since that would massively strengthen two areas in one go.
  13. Just about to beat up Ganon for the second time. I played through this when it came out on the Wii U but 'only' spent about 60 hours on it, I didn't really feel like I was rushing as such but obviously there was plenty I didn't see, including about half of the shrines. This time around I'm finishing up on 110 shrines and 579 korok seeds after about 140 hours. To get the rest of the shrines I think I'd have to use the beeper and minimap or a walkthrough and I think either of those options would take the fun out of it for me. Obviously I've been using the korok mask though, there's so many of those and plenty of them so easily missable that I didn't mind having a helping hand in that regard. I like having a few shrines undone in any case, I've posted before that I almost feel like I've killed an open world once I've done absolutely everything and I wouldn't want that to be the case here. Anyway, decent game. 6.56/10.
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