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  1. The 'make your own difficulty' aspect of Forza with countless options for doing so really compounds the above for me. Even once you get past the obnoxious shite that surrounds the gameplay it still feels like a trudge through endless amounts of 'content' that's never really satisfying to complete because regardless of how you set it up there's always the nagging feeling that you just kicked a ball into some goalposts you moved to a convenient location rather than overcoming a set challenge. I think those are definitely single player moans though, I can imagine how a lot of what I perceive as weaknesses in the series could easily be strengths in a multiplayer context.
  2. I'm playing II at the moment having gone through the first again over Christmas and no doubt have much QTE fun to look forward to given I'm using a PS4 controller via DS4Windows which gives you Xbox 360 button prompts. Add in Nintendo consoles and you have three different positions for your muscle memory to recall where 'X' is.
  3. I was exactly the same as it was the first place I went once the game opened up. It's still possible and not even especially hard since you have lots of windows to heal but it's long, tedious and not very enjoyable. Basically you have to almost completely rely on firing her projectiles back at her as your source of damage.
  4. Yeah, I like the PS4 D-pad on the whole too - enough that I wasn't too gutted when my super old USB Saturn pad finally bit the bullet. Still favour the stick for certain things though!
  5. Apologies if 'Why not spend a couple of hundred quid on something to solve your problem?' is a really dumb suggestion, but are you averse to using a stick? A consistent feel across platforms until the end of time (or at least until the parts no longer exist) is as much of a plus for them as any other to me. I got tired of having to deal with/get used to whatever poor excuse for a D-pad a console came with, particularly for shooters and fighting games. Edit: Should've mentioned in the other post but I've had four Dualshock 4s due to the shite build quality of seemingly all controllers this generation and only one had the textured D-pad so, at least in my experience, they seem like a bit of a rare breed.
  6. Yeah, they definitely do exist but I'm not sure there's much rhyme or reason to it. I imagine it might just depend on the batch of the part they happen to have in the factory at the time. The first white DS4 I had was more textured, the one bought a year later to replace it wasn't. IIRC the textured one had smoothed off a fair bit by the time it died anyway so even if you get one it might not last. I think some sort of DIY/mod approach might be your best bet. I remember a bit of discussion about it from the opposite perspective on the Tekken subreddit, they were moaning because they found the shiny ones better for that game.
  7. Rsdio

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Has anyone been following the Public Enemy 'beef'? Flavor Flav sacked, a month later Chuck tries to play it off as an April Fools and that it was intended to educate the people about.. something, I dunno. I guess at this point he's so in the habit of playing the wise elder statesman that he just threw that part in. Flavor says that if it was a joke he wasn't in on it and (quite rightly) that now isn't really the time for this sort of fannying about. It's pretty embarrassing all round.
  8. This is the gist I've been getting too. Somehow I never got around to playing the first one and having been tempted recently I was holding off to see how the sequel was received. Kind of veering towards just getting Warband for peanuts next time it's on sale somewhere.
  9. Rsdio


    A Mushihimesama normal 1cc can't be too bad since even I managed it, IIRC it took about 25-30 hours of focused practice having messed about with other modes/getting achievements for a while. DDP Resurrection I couldn't be arsed with due to the laser stage, it's convenient to play since it's on Steam but personally I'd rather put the time into another game in the series.
  10. ? There are a couple of three minute videos of people doing it in the top results but they keep pausing it and giving commentary/tips. The ones where they're just playing it straight through it's like 80 seconds checkpoint to checkpoint, there's not really any scope to go much slower either. It's a poor difficulty spike to be sure though.
  11. It's finally the real Virtua Fighter Quest that I bought a GameCube for. Planet Harriers next please!
  12. Finally, some VERY nice Sagat buffs in the new patch, V-Skill 2 has two frames of tiger knee block/hit recovery shaved off across the board and the hurtboxes basically removed so it beats pretty much everything. I was disappointed by how weak it was on release but I'm really surprised they've gone that far with it. I guess it's still locked behind a charge which isn't always easy to get though so maybe it's fair enough. I'd been messing around with G lately but will probably go back to being trash with the big man. Rashid/Abigail notably nerfed and they seem to have changed the way matchmaking works but I'm not sure to what extent they've just messed around with what the bars represent versus actually improving it? Also, everything was 'Extended the hitbox inward'.
  13. It could've done with one (I don't think I died more than twice on any of the other escapes but that definitely took over ten attempts) even though in reality it's only about a minute long. I can totally see how it might feel longer though!
  14. Thanks for the hospitality @Rob Rule! Got proper island envy after that. Probably a daft question but how do you do the little emotes? Or is it something you have to unlock? I haven't played one of these very extensively since the DS.
  15. Aaand SL1 all done! What no-one tells you about the Kalameet one-shot cheese method is that it's actually harder than doing pretty much any other Souls boss legit on a bog-standard run unless you happen to get really lucky. The amount of times I set fire tempest off right underneath him and he didn't really move but still only took two of the three hits. Christ. Gwyn was a total cakewalk in comparison with the DLC, even without parrying which generally seems to be the recommended option. The reinforced clubs were a bit slow in that fight but great combustion just chewed through him. A mate's just started playing this on PS4. I'm probably just going to buy it on that and start again. Please help me stop.
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