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    Vinyl lovers

    I usually find the opposite, it's rare I get 180g records that aren't warped or dished. They need more time to cool after being pressed, rarely seem to get it and with plants being constantly rushed off their feet that doesn't seem likely to change. Fitting tighter in the sleeve/shrink afterwards would also be a factor I imagine, some releases are terrible for them barely fitting in the sleeves at all. Weight can affect the sound a bit though, not in absolute terms (180g definitely doesn't sound 'better') just in the sense that on the same setup the VTA will vary depending on the t
  2. I guess you'd have to measure to check it would work but an oversized actuator like the Kowal might do the job?
  3. I don't mind that choice myself, some animations do seem to be kind of missing or in need of tidying up though. I'm not sure the demo does the game a huge amount of favours as it seems a bit rough around the edges in general at the moment, particularly the jumping, climbing and camera. It's not great at communicating what it wants you to do either, the compass should help but at times it wasn't showing objectives at all for me. If they can get it tightened up in general I still think it'll be a lovely game to potter about and relax in, even if it's not likely to be anything remarka
  4. Yeah, I felt the same with 2 at the start really but wasn't sure if it'd been tweaked in the meantime. I kind of feel like I'm wanting to get back to it more because I love the first so much and had been looking forward to it for ages than feeling any huge pull to play the game on its own merits. Just had a few runs and made it through to area 6 which wasn't a bad effort after so long I guess but it's like I'm just waiting to have that roguelite/roguelike feeling of 'I could sit here all day playing this' hit me and so far, it just hasn't
  5. I've been thinking I should go back to this. I'm assuming it's probably about as 'settled' as it's going to get at this point? Has it changed much since release on the whole? Curious about the online too, that was borderline unplayable for me back when it came out. Edit: Hmm, apparently the PS4 version is lagging behind on the update front. Maybe I'll start on Noita instead..
  6. Rsdio


    I had to remind myself which that stage was and yeah, I like it too. It's kind of the R-Type 'giant ship stage' thing I guess and I quite like those bang in the middle of a game to help break things up a little. When I was grinding it out I remember constantly fucking up getting the extend right at the last minute.
  7. Jeez, I pre-ordered the deluxe at £47 from CDKeys and was miffed enough it had dropped to £40 already. I then compounded that my not being at home, having to buy the PS4 version then unexpectedly returning home to the PC version two days later I pretty much decided I was playing Nagoriyuki as soon as he was shown, I don't really care if he's probably a bit 'hard mode' at beginner levels due to the mobility and all that. Half my problem in learning fighting games is being in eternal character crisis so I'm happy I'm in there with resolve right off the bat for a change. I think in s
  8. Haha yeah, I read about this. Large chunks of the Tekken 'community' seemingly taking their cues on how to behave from him and Aris is a large part of why I could never manage to browse that subreddit for long. It even managed to impact the way I felt about playing it online since taking a single win and running always seemed to be the de facto approach - every time someone did it I'd hear 'One and DONE, biiiiiitch' in one of their voices in my head On the Wavedash podcasts I watched he surprised me by actually seeming alright. If it's all an act I'm not sure if it makes it bett
  9. Currently at 31k players on Steam and rising. The highest Street Fighter V has ever been was 14k and Tekken 7 18k. Xrd was never above 2k. Still a ways to go to get to DBFZ's 44k but considering it's not Dragon Ball, I reckon it's safe for them to call that a win.
  10. Oh man, they haven't snuck this guy in there have they?
  11. It's weird, there's so much talk of how godlike the online is and I believe it but the only matches I had the chance to play in the betas were with a mate who lives less than two miles away and it really wasn't good. Worse than everything else we've tried online, including pure delay-based stuff. Hopefully we were just unlucky. Anyway, since I'm not at home at the moment and I'd pre-ordered on PC I've now got also this for the PS4 since that's what I have access to right now. The missions seem really well done though the last one for the dash cancelling combo took a fairly shamefu
  12. Yeah, the amount of variability in people's experiences seems to be the one thing that's truly consistent with this. I think he said he's on the west coast of Japan, are you closer to Tokyo? As much as this might seem a sensible approach on the surface I'm starting to wonder if trying to learn to do the basics well is really just a recipe for frustration in the circumstances, turning the game into work that's not even really worth doing without rock-solid online. When so much is unreliable and inconsistent a lot of matches are going to end up being a battle of who has the
  13. There seems to be something weird with it on console at the moment, I'm away from home at the moment so downloaded it onto the PS4 that's here and it has constant little laggy pauses even on the grid, offline. Never had that before on PC, PS4 Pro or my old base PS4. I managed to find another couple of comments on Reddit about it suggesting it's since the Dan update but if it's across the board I'm surprised there doesn't seem to be a lot more discussion about it.
  14. A thoughtful, considered assessment from That Blasted Salami, as usual.
  15. Yeah, I started queuing again a few minutes later and I'm getting a few now, ta! Casually playing VF4 and earlier I used to just enjoy playing Shun and 'doing stuff'. I'll probably go back to him later but trying to pick up Taka for now just to get the basics down somewhat with a straightforward gameplan. Trying to be a bit more sound without the experience to do so against people pressing buttons as Lion etc. feels like a very rough road at the moment . And incorporating throws is tricky since there's not much successful blocking going on (from myself either if I'm honest).
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