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  1. The rumours about Infiltration seem to be gaining quite a lot of traction, they're getting reported on mainstream sites now and Panda Global have said he won't compete while they're looking into it. I didn't get a good impression just based on the stuff that was posted on Reddit the other day, I've got to say. Regardless of whether he's guilty or not the talk about the apparent prevalence of domestic violence in South Korea and how little is ever done about it was pretty shocking to me.
  2. Rsdio

    PS4 Pro

    Mine's white too, seems a safe bet to guarantee a newer version if noise really bothers you. I had 2015 OG style PS4 that was noticably quieter than either of my mates' PS4s bought around the same time (not sure why, could've been down to where they had them set up I guess) and the Pro certainly hasn't been any more noisy than that one was. It's very rare that I notice it above gameplay.
  3. Rsdio

    What musical hill are you prepared to die on?

    I feel the same, it doesn't really sound like any other record and that is absolutely a good thing. Uniqueness is worth celebrating. Everything Must Go is certainly a solid album but it's very dull in comparison. You can't blame them for wanting to lighten things up a bit in the circumstances though.
  4. Rsdio

    Tekken 7

    Yeah, I know you only really need to do it once or twice most of the time, it's just getting that a bit more consistent now really. I'm just throwing a few in while checking out other moves and the 1P side is coming on a bit. Imagine I'll just be fast ducking with an occasional half-backdash like an idiot when I try to do one in an actual match though. In the process of trying to boil down his move list to the absolute bare essentials. At the moment I'm trying to commit to muscle memory my fastest high, a fast mid poke, a fast low poke, something to punish blocked lows with while standing and a reliable 66 damage launch combo that I can go into from either close or pretty far. Am I missing anything important or is that about enough to make a start? Edit: Guess a move or two that track would also be a good idea! I'm a bit hesitant to go online because the game's been very crashy for me which it never used to be. Not sure what's going on there.
  5. Rsdio

    Nintendo Switch

    The NES games fill the screen quite nicely in handheld mode with pixel perfect. The CRT filter isn't great compared with what you can achieve on something like Retroarch, which is a bit of a shame especially when moving to a TV. I do prefer a sharper filter though so maybe that's just me. Quite impressed with the UI and everything at first glance.
  6. Rsdio

    Tekken 7

    I loaded this up a week or so back for the first time in probably the best part of a year, went straight into training mode and was somehow instantly Korean backdashing. Weirdly I'm way better at it on the 2P side which is supposedly the one most people find harder. The 1P side is much less consistent but at least it's enough to think that I could possibly become competent if I hypothetically got to the point where it was necessary for improvement. It's probably a bit silly and a totally backwards way of looking at it but that's always put me off with this game, the idea that I might pump countless hours in then hit a wall due to the lack of that technique. Since I know really know nothing of Tekken it'd probably be a good idea to start with the absolute basics.. But I watched the Lei trailer and fell in love with him (as someone who always enjoyed 'doing stuff' with Shun on Virtua Fighter) so instead I'm going with the guy who has 13 stances and 200 moves like a sensible person.
  7. Rsdio

    What musical hill are you prepared to die on?

    Yeah, it's certainly more pronounced if you're mainly talking about guitar music. I mean, what is there to do that hasn't already been done in some form or another? It's tough to cut through the overpopulated postmodern murk with something that feels truly fresh in any area of culture, but particularly there. It's hard to come up with many really great new guitar bands from the last ten or so years. Deerhunter and Beach House come to mind but, as much as I love some of their stuff, they're still a rung or two below the cream of previous crops.
  8. Rsdio

    What musical hill are you prepared to die on?

    I listen to maybe a couple of hundred new albums a year (more back when I worked in a record shop) and I sort of agree with the first sentiment if it's modified to 'albums aren't as good as they used to be'. There's waaaaay more decent to very good music released now than there's ever been before, beyond what one person can hope to keep up with, so anyone going as far as saying that modern music is shit doesn't really have a leg to stand on (I know you didn't say that yourself). That said, I've always thought the phenomenon of the classic album that will genuinely stand the test of time began the process of drying up sometime around 2003-2004. You can pick pretty much any year before that and you'll be drowning in amazing records in a variety of genres but at this point if you get a couple of those in a year it's been an unusually good one. Can't get on board with the second sentence though. Kid A, In Rainbows, Donuts, Madvillainy, Vespertine, Lift Yr. Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven, To Pimp a Butterfly, Good Kid Maad City, Silent Shout, The Glow Pt.2, Ys, Songs for the Deaf, Dopethrone, Atrocity Exhibition, Jane Doe, Supreme Clientele, Untrue, The Ape of Naples, Mule Variations.. All top tier shit. And probably plenty more. Still pretty weighted towards the turn of the century though.
  9. Rsdio

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I'm not going to pretend to know what happens to him every week on the basis of watching other teams' highlights but going by his games against us I've got very little sympathy either way. Zanka's was a poor challenge but he was played into trouble by Schindler and had no real choice but to stick out a leg because you have to be seen to be at least trying to challenge for a ball like that. Zero 'targeting' in it, it could've been any of their players nicking the ball away first. Looking at whoscored, that was the only time he was fouled in the match. In contrast, Rajiv van la Parra was fouled six times by Palace. In fact Palace committed a lot more fouls than us in general (17 to 11) and the clearest malicious intent of any challenge in the game was from Zaha himself. Lucky not to get a second yellow for diving. Spat towards the crowd once and Aaron Mooy twice. Constant stream of whining, histrionics and demanding players to be carded. Every time we've played them he seems to have made his mind up before the match that we're going to kick fuck out of him despite the fact that we've always been a soft touch as a club (well, barrring a couple of years under Warnock 25 years ago I guess). And if we don't he's going to act as if we are in the hope of getting someone sent off. He was whining like we were 80s Wimbledon after the game at Selhurst Park last year because he happened to pick up a knock during an excellent tackle that was never in any danger of being given as a free kick. With his behaviour during the match and bleating to the media afterwards I dont think anyone's doing more to ensure he gets targeted than he is.
  10. Rsdio

    PS4 Pro

    I'm on a 1080p screen and have been very glad I upgraded. Even though they're still not anything like a consistent 60fps in performance mode the difference in stuff like Monster Hunter and God of War has been massive and I spent well over 100 hours on those two games alone. Generally 30fps won't kill a game for me by any means but God of War felt insanely laggy like that and I would've found it quite rough to play. The downampling is nice on most stuff that doesn't have frame rate benefits too. Mine isn't any more noisy than other modern consoles I've owned either but it seems I'm in the minority there!
  11. Rsdio


    Thanks, I think I might bow out then. There's not quite enough in terms of the world, story, enemy variety etc. to keep me going as long as that, despite the quality of the combat. I'm not really one for managing constant streams of loot either. I think if just one of those things was improved, it'd probably be enough to see me through. I appreciate that others will see it differently but to me it feels like as everything stands it'd benefit from the main thrust being a fair bit shorter but with extra content and difficulty for those that want it, it'd seem like much less of a slog that way. Certainly got my money's worth at £12 though and I'm really intrigued to see what they'll do with the sequel.
  12. Rsdio


    I burned myself out on this, mainly because there seems to be so much of it. Checking online I'm on main mission 13 of 28 (the stage with Okatsu as the boss) having played 35 hours. I'm guessing that means I'll have at least that many hours to go, or do the missions happen to get shorter towards the end?
  13. Rsdio

    Trials Rising

    Oh yeah, that's on a different level of course, just musing that the technical side of things doesn't seem to be a strength of the studio. You'd have thought with a formula that's been set in stone for years, sales success and increasingly large budgets the games would be a bit more slick by now but they always seem to come out a bit ropey in exactly the same ways.
  14. Rsdio

    Trials Rising

    It's never spoiled the fun but their games have always been pretty janky really. Screen tearing, stuttering, textures loading in way too late, laggy menus, occasional dodgy physics (eg. your tyres glitching into the floor on some landings) etc. It's weird how unpolished even their finished products have continued to be despite being bought out by Ubisoft.
  15. Rsdio

    Wrestling PPV Predictions

    Mixed Tag Match - Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella vs. The Miz and Maryse - 100 points RAW Tag Team Championship - Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose - 100 points SmackDown Tag Team Championship - The New Day (c) vs. Rusev and Aiden English - 100 points HIAC - Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton - 125 points Raw Women's Championship - Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Alexa Bliss - 125 points SmackDown Women's Championship - Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Becky Lynch - 150 points WWE Championship - AJ Styles (c) vs. Samoa Joe - 150 points HIAC: WWE Universal Championship - Roman Reigns (c) vs. Braun Strowman - 150 points

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