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    Nintendo Switch

    Battle Brothers is coming out on switch soon. My definitive turn based strat of recent years. Grimdark low fantasy mercenary company management. Itll launch with all the DLC of the PC version too.
  2. Not sure what I think about this. It looks a bit throwaway. In contrast with the single player which looks ace.
  3. I thought the writing for RDR2 was fairly solid. Often quite gentle and a world away from the cringey swears of the GTAs.
  4. I have, I quite enjoyed it. I'm a sucker for imaginary cities and imaginary criminal organisations though so maybe I was being very forgiving. It's imaginative in all the right ways I thought, little bit on the weird side with the Tallowmen and such. The sequel has just come out so I'm gonna read it for sure.
  5. So they did do DLC and they're doing even more DLC with a map extension and not only that... ITS COMING OUT ON SWITCH Fucking YES.
  6. I finished A Little Hatred recently and enjoyed every minute of it. Just classic chapter or three in bed before slumber fodder. I'm hoping he takes things further afield in the next books though, I wanna see more of the wider world. Maybe he's saving stuff in the tank for some future standalones.
  7. SM47

    Kingpin: Reloaded

    Kingpin also came out around the time of the Columbine massacre and the installation screens featured a lengthy disclaimer and the option to install a supposedly 'child friendly' version of the game that bleeped out all the swearing and disabled the blood and gore effects.
  8. SM47

    Kingpin: Reloaded

    Kingpin was the first pc shooter I ever played. Viktor Antonov of HL2/Dishonored design fame worked on some of the levels too, there was a vaguely alternate history vibe going on with the atmosphere. I'll probably pick this up for old time's sake.
  9. I've been playing through this for the first time on ye olde switch lite. It's a lot of fun and I'm disappointed in myself for not getting involved sooner. I accidentally killed the merchant feller in the undead burg though so couldn't buy the bottomless box he was selling. Can I buy it later? I got up to Darkroot Garden anyway, it doesn't seem to have held me back so far. I've just gone pure melee warrior for my first play through.
  10. Wasn't there a space toilet in the very first episode of this? Does that make it the first and only live action star wars property to at least acknowledge the age old conundrum 'why don't any of the characters in star wars go to the toilet?'
  11. SM47

    Nintendo Switch

    I purposely left it ambiguous so the reader could draw their own conclusion. My posts are layered like that. Hidden depths, stuff you only notice 5-6 years later after it's been necrobumped. Suddenly you're looking at a very poignant acrostic poem all about DJ Sack you never knew existed. Yeah?
  12. SM47

    Nintendo Switch

    Blimey, Doom is surprisingly excellent on this mind isn't it? I'm stunned at how well they've ported it. Now I can play Doom on the toilet for hours during bouts of intermittent diarrhoea.
  13. I got a switch lite for chrimbo and have been sessioning the tits off Jedi Outcast over the holidays. Slightly janky controls aside, it's still brilliant. Worth a replay.
  14. Your troops have individual inventories in this and you have to manufacture ammunition to make sure stocks don't run dry. Personally I quite like being a post apocalyptic body horror alien invasion contingency plan bean counter so I don't mind Also, the lore encyclopedia entry for Synedrion, one of the three geoscape factions, makes reference to the works of social ecologist Murray Bookchin. Nuff said
  15. I did pick this up after. Don't have Game Pass and apparently it's not been certified by Microsoft yet so won't be on there for a little while. I love turned based strategy games and I've played a lot of them. I'd say if you're a fan of the old/new xcoms/the sirtech jagged alliances/battle brothers you'd probably get a lot of mileage out of this. I'm not particularly far in, the tutorial is pretty short and it just kinda dumps you into it as soon as it's done. The production values aren't as high as Firaxis' xcoms, but it's still pretty atmospheric. You're competing/working with three other factions of survivors on the geoscape that have their own distinct ideological flavour. The interactions with them give off a strong Alpha Centauri vibe. I'm definitely enjoying that aspect and can't wait to dig further in. Can't comment on the reported bugginess. The tactical battles seem like a lot of fun, the free aiming mechanic and ballistics simulation is certainly novel. The Pandorans seem like an interesting enemy to fight although I've only done a handful of missions. Looking forward to digging in this week.
  16. SM47

    This is Hip-Hop.

    FG & Madlib done a thing with El Michaels Affair https://www.npr.org/2019/12/06/784794979/freddie-gibbs-and-madlib-tiny-desk-concert
  17. Isn't this out today? Sorely tempted I must admit. Anyone back the game when it was crowdfunding and had access to the backer builds? I'd like to hear if it stacks up to the latest xcoms.
  18. I haven't played a Halo since Reach on the 360 so will definitely be getting the PC MCC.
  19. I watched it all in one sitting on my mate's massive tv and didn't move for 3 and a half hours. No regrets. I loved it. Seemed like a poignant farewell of sorts for all three of the main performers. All three seemed very old throughout though. I'd like to moan about how their ageing didn't necessarily fit the length of time depicted, but I remember it's De Niro, Pacino & Pesci making one last gangster film with Scorsese and suddenly that criticism seems very trivial.
  20. SotE at least had a diversity of gameplay with the 3d shooting/platform levels, swoop bike stuff and space battles. Maybe not all that great in retrospect, but in 1996 felt like a playable version of the pre prequels star wars I had grown up watching on video, opening text crawl and all.
  21. This is pretty solid. Deflecting stormtroopers' blasts back at them feels cool. I've only done the first two planets but definitely looking forward to unlocking some more powers & moves. I got some real n64 Shadows Of The Empire vibes on the opening high speed train level.
  22. I really enjoyed it. Strontium Dog vibes for sure. Loved Werner Herzog & the disheveled storm troopers.
  23. I read somewhere episode 2 comes out friday?
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