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  1. A Little Hatred turned up today. Forgot I'd pre ordered in and have just started Winslow's The Cartel smells lovely though.
  2. I can't see this being anything other than completely awful
  3. Are there higher difficulties for another playthrough or two? 8 hours seems a bit thin on the ground for a full priced game.
  4. Ok. To break the cycle of TLJ discussion, I offer this poem The Mandalorian by SM47 Oh Mandalorian, I hope you ain't borin' I hope your soundtrack Features prominent use of the Dorian Mode I hope the planets you visit Are Borean & Azorean I hope at some point you duel a monster that could be considered pterosaurian Is the Mandalorian being portrayed by an actor Who is Ecuadorean? Or Salvadorean? I'd prefer they'd cast a Singaporean
  5. There seems to be a crossover between people who thought TLJ was shit and people who thought the prequels were good/lament Disney's 'destruction of the expanded universe'. As if the expanded universe wasn't a much more financially lucrative ghost dad novelisation
  6. Yeah isnt it basically complete ck2 for 15 quids or something absolutely stupid. Get on that you idiots. Literally the bargain of our entire lives
  7. I was really underwhelmed watching the Pax east footage posted earlier in the thread, so gonna hold off watching anything else until release I think. The previews I've read all sound really good tho.
  8. I haven't read LA Conf or White Jazz, I hear they resemble the Underworld USA books in terms of machinegun prose? Gonna give them a go this summer I think. I've got BN/LAC/WJ in a super thicc collected edition is the only thing and it's a chore to hold above my face in bed before I go to sleep
  9. What a sad shame. Absolutely loved TNO/TOB/TNC and was well up for giving this a cooperative bash with one of my pals. Glad I held off before buying.
  10. Don't think so. It looks like a sequel to me. Were those squids? So potentially a sequel to Moore's original rather than the Snyder desecration.
  11. It's certainly a different kind of fantasy world to the usual medieval western Europe type affair. It's definitely more of a Morrowind than an Oblivion.
  12. First hundred pages of TDTCB seemed very dense with references to about 8 or 9 different political factions and a lot to take in, but now it's settled down into a very compelling multi POV grimdark fantasy number. Glad I took the plunge
  13. No it's the shrike's spikey bellend
  14. I'm kinda sad my burly saxophone man crush Big Col Stetson isn't doing the soundtrack again. I'll still watch it in the cinema but probably with a sp404 loaded with different samples of reverb drenched foghorns I'll trigger at key parts of the film
  15. R Scott Bakker's Prince Of Nothing series. Worth a read? Just polished off Anna Smith Spark's The Tower Of Living & Dying (a worthy sequel to The Court Of Broken Knives, which I also enjoyed) and she seems to cite RSB's books as influences in interviews. Might take the plunge on the first book
  16. Karl Urban sounds like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins
  17. SM47

    The Jazz Thread

    Sorry for late reply, I eschew notifications. Malcolm Catto, Moses Boyd and a stack of library musicians. Can't remember where I read that, maybe a post Gilles Peterson shared on the book of faces or some similar source.
  18. I loved the close up of the bicep.
  19. Stoked. But where's Dishonored 3: Pandyssian Kart Racing
  20. It looks like a decent action adventure set during the 'best bit' of the star warses, with tie fighters and storm troopers and all that. As long as the combat is fun and feels chunky, I'll pick it up for sure.
  21. Corbyn confirmed for voicing a benevolent escaped AI pursuing a radicaly redistributive agenda in Grand Commisioner Xarage's Sovereign Polity
  22. Surely PC/Console crossplay will be an absolute massacre.
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