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  1. Whatever happened to Meera Reed? Was she in the lords meeting?
  2. SM47

    The Jazz Thread

    That Greg Foat album has a monstrous lineup of musicians.
  3. SM47

    Doom Patrol

    Great episode this week. Low key my fave show of the moment. Gonna be incredibly sad when it finishes. Has it been picked up for another series?
  4. Can we appreciate the callous killing of Qyburn? I thought that was excellent and might be my favourite character death of the whole show.
  5. I thought it was pretty good overall. About as entertaining as any other Thrones episode. Reminded me of Children Of Men in some places. Certainly not the crushing disappointment I was expecting.
  6. SM47

    RⒶGE 2 - Explosions by Avalanche Studios

    It's a shame it didn't do all that well, personally I think it's probably the best one from the recent immersive sim revivalist wave. I was hoping they could explore the setting further a la Dishonored.
  7. SM47

    Watchmen coming to HBO

    Lovecraft was a massive racist weirdo though so. Maybe his work should be plundered and his characters made to projectile ejaculate by an ex lsd dealer from the Midlands. It seems very fitting.
  8. The biggest letdown of the recent episode for me was King's Landing looking like a Fisher Price My First Castle playset.
  9. SM47

    Days Gone - Sons of Anarchy x Last of Us

    Fuck sake, can someone like meh come in here and say this is absolute shit please, I'm getting dangerously close to buying it
  10. I really don't get the WHY DIDN'T THE NIGHT KING HAVE SOME GRANDIOSE PLAN??? argument. He's just death incarnate and wants to kill everything and everyone. Does he really need a ten minute monologue explaining his motivations? What happened to just eldritch, unknowable evil? What's great about the White Walkers is that they contrast brilliantly with the very human motivations of the other factions in the story. I think the Night King origin scene a few series ago was a mistake in all honesty, id rather they kept it completely vague. To be honest I think a lot of the disappointment has to do with the pathetic 5 FASCINATING FAN THEORIES ABOUT THE SHAPE OF THE NIGHT KING'S HEAD that crop up every twenty minutes on social media for clickbait purposes. Omg the Night King is Bran warging back in time to found the Targaryan Dynasty so he can stop Eddard getting his head chopped off. No mate just fuck off
  11. She didn't even say that, she actually says "I will return dear Spider. One last time. I have to die in this strange country, just like you.”
  12. Bran alluded to the Night King repeatedly attacking three eyed ravens throughout history. So basically Bran will meet the NK and the NK will start speaking saying 'this has happened before, we must reset the simulation' and using loads of big words and all then the world will start again and be repopulated by the surviving cast members. Then final scene is Tyrion getting sucked off to a medieval arrangement of Don't Stop Believin' by Journey then cut to black
  13. Who is the most wholesome nullo in the Thrones canon?
  14. Pretty sure she just gave birth to it so it could kill Renly. Which it did. Did you want a scene with it reclining on a beach with a martini afterwards?
  15. SM47

    Gene Wolfe, SF Grand Master, RIP

    I think TBOTNS is a great read. It can be very dense but I found it ultimately a rewarding experience. I think a lot of the world building of contemporary sf/fantasy writers like Mark Lawrence and China Mieville owe a huge debt to Gene Wolfe so if anybody is unsure and likes those folk, you'd get something out of it

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