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  1. SM47

    The Jazz Thread

    I went to watch the Greg Foat group in Bristol last night, first show I've attended since before plague world. Damn I had a good time. Greg was playing a really dirty sounding Rhodes and surrounded by synths. Octogenarian orthopedic surgeon UK Jazz legend Art Themen was blowing saxes tenor & soprano, Morgan Simpson of Black Midi shredding drums, Phil Achille ably anchoring everything on the low end. It was in a tent and as the rain picked up outside, it intermingled with the playing of the musicians and made for a special time. And then for the encore Phil Achille
  2. I hate archers, The Archers & Jeffrey Archer. You're all deceitful cowards. So the announcement was a new map. Not horses but still cool I suppose. My dreams of decapitating a horse Mountain style lives on
  3. There's a 'Chivalry 2 Announcement' taking place tonight on the PC Gamer stream at 10.30 pm UK time. Horses incoming?
  4. The trophies borked out on me and gave me one for something like 'deflecting 100 thrown objects' on the first day of accidental early release. I think they're a tad glitchy.
  5. Actually I also really really hope they've put back in physical suppression mechanics. Visual only suppression killed BFV for me.
  6. Sounds fine, what I'm most interested in is what its DLC policy is and whether or not it has crossplay.
  7. It's so utterly compelling. Seeing the physics of a body crumpling under sustained halberd attack never gets old. And crossplay means it'll (hopefully) enjoy a decent population for years to come.
  8. The servers are actually up to answer my own question. Not particularly well populated though, it's about 50/50 bots & humans. Hoping a tidy number turn up Tuesday! This is fantastic carnage even with bots.
  9. Er my copy of this turned up today? Seems bit early. Am I correct in assuming no servers will be running yet?
  10. I was also wondering if perhaps the Gibbonses are working up to a series of IAP in all but name. I think they've more than proven themselves up to the task.
  11. Watching the video just filled me with an awful malaise. I couldn't get through it.
  12. Damn I hoped it was going to be set during the 1969 El Salvador vs Honduras Football War
  13. SM47

    Dishonored 2

    That is pretty insane. At one point they attach a spring razor to a body they yanked off a building in slow motion so it plummets to the street below and takes out three Overseers. Definitely a highlight I've never even played this through as Emily, gonna give that a go soon I think.
  14. I picked it up yesterday. Played about 30 years as my go to space communist civ. I quite like the changes to first contact and not being able to see the full extent of a neighbouring empire yet. I understand there's a big community hoo hah surrounding the reconfigurations to pop growth and people are annoyed. I was also hoping you'd be able to instigate more shenanigans within foreign empires a la sponsoring coups and fomenting civil war, seems like they've played it a bit safe in that regard. With any luck that will come as part of an internal politics overhaul P.S.
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