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  1. SM47

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Nothing you've written there invalidates anything I've said. I didn't deny a difference and you even go on to acknowledge that both situations are inherently exploitative. This barely qualifies as a critique of my post.
  2. SM47

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Workers are exploited whether they work 70 hours a week or 37.5. There is no ethical consumption under capitalism.
  3. SM47

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    Really enjoying this too. Sailing about on a rad ship singing sea shanties. I loved Origins but this takes it to the next level for me. The combat is way more responsive and less fiddly. Exploration mode is very engaging too, having to find places based on geographical information is much more interesting. Ten hours in and having a great time.
  4. SM47

    Favourite acting performance of all time

    Adam Woodyatt in this live episode of The Eastenders clinches it for me. Watch at 0.48 as he uses his facial muscles to communicate shock, incredulity and finally grim acceptance at the fate of Bradley Branning. I won't lie, this clip has got me through some tough times.
  5. SM47


    I don't really like this much. Think it's a bit boring. There's good elements, the visual aesthetic is interesting and the performances aren't bad, but it just doesn't hang together like it should. I feel a bit like one of those people who slag off the original Blade Runner writing this. Sorry everyone.
  6. Enter The Matrix was better than Iggy's Reckin' Balls
  7. SM47

    Battlefield 1 - World War One

    I don't think they've necessarily ballsed up spotting, it's really easy to just mash the spot button on BF1 and it becomes like a UI target duckshoot for your team mates which I always found a bit immersion shattering. I think the new squad marking mechanic where you lay down a way point for your pals feels a bit more organic and tactical.
  8. SM47

    Gareth Evans' Apostle - September 28th on Netflix

    I think it is. I think a lot of it was filmed in the fair country.
  9. I thought this was pretty decent overall, surprised there's not been much chatter on here about it, particularly as there are a fair few King fans knocking about. I think it helps comparing it to absolute dross like The Mist tv show, maybe I'm being a bit more lenient than usual in that regard, but I'm really looking forward to the second series.
  10. SM47

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    This is a completely bullshit 'consensus' though. The new changes to revive and anmo make it much more tactical an experience. Battlefield has never been a game to play solo, it's all about playing as a squad with your pals. Plus it's a beta, lots of things will be subject to change. According to previous 'community consensus', BF1 was a bad game and I spent hundreds of incredibly entertaining hours on that.
  11. SM47

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    Because it's a full game that's been out for years rather than a beta? Most of your criticisms are just gameplay niggles or bugs that will undoubtedly be fixed. That's the whole point of a beta isn't it? Apart from the solo thing, it's a competitive multiplayer team based shooter. It's all about playing with pals.
  12. SM47

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    Anybody end up swapping weapons with teammates after reviving them? Not sure if it's a bug or because swap kit is on the same button.
  13. SM47

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    Really enjoying the beta. It appears to be a slower, more measured experience than Battlefield 1 (which I personally loved and haven't stopped regularly playing with my pals since release) but the changes definitely seem like interesting steps in the right direction so far.
  14. Looks like the Dredd game I've always wanted. Definite Mega City One vibes.
  15. SM47

    Desperados 3

    Spent many a rainy Saturday afternoon quietly bumping off banditos with John Cooper and the gang as a kid, not to mention infiltrating Nazi U Boat pens in the Commandos games. I'm all for this glorious early noughties stealth tactics revivalist movement.

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