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  1. Then you go mental and start painting a wall really aggressively
  2. SM47

    Stellaris - "Make Space Great Again"

    Apparently the AI gets a bit confused and completely shits the bed midway through the game, doesn't build any building upgrades and fields tiny fleets. Apparently a beta patch came out though so maybe they fixed it.
  3. SM47

    Stellaris - "Make Space Great Again"

    So the new 2.2 update Le Guin has completely overhauled the planet system as well as introduced a fairly complex economic simulation and galactic stockmarket. I haven't had the chance to play it due to gastroenteritis, but it looks pretty decent. It comes with the Megacorp DLC which features new civics and some cool new features. Apparently it's broken a lot of stuff though, so maybe worth waiting a week or two before getting stuck in. Anybody playing?
  4. Has anybody mentioned the crazy Colin Stetson sax arpeggio on the soundtrack to one mission? I'd heard he was on the OST but it still caught me off guard.
  5. I almost done a little cry when he sang.
  6. SM47

    Battlefield V

    I think dragging downed comrades will really change it up a bit (if and) when it gets implemented.
  7. SM47

    Battlefield V

    Not sure what the lack of content is, there's 8 maps playable on multiple game modes. That's plenty for me anyway. Guns to unlock, assignments to do.
  8. SM47

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Thread

    Apparently there's no free aim lobbies yet. Big turnoff for me, hopefully they'll patch that shit in ASAP.
  9. Can't you just tie him up and leave him there? I forget.
  10. SM47

    Battlefield V

    I don't think it's necessarily been nerfed, you can only revive your squadmates as a non-medic so there's plenty of scope for medical heroics. I fired this up last night and thoroughly enjoyed a Grand Operation before bed. The changes to bleeding out since the beta are definitely improved. I can't wait to get in amongst it this weekend. Sadly only a couple of my regular pals have taken the plunge at launch, they're all too busy playing Red Dead 2 to spend another 50 quid on a new game. I do fear it'll flop and they'll end up cutting the updates short. Any word on sales? If it does flop you can guarantee the neckbeards will take it as some pathetic validation of all their whingeing about playable women.
  11. Monkeyboy trying to rationalise his cold blooded murder of a beloved family companion by blaming poor game mechanics. Seen it all now. It's hard not to canter into St Denis on horseback listening to sounds of workmen calling out from the direction of the docks, conversation floating over the rooftops, people scurrying about the streets and not be utterly blown away by the fidelity of the world Rockstar have created. I'd say it's the most convincing 'other place' in a videogame yet made.
  12. SM47

    Battlefield V

    I'm not entirely sure as I've only played the beta, but I don't think you have to hold Square for the entire duration of the revive. If you do you'll pick up the dropped kit. And yeah the suppression being mild visual only is a bit of a shame for me. Suppression worked really well in BF1. For me it's a big part of the sim aspect of these large scale combined arms games like BF1/Rising Storm/Red Orchestra, having to fight against your virtual body's fear of death as well the opposing team. Still excited though!
  13. SM47

    Battlefield V

    Completely stoked, hyped, pumped & psyched. Not sure how I'm gonna find time to sesh the tits out of this whilst trying desperately to complete RDR2. But gosh darn it, I'll give it my best shot.
  14. The story is ok. It serves its purpose. I find it passable and I've never watched anime. Never will either after what the Japanese did to my grandad. Two hours he was waiting in Wagamamas for them lollipop prawns

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